29 Ways To Add More Cheeseburger To Your Diet

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The 73 Most Delish Lasagnas

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White House Quietly Removes Sexual Assault Report From Website

The Trump administration recently removed a 2014 report on sexual violence from the White House website. … [Read more...]

Life Appears To Have Gotten Much Better For Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer’s bad year just got a little bit better. … [Read more...]

Trump warns Congress: Don't disappoint me on tax reform

President Trump pushed Congress to pass a tax reform bill in his first speech on the topic in Missouri Wednesday, warning Republican lawmakers not to disappoint him. In this speech the president stuck largely to the script, and while he called out Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, he refrained from criticizing members of his own party. … [Read more...]

GOP Rep Tells Black Attorney She May 'Go Missing' For Protesting Confederate Statues

Georgia’s Republican state Rep. Jason Spencer told his former colleague on Tuesday that she and others supporting the removal of state-sponsored Confederate monuments and landmarks could “go missing.” … [Read more...]

Queen Elizabeth II refused to applaud during this one 'pointed' moment at Princess Diana's funeral

On the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's tragic death, her family, friends and fans of the beloved royal have been looking back at her incredible legacy with more scrutiny than ever before. … [Read more...]

Trevor Noah: 'Buddy' Email On Russia Deal Could Hit Trump In The 'Trunk'

Reports that a Donald Trump associate tried to forge a real estate deal in Russia that he said would help Trump become president got Trevor Noah buzzing Tuesday on “The Daily Show.” … [Read more...]

Defense secretary quickly contradicts Trump over North Korea diplomacy

Minutes after president says ‘talking is not the answer’ to tensions with Pyongyang, James Mattis says diplomatic solutions never run out James Mattis with South Korea’s defense minister, Song Young-moo. In a scene typical of the Trump administration, Mattis contradicted the president’s views on North Korea. … [Read more...]

Dining Room Paint Colors Ideas and Inspiration

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Could Nearly 600 Gators Escape Reptile Sanctuary After Harvey Floods?

Big Tex and Big Al, named the two largest alligators in captivity, were photographed lounging in their owners' bedroom. … [Read more...]

North Korea tests push US to action on Chinese banks

The failure of UN sanctions to even slow North Korea's nuclear missile program has many in Washington pushing for unilateral US action against the finance houses doing business with Pyongyang -- a move that would set up a confrontation with China. World powers maintained a show of unity on Tuesday when the UN Security Council voted unanimously to condemn North Korea's latest missile test, in … [Read more...]

Texans Form Human Chain To Rescue Driver From Sinking Car

Dozens of good samaritans were filmed braving rising floodwaters in Houston this week to rescue a stranded motorist who was trapped in a sinking car. … [Read more...]

Baby Elephant Dies At Zoo After Mother Rejects Her

She was born more than 50 pounds underweight. … [Read more...]

CNN reporter dramatically rescues man caught in Harvey's floodwaters

CNN’s Drew Griffin was preparing for a live shot Wednesday in Beaumont, Texas, when a man drove into a ravine, mistaking it for a road flooded by Harvey. … [Read more...]

Joy-Anna Duggar announces pregnancy with baby bump photo

Joy-Anna Duggar, who wed Austin Forsyth earlier this summer, is already pregnant with her first child, the two announced Wednesday. … [Read more...]

Joel Osteen responds to Criticism Over Lakewood Church’s Flood Response

"The church has always been open." … [Read more...]

Bakery Says No To Same-Sex Weddings Because 'Our Business Is God's Business'

In what’s become a familiar scenario, a California bakery is facing a backlash after reportedly refusing to prepare same-sex wedding cakes. … [Read more...]