Dashcam footage catches police officer in Georgia telling a woman, 'We only kill black people'

"We only kill black people." That's what Cobb County, Georgia police officer Greg Abbott told a woman at a traffic stop when she said she was afraid to reach for her cellphone. The traffic stop happened last year, but footage of the event, originally obtained by WSB-TV in Atlanta, has recently surfaced, revealing details from the exchange. In the video, Abbott can be heard telling … [Read more...]

Spain admits receiving Barcelona attack warning

Spain received a warning in May that the Islamic State group was planning an attack in Barcelona but decided it lacked credibility, Catalan regional authorities said Thursday. The daily El Periodico de Cataluna reported that the US National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) had alerted Spanish intelligence officers to the threat weeks before a man ploughed his van into crowds of tourists along … [Read more...]

Texas chemical plant operators Arkema Inc 'fully expect' more fires

A company that suffered an explosion at a chemical plant close to Houston has said it “fully expects” more fires - potentially as many as eight - as a result of flooding overwhelming the electricity supply that powers its cooling equipment. Arkema, a French chemical company, confirmed there had been a series of explosions at one of its plants at Crosby, located about 30 miles northeast of … [Read more...]

Texas Muslims are turning mosques into shelters for Hurricane Harvey victims

Mosques across the state of Texas are being turned into shelters for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH), which represents 21 Islamic centres in the area, has opened four of their properties as functioning 24-hour shelters. The society is partnering with Muslim charity Baitulmaal, which is making hygiene products, food and water available to those in … [Read more...]

Labor Day Recipes That Require Almost Zero Labor

Labor Day is here, and that means we all get to enjoy a long weekend that should absolutely involve lots of good food and great company. … [Read more...]

After North Korea missile, Britain and Japan agree closer security ties

By William James TOKYO (Reuters) - Britain and Japan said on Thursday they would cooperate in countering the threat posed by North Korea, two days after it fired a missile over northern Japan, and will call on China to exert its leverage. Prime Minister Theresa May, looking to strengthen relations with one of her closest allies ahead of Brexit, is visiting Japan as it responds to an increasing … [Read more...]

China questions German minister's 'one Europe' comments

BEIJING (AP) — China expressed dismay Thursday after Germany's foreign minister said Beijing should not "attempt to divide us" following complaints China uses its status as an investor to influence European Union decisions. … [Read more...]

Trapped Mexican Bakery Staff Bake Hundreds Of Loaves For Harvey Flood Victims

Staff at a Mexican bakery chain in Houston, Texas, used their time wisely after flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey trapped them inside the business for two days. While they were waiting for the eventual rescue that came Monday morning, four workers at El Bolillo Bakery’s South Wayside Drive branch decided to make as many loaves of bread as possible for their community. HuffPost has reached out … [Read more...]

'It's dry as far as you can see': downtown Houston shows signs of recovery

Texas flooding – live updates A four-year-old boy picks out a toy from a donations table at the convention in downtown Houston, which has sheltered about a third of the city’s displaced people. The catastrophe had yet to be tabulated and elsewhere tropical storm Harvey still raged, but downtown Houston on Wednesday appeared to have made a great escape. Avenida de las Americas was dry, even … [Read more...]

Here's How Harvey Is Affecting Wild Animals

People and pets aren’t the only ones trying to get back on their feet after Tropical Storm Harvey. … [Read more...]

Judge Blocks Texas Immigration Crackdown

AUSTIN, Texas ― A federal judge on Wednesday blocked most of a state immigration crackdown two days before it was set to go into effect on Sept. 1, offering a major victory for opponents as a tropical storm ravages the state and local officials struggle to assure immigrants it’s safe to seek help. … [Read more...]

Google Just Proved That Monopolies Imperil Democracy, Not Just The Economy

WASHINGTON ― For the past decade, former business journalist Barry Lynn has used his perch at the New America Foundation to warn politicians and the public that a new era of corporate monopolies threatened not only American workers, but also democracy itself. … [Read more...]

Hundreds Of Christian Leaders Denounce Anti-LGBTQ 'Nashville Statement'

A day after evangelical leaders released a manifesto railing against same-sex marriage and the LGBTQ community, hundreds of Christian leaders and thousands of other concerned citizens have come forward with strong messages of inclusion. … [Read more...]

North Korea Missile Launches Leave For A Short Reaction Window

North Korea on Tuesday fired an intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan, causing the Japanese government to order its citizens to take shelter. … [Read more...]

U.S.-led jets strike in Syria to block Islamic State evacuation deal

By Sarah Dadouch and Angus McDowall BEIRUT (Reuters) - U.S.-led warplanes on Wednesday blocked a convoy of Islamic State fighters and their families from reaching territory the group holds in eastern Syria and struck some of their comrades traveling to meet them, a coalition spokesman said. The strikes were aimed at stopping an evacuation deal for Islamic State fighters to leave their enclave on … [Read more...]

These Ridiculous Wedding Reception Stories Will Make You Cringe

Note to self: Don't invite moonshine to the party. … [Read more...]

Mexico: 7 killed in Acapulco amid ongoing wave of violence

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Seven people have been murdered in the beach resort of Acapulco as the city continues to grapple with a violent crime wave, Mexican authorities said Wednesday. … [Read more...]

CNN reporter dramatically rescues man caught in Harvey's floodwaters

A CNN reporter rescued a Texas man when the truck he was driving started sinking in floodwater in a treacherous moment caught on camera. … [Read more...]