For Trump, the GOP is no longer the party of Bush – USA TODAY

USA TODAYFor Trump, the GOP is no longer the party of BushUSA TODAYRepublicans like Fratto said that, if and when Trump is defeated in the November general election, Bush-like political values will return to the fore. Kristy Campbell, a longtime Jeb Bush aide, said Trump could well turn out to be an "anomaly" in the ...Old Angry White People Defeated The GOP Establishment At Its Own … [Read more...]

The GOP has created a monster with its ‘lock her up’ mantra for Hillary Clinton – Washington Post

Washington PostThe GOP has created a monster with its 'lock her up' mantra for Hillary ClintonWashington PostThis has not been the Republican Party's official position on Clinton's email scandal. But this week's convention essentially put it on the party's platform ... Trump was largely breaking new ground for Republicans here. While they had certainly raised ...How Hillary … [Read more...]

“Raise your hand if you believe in science,” singer Stephan Jenkins says to GOP-heavy crowd –"Raise your hand if you believe in science," singer Stephan Jenkins says to GOP-heavy crowdRollingStone.comThird Eye Blind trolled an audience filled with Republican National Convention attendees during a charity concert at Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Tuesday night, with singer Stephan Jenkins continually blasting the GOP and antagonizing the ...Third Eye … [Read more...]

Report: Trump reached out to Condi Rice this week to gauge her interest in being VP

If you’re going to put someone who’s past their prime on the ticket because they really sound like they know what they’re talking about, Condi’s a better pick than Newt is. Or she would be if not for the fact that … Trump has invested lots of energy in trying to convince people that he despised the Iraq war from the start. He spent lots of time in the primaries … [Read more...]

NARAL’s new ‘comedians getting abortions’ video is as terrible is it sounds

I’m torn.  Is the worst part of this abortion-promoting “comedy” sketch its preposterous premise, or its irredeemably anti-funny lameness?  Tough call.  I think I’ll go with the former, because let’s face it:  Is it really fair to expect the abortion lobby to be a barrel of laughs — even when they enlist the comedic genius of such household names as, er, Alice … [Read more...]

CNN: Children dying from lack of medicine, supplies in Venezuela’s hospitals

This is the ugly truth about end-stage socialism. In Venezuela, children are dying because of a lack of medicine and supplies. CNN reports from a children’s hospital in Venezuela’s capital city where Lucero Rodriguez’ son, Dylan, is at risk of dying from cystic fibrosis. “At this point things are getting worse and worse,” Rodriguez tells CNN. “We can’t get … [Read more...]

Since 2006, the Feds have lost close to 1,000 firearms

The federal government has doled out over $1 billion on firearms and ammunition since 2006, and they’ve lost 985 of them. Some of the missing firearms include Uzis and grenade launchers. As Paul Bedard at The Washington Examiner wrote: In a hearing to urge tightened controls of weapons, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said, “The loss of … [Read more...]

Trump seeks $10 million from former aide for breaching nondisclosure agreement

No, it’s not Corey Lewandowski. It’s Sam Nunberg, who was part of the Trump campaign in its early stages and then was fired — allegedly on Lewandowski’s orders — over old Facebook posts last August. As best as I can tell, that was the start of an intramural feud that persists to this day between Lewandowski and the Roger Stone wing of Trump’s operation, of which … [Read more...]

Memorial service held for DART Officer Brent Thompson, father of six

Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer Brent Thompson was one of five officers killed during the mass shooting on July 7th. His memorial service was held Wednesday with 3,000 in attendance. The Dallas Morning News describes the scene: Hundreds of police officers, state troopers and sheriff’s deputies attended, including some from Washington state; Miami Beach, Fla.; Prince George’s County, … [Read more...]

Cotton: I’m speaking at the convention — about veterans and the military

Want to see why some conservatives have Tom Cotton high on their list of acceptable running-mate choices for Donald Trump? This six-minute segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe demonstrates his grasp of national-security and foreign-policy issues, especially when it comes to the war on radical Islamist terrorist groups like ISIS. Cotton ably deflects the suggestion that his own views come closer to … [Read more...]

Donald Trump officially courting Bernie Sanders supporters

Donald Trump is officially going hard after Bernie Sanders voters. AP has already looked at Sanders’ decision to endorse Hillary Clinton (which, honestly, no one should be surprised happened), but Trump is trying to lure in disaffected #FeelTheBerners by telling them they were betrayed by the candidate they latched on to. From Trump’s Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller: “Today, … [Read more...]

Oh my: Both sides expect Mike Lee to support “conscience clause” that would unbind the delegates

I know he’s anti-Trump, but lots of people who are obviously anti-Trump on the merits are tepidly pro-Trump when finally forced to declare themselves. Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio embody the phenomenon. I figured Lee, a member of the Rules Committee, would end up going that same route — “troubled” by Trump’s excesses but ultimately resigned to the fact that the voters … [Read more...]

Wall Street Journal: Justice Ginsburg ‘should resign from the Court’

As Ed noted earlier today, Justice Ginsburg’s statements about Donald Trump are so out of line that the NY Times titled its editorial on the matter, “Donald Trump is right about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” The Times’ editorial concludes, “Washington is more than partisan enough without the spectacle of a Supreme Court justice flinging herself into the mosh … [Read more...]

Senate probe: Obama administration funded efforts to unseat Netanyahu

After Benjamin Netanyahu staged a surprise win in Israel’s national election sixteen months ago, questions began emerging about whether the Obama administration attempted to intervene on behalf of his opponents. Almost immediately afterward, an American pollster who worked with Netanyahu’s Likud in the election accused the State Department of indirectly funding the “V15” … [Read more...]

Hillary: Can you imagine electing a vindictive man who might … send the IRS after his critics?

You know what? I can imagine it. Pretty vividly, actually. Right down to the names of the “hypothetical” IRS officers involved. Of all the examples she could have cited to make the point that Trump is a loose cannon, how did she and her speechwriters conclude that this was one worth floating? I understand calling him out for wanting to issue illegal orders to the military; that’s … [Read more...]

Insurers nationwide are struggling to break even on Obamacare’s exchanges

Insurers around the country are struggling to make money on the Obamacare exchanges. That’s the bottom line of a story published today by Politico. Most insurers want their expenses for medical coverage to be around 85% of premiums, but the majority of insurers on the Obamacare exchanges are not able to maintain that balance and more than a third of the plans Politico surveyed are actually … [Read more...]

Trump on Republicans holding the Senate: I hope they do “but I don’t mind being a free agent, either”

Yeah. Why would a would-be president from one party, who’ll be making dozens of critical appointments that require Senate confirmation, have a strong preference as to whether his party controls the Senate or not? You would think a guy whose coattails at the top of the ballot are in question would want to make an emphatic point in interviews about how urgent it is for the GOP to hang onto … [Read more...]

“Trumpified” platform bodes ill for final #NeverTrump push

Don’t look now, but the Republican Party shows signs of moving toward Donald Trump than the other way around … to some degree, anyway. The proposed GOP platform contains two new provisions that mirror Trump’s campaign pledges over the past year, and which generated most of the controversies that swirled around his candidacy. The Hill’s Jonathan Easley reports that the … [Read more...]