Does NSA share raw domestic data with Israelis?

Questions and caveats. Just how much intel do we share with the Israelis?  According to the Guardian and based on more of the Edward Snowden cache, plenty — and not just from foreign signals intelligence (SIGINT).  A memorandum from the NSA’s files states that the Israelis can access the entire trawl of data produced by the NSA, before […] Read this post … [Read more...]

PPP totally nailed the recall of Angela Giron. Trust them.

According to Public Policy Polling, their polling predicted the recall of Angela Giron in Colorado Senate District 3. They then chose not to release the results. Whether we believe them or not, this doesn't speak well of the firm. … [Read more...]

CNN poll: 61% who watched Obama’s speech say they favor his approach to Syria

Winner. Good lord. He did it. No, just kidding. Dip into the crosstabs and you’ll see that reaction was more nuanced than the headline implies: He barely moved the dial on the key questions about whether this would achieve anything or whether it’s even in America’s national interest to do it. In which case, how is […] Read this post … [Read more...]

Hope Of A Tree

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Reviews in for Obama speech: “Incoherent,” “disingenuous,” “nothing new”

Also, a Jimmy Carter comparison, and a rebuttal from ... Carter. Earlier today, I wrote a review of President Obama’s speech, which was hardly complimentary. Other reviews make it look positively warm in comparison.  Take for instance this long and pointed criticism from John Harris at Politico, which frames the speech as coming from two different Obamas and then concludes with by calling … [Read more...]

Big Apple voters not terribly enchanted with Carlos Danger and Client #9

Bloomberg hardest hit? Voters delivered their verdict on comebacks in the New York City Democratic primary yesterday, and … it wasn’t pretty.  Anthony Weiner finished a distant fifth in a mayoral race in which he had long since faded from contention, but Eliot Spitzer blew a contest for comptroller that just two weeks ago seemed his to lose: […] Read this post … [Read more...]

The Road to Virtue with Tolkien and Lewis

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Allysen Efferson are joined by Louis Markos the discuss his books, how C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien teach us virtues and why Christians should read the pagan classics. … [Read more...]

Total recall: Gun-control advocates get booted from CO office

"Bright red line." Voters in Colorado sent a big message yesterday to progressives who thought they’d taken ownership of the interior West in recent election cycles.  Legalizing pot and even raising a few taxes might be fine and dandy, but take away the guns and the state — and the electorate — start seeing red (via The Week): […] Read this post … [Read more...]

Where I Was On September 11

Until September 11, 2001, I worked in the World Trade Center, halfway up Tower One. I wasn’t doing political blogging at the time, but was writing “the Baseball Crank” as a weekly baseball column for the online edition of the Providence (R.I.) Journal. Here’s my account of that day, written for ProJo two days later while it was all still fresh. We run this every | Read More … [Read more...]

Obama speech: As confused as his policy

Bizarre. At least it was short. That, however, was its only virtue, but even that wasn’t enough to raise questions about why Barack Obama bothered to give such a momentous speech to say … nothing at all new, and nothing at all about what he wanted from the American people. Charles Krauthammer dubbed this the “oddest […] Read this post … [Read more...]

Twelve years ago …

Never forget. Where were you on 9/11? Twelve years ago today, I sat in my window office in Eden Prairie as a director of a call center in the alarm industry and noticed how nice a day it looked to be as I ate breakfast.  Even though hurricane season had begun in the south Atlantic and Gulf […] Read this post … [Read more...]

Libya Foreign Ministry building bombed by terrorists, 9/11/2013.

Details are still sketchy: Security officials say a powerful explosion has caused serious damage to Libya’s Foreign Ministry building in the heart of the coastal city of Benghazi. The early Wednesday morning blast also damaged the building next door housing the Benghazi branch of the Libyan Central Bank. …and there’s no word yet whether this bombing was specifically done in … [Read more...]

The Candidate Disappoints

It was a historic election. The public rallied and came out to replace the man the public felt had betrayed them. Here came a candidate promising real hope. The candidate promised real change. The candidate promised that he would not make the mistakes of the past. He’d be no George W. Bush. He’d be honest. He’d fight for what was right. He’d put the middle | Read More … [Read more...]

That Speech

Never has a President given a speech in which he wished to convince Americans to take an action he no longer is going to take. He has become to war what the Clapper is to turning on the lights. War is on and now war is off. But we will never call it war. The President told Americans they need to do this for the | Read More … [Read more...]

Colorado Recall Open Thread.

[BIG UPDATE] Soon to be FORMER Colorado Senate President John Morse has conceded. State Senator Angela Giron is currently behind, but the race is far too early to call. If she is recalled, the Colorado Senate flips control back to the Republican party [sorry, no: the Democrats will still retain a one-seat majority. My bad] IF. It is, again, too early too call. [FURTHER BIG | Read More … [Read more...]

AFL-CIO Convention Report #3: Union Bosses Commit To Targeting Southern Workers For Unionization

This is the third installment of the AFL-CIO convention report. As 1,600 union bosses and their Marxist allies meet in Los Angeles through Wednesday to focus on rebuilding union power, one of the resolutions passed has been Resolution 26–to “Develop a Southern Organizing Strategy.” This, of course, is by necessity, as most Southern states have workforces that are ninety-five … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz Opposes Eric Cantor and Pete Sessions’ “Hug It Out” Plan to Fund Obamacare

Multiple people confirm to me that just a few hours ago Pete Sessions blew up about Ted Cruz and made sure everyone in the room knew he held Cruz in absolute contempt. It might be because Ted Cruz just called BS on Eric Cantor and Pete Sessions trying to screw conservatives. Cantor and Sessions are pursuing a plan to make it very easy for the | Read More … [Read more...]

Libya: Obama’s other foreign-policy disaster

The Weekly Standard offers a glum assessment of Obama’s fiasco in Syria: “With the Russian proposal on Syrian chemical weapons, the United States is being escorted out of the Middle East.” Reset with Russia was originally a strategic priority for the Obama administration because it saw Moscow as the key to getting Iran to come to the negotiating table. Putin, from the White … [Read more...]