Steve Bannon’s Fatal Flaw

Few political figures have fallen from grace as quickly and as completely as Steve Bannon. Less than a year ago, Time magazine was asking, “Is Steve Bannon the Second Most Powerful Man in the World?” Then the President Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Bannon was widely credited as the mastermind behind the populist right-wing campaign that won Trump the White House. He was supposedly going to … [Read more...]

The Women Who Want to Turn Trent Franks’s Seat Blue

Chelsea Manning, the government whistleblower and transgender activist, is an Oklahoma native currently living in Maryland—not exactly someone you’d expect to weigh in on the local politics of Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District. But early last month, after Republican Congressman Trent Franks resigned over sexual misconduct accusations, Manning tweeted her support for an obscure Democratic … [Read more...]

Oof: Steve Bannon’s popularity collapses among Republicans

He’ll return to Trump’s, and populists’, good graces eventually. But with numbers like these, probably not soon enough to have avoided hurting Breitbart’s bottom line, had they kept him on. So they didn’t. Bannon thought he was Michael Corleone when really he was Sal Tessio. I can imagine him whimpering to Rebekah Mercer, “Can you get me off the hook? For old … [Read more...]

Meghan McCain to Michael Wolff: You’re why people hate journalists, you know

Is this the first hostile interview he’s had since his media tour began? Other reporters have nudged him about his sloppy errors but McCain seems sincerely skeptical of him. I don’t know if there’s history between Wolff and her dad or if she’s annoyed on principle by the book’s slipperiness but she came to play. When she accuses him of having a credibility problem, … [Read more...]

Steven Pinker: Here’s how political correctness winds up creating its own antagonists

This is a week old so forgive me if you’ve seen it already but I just came across it today. In this clip, Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker makes the case that political correctness actually winds up creating its own antagonists as curious students discover certain unspeakable truths have been hidden from them. Pinker doesn’t offer any precise definitions of political … [Read more...]

Shock poll: Oprah 48, Trump 38

The shock is that she’s under 50 percent. Universally known, widely well liked, and she can’t crack a majority against a guy with a 40 percent job approval? C’mon. On the other hand, this comes from Rasmussen, the most consistently pro-Trump pollster out there. the outfit touted by POTUS himself whenever he wants to point to some middling data to counter the terrible numbers from … [Read more...]

Priorities: ObamaCare repeal, we hardly knew ye

Remember how Republicans planned to circle back around to repealing ObamaCare in 2018? Good times, good times. After repealing the most unpopular part of the Affordable Care Act in its tax-reform bill, the GOP seems satisfied to stand pat on the status quo, according to The Hill: The chances of repealing ObamaCare this year are fading further, with top Republicans saying they hardly discussed … [Read more...]

Psychiatrists: Discussing President Trump’s mental state is how we’ll prevent the rise of another Hitler

Psychiatrists Brandy Lee and Leonard Glass are leading a campaign to convince the public that President Trump is a danger to the country. In a piece written for Politico Magazine today, they argue that their efforts do not violate the longstanding “Goldwater rule” against making a diagnosis of a public figure without examining that individual in person. The Goldwater rule was put in … [Read more...]

Have you read “Fire and Fury” yet? No… the other one

Confession time. I have not read the new Michael Wolff book, nor do I expect it to make its way to the top of my already extensive list of books I want to get around to reading. From what I’ve seen in various reviews and interviews I’m not missing out on much, but plenty of other people are snapping it up. Unfortunately for some of them, they didn’t look into the details very … [Read more...]

Will conservatives find a strange, new respect for pork-barrel spending?

Never let it be said that liberals have a monopoly on politically correct nomenclature. After Donald Trump raised the question of revisiting the ban on “earmarks” — the formerly polite reference to pork-barrel line items that favor home districts and states — some on Capitol Hill wagged a finger over the term, as The Hill reported last night: Momentum is building in … [Read more...]

Trump on Michael Wolff: We’re going to take a strong look at our libel laws

Does POTUS know that regular people can be sued for defamation for the things they say or write, not just media outlets? Someone on Twitter joked a few days ago that if libel laws suddenly became more lax Barack Obama might end up owning Trump Tower. That’s an exaggeration, but it’s undeniable that the biggest loudmouth loose cannon in American culture, a man famous for lobbing … [Read more...]

Revised Obama presidential library looks like the stump of the Washington Monument

The Obama presidential library unveiled a new design proposal yesterday. Chicago Tribune columnist Blair Kamis says the new design is intended to satisfy critics of the previous design released last year. Addressing criticism that their plans would undermine the serene landscape of historic Jackson Park, backers of the Obama Presidential Center on Tuesday revealed major revisions that include a … [Read more...]

NYC Mayor to sue “Big Oil” for causing Hurricane Sandy or something

Many people still foolishly blame things like lightning strikes, tornadoes, tsunamis and hurricanes on the random vagaries of fate or simply describe them as acts of God. But not the intrepid Mayor of New York City, who apparently also doubles as a sleuth in his spare time. He’s been investigating the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy for half a decade now, seeking out the cause of the storm. And … [Read more...]

Assange soon to be on the loose?

For months, Ecuador has been looking for a way to end the years-long residency of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in its London embassy. Did they decide to give him entry to their country as the escape hatch for both? The Daily Mail picks up on Assange’s tweet from today, wearing an Ecuadorian soccer jersey with no explanation, and links it to rumors that Ecuador has issued him a … [Read more...]

No, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner aren’t calling off their divorce

It’d be something if they did, though, wouldn’t it? Imagine loving someone so much that you take them back them after they got busted sexting teenagers and cost your boss the presidency in the process. That’d be a love story for the ages. But no, despite the buzz around the New York Post’s story, “Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner call off divorce,” the truth is … [Read more...]

Video: Harvey Weinstein slapped, berated in Arizona restaurant

Disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein was confronted at an Arizona restaurant Tuesday night by a man who slapped him and berated him, calling him a “piece of s**t.” The incident took place at Elements restaurant in Scottsdale. TMZ reports that Weinstein was having dinner with his “sober coach” when two men came in and were seated nearby. One of the men, named Steve, asked … [Read more...]

Bidding a fond farewell to the CFPB slush fund

When Mick Mulvaney was moved from the Office of Management and Budget to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau he was apparently sent with a mandate to find some swampland to drain. That didn’t take long at all. While it’s already arousing fury in Senator Elizabeth Warren and her supporters, Mulvaney has identified a notorious slush fund at the CFPB which has been channeling federal … [Read more...]

A Judge’s Lifeline for DACA

Last September, President Donald Trump ordered an end to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the Obama-era program that gave legal status to almost 700,000 immigrants who were illegally brought into the United States as children, and gave Congress until this March to find a permanent fix for “Dreamers.” In announcing the decision, Attorney General Jeff Sessions described DACA as “an … [Read more...]