China wants to know: What’s your “social credit score”?

“It’s the ultimate version of ‘Big Brother’s watching’,” Gayle King remarks at the end of this segment on CBS This Morning, but that’s not quite right. China’s effort to assign a “social credit score” to everyone in the nation is the outcome of Big Brother, and perhaps not even the ultimate outcome at that. Beijing’s massive … [Read more...]

Fresno State prof: Damn right I stand by my celebration of Barbara Bush’s death

Nowadays, when embroiled in controversy, it usually makes sense to double down. If you apologize your allies will resent you. And (most of) your enemies won’t forgive. It’s one of the many incentives in modern life to behave like a dipsh*t and be proud of it. Randa Jarrar, the Fresno State teacher who cheered the death of Barbara Bush and then taunted her critics by claiming she could … [Read more...]

Blue city exodus could accelerate because of the GOP tax cut

A columnist for the Hill published a piece today outlining what she calls the “great exodus” out of America’s bluest cities. This is a well-established trend, one which our own Jazz Shaw has written about as recently as January. The author of the Hill piece argues that the GOP tax cut is about to put this trend into overdrive: The recently passed tax bill, which repeals the state … [Read more...]

Miss Universe 2013 host: Trump definitely stayed overnight in Moscow

I categorically refuse to believe the “pee tape” is real, as that plot twist is too implausible and low-rent even for the cosmic lunatics who are writing the simulation we’re all living in. But as the evidence mounts that POTUS did indeed spend one full night and part of another in Moscow in 2013, it does leave you to wonder why he would have told James Comey that he … [Read more...]

GOP anxiety grows over Trump’s Iran decision – The Hill

GOP anxiety grows over Trump's Iran decisionThe HillFlake said he didn't support the deal in the first place but warned that terminating it would only hurt U.S. interests. “Iran has realized the benefits in terms of the money flows and increased trade. Now to relieve them of their obligations on the ...and more » … [Read more...]

Lankford: It’s time to reimpose Democratic limitations on confirmation debate

Is sauce for the Republican goose good for the Democratic gander? Senator James Lankford (R-OK) plans to find out tomorrow in the Senate Rules Committee. Lankford told C-SPAN that he plans to introduce a rule change that will copy, word for word, a temporary changed pushed by Harry Reid and Senate Democrats to keep Republicans from stalling Barack Obama’s judicial nominations. Will Democrats … [Read more...]

Internet Archive: We don’t see any evidence Joy Reid’s blog was hacked

Yesterday I wrote about Joy Reid’s deeply odd claim that her old, defunct blog, The Reid Report, had been hacked in an effort to make her look homophobic. That was odd for many reasons, not the least of which was that she had apologized for some comments found on the blogs Internet Archive cache last December. At the time she said there was no excuse. But yesterday, as even more examples of … [Read more...]

GOP lawmakers detail tax bill plans to conform to federal policy overhaul – Press PressGOP lawmakers detail tax bill plans to conform to federal policy PressWeeks of debate over Minnesota's tax code ramped up at the Legislature on Tuesday, as House Republicans began to flesh out the specifics of their plan that comes with some modest income tax rate cuts but would still hit some 180,000 taxpayers or more ...Catherine … [Read more...]

British government’s efforts to starve two-year-old to death still momentarily unsuccessful

Alfie Evans is alive as of 6:30 p.m. ET but I think the UK has the stick-to-it-iveness needed to see this through to the bitter end. With Alfie having been made an Italian citizen for purposes of receiving treatment and transportation standing by to take him to his new home, his mother and father have been forced to resort to giving him mouth-to-mouth to try to keep him alive awhile longer, in … [Read more...]

Democrats fear Grassley’s amendment to special counsel bill will let GOP tip off Trump about Mueller’s probe – Washington Post

Washington PostDemocrats fear Grassley's amendment to special counsel bill will let GOP tip off Trump about Mueller's probeWashington PostDemocrats are warning that the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman's proposed changes to a bill to protect special counsels from undue firing would give the GOP the ability to tip off President Trump about developments in Robert S. Mueller III's … [Read more...]

No longer just listening, Amazon is building an actual robot for your home

Much like Google, Amazon is everywhere. Perhaps you have one of those Echo devices in your house or apartment already. It’s always listening and ready to serve. It can play your favorite music, dim the lights, replay your voicemails… pretty much anything along those lines. With the right connections to the Internet of Things it can even tell you how many beers you have left in your … [Read more...]

America’s got a fee-vah and the only prescription is … the Comey book?

Lotta people paying good money this week to be lectured about norms. Someday POTUS is going to figure out that tearing his enemies to shreds on Twitter when they have a new book out does not, in fact, damage sales for those books. On the contrary. Luckily for Jim Comey, that day didn’t come in time to prevent him from becoming very rich. It’s fun to look back at the various anecdotal … [Read more...]

Trump to Jackson: Hey, I wouldn’t stick around, but you do you

Did Donald Trump give his embattled VA Secretary nominee a vote of confidence — or permission to withdraw? A little of both, actually, while taking a big swipe at members of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and the press too. Trump hailed Admiral Ronny Jackson, currently the White House’s official physician, as “one of the finest people that I’ve met.” Trump said … [Read more...]

Republicans want answers from Scott Pruitt – CNN

CNNRepublicans want answers from Scott PruittCNNSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell described himself as a "supporter" of Pruitt at a news conference on Tuesday, but declined to say whether he has concerns about his actions, saying, "We'll just see." "I think he's going to make an appearance up ...Senate Republicans call for greater scrutiny of Pruitt's … [Read more...]

Kanye West: Alt-right darling?

The Washington Post published an opinion piece today under the headline “Kanye West, alt-right darling.” The news hook for the entire piece is that Kanye retweeted a couple of pro-Trump conservatives over the weekend, causing people on the left to freak out as they are prone to do when anyone dares to disagree with them. The Post piece isn’t quite as focused on the right as the … [Read more...]

NYC wanted to be a sanctuary. They just got a visit from ICE

Mayor de Blasio kept insisting that he would remain “defiant” and that New York City would be a sanctuary for illegal immigration. Well, as it turns out, if you really want to be a sanctuary city, ICE is going to treat you like one. Immigration officials just wrapped up a six day operation in the Big Apple code named Operation Keep Safe and they arrested more than 200 illegal … [Read more...]

Hmmm: Sessions won’t recuse himself from Michael Cohen investigation

It’s fun watching the insta-interpretations of this move, some diametrically opposed, pour in on Twitter. Apparently it’s proof that either (a) Sessions is in the tank for Trump, insisting on remaining part of the Cohen probe so that he can spy on prosecutors for POTUS and tie their hands if an opportunity arises, or (b) Sessions is out to get Trump, conspiring with the Manhattan U.S. … [Read more...]

Today’s hot topics: Macron visit, NYT corrects, confirmation follies, Armenia unrest, and more!

Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (4 pm ET), we have another great lineup for the news of the day! The show will be streamed on Hot Air’s Facebook page and embedded here and on the show page for those who are not on Facebook. (If it’s muted, right-click the video and choose Unmute.) Join us as we welcome: Andrew Malcolm joins us for Tuesdays with Andrew! The Prince of Twitter and I will … [Read more...]