Study: In the end, the machine will win

If you’ve been following the ongoing debate over the “Fight for 15” and steep increases in the minimum wage, you’ll want to check out this article from James Pethokoukis at the American Enterprise Institute. He’s examining the new NBER working paper, “People Versus Machines: The Impact of Minimum Wages on Automatable Jobs” by Grace Lordan and David Neumark. In case … [Read more...]

Kim made “a very wise and well reasoned decision,” says …

Will an appeal to narcissism get Kim Jong-un back to the negotiating table? If so, perhaps Donald Trump is uniquely positioned to try that strategy. Earlier today, the president hailed Dear Leader III’s wisdom and intelligence in rejecting the missile launch toward Guam that he had earlier threatened: Kim Jong Un of North Korea made a very wise and well reasoned decision. The alternative … [Read more...]

“Morning Joe”: It’s time for mass resignations among Trump’s cabinet

C’mon. How many times has this argument played out since Inauguration Day among Trump critics? One group howls that everyone should quit in protest, the other group inevitably howls back do you really want to see who, or what, replaces Mattis? Mattis, Tillerson, Kelly, McMaster, Pompeo — each of them knows that resigning might mean they’re succeeded by Corey Lewandowski. In fact, … [Read more...]

Three Antifa protesters arrested outside Chicago courthouse

Three Antifa protesters were arrested outside a Chicago courthouse yesterday after getting into a scuffle with police. From the Chicago Tribune: About two dozen protesters, many wearing bandanas or masks covering their faces, gathered near the doors of a Cook County courthouse at 2452 W. Belmont Ave., where they held banners condemning white supremacy and chanted “Neo-Nazis go away! Racist, … [Read more...]

Berkeley announces “free speech year”

I know we probably use this phrase far too often around here, but there’s little more to say as an opener. What could possibly go wrong? After repeated attempts at having conservative speakers address the assembled masses at U.C. Berkeley over the past couple of years turned into literal riots, someone has stepped forward with an innovative solution. The school’s new chancellor, Carol … [Read more...]

Sessions: We might just want a piece of the Charlottesville domestic terrorist too

Will the federal government prosecute James Fields for his car attack on protesters in Charlottesville that killed Heather Heyer and left 19 other injured? Jeff Sessions tells NBC’s Pete Williams that the Department of Justice could file charges against the neo-Nazi either for civil-rights violations, a hate crime, or perhaps both. Sessions suggested the the DoJ would allow the state to take … [Read more...]

Trump business council disbands in protest over Charlottesville comments; Update: Trump disbands manufacturing council

This council, the Strategy and Policy Forum, isn’t the manufacturing council, which I wrote about yesterday and which has also seen several resignations since Saturday. It was inevitable that some members would walk away from the SPF too, but the fact that the group is headed by “one of Mr. Trump’s closest confidants in the business community” made it an unlikely candidate for … [Read more...]

Congress shouldn’t try to sneak an online gaming ban into the appropriations bill

Supporters of the Restoration of America’s Wire Act never seem to give up, even though their efforts in 2015 and 2016 essentially never got off the ground. Those who have been following the story will recall that this was the brainchild of billionaire casino magnate (and GOP megadonor) Sheldon Adelson, along with Lindsey Graham, which would ban online gaming in the United States, primarily … [Read more...]

DoJ: NYT story all wet about affirmative-action policies

Call off the hysterics. Despite what the New York Times’ Charlie Savage thought he’d divined on Tuesday from a Department of Justice job posting, the DoJ does not have a plan to operate a new project to dismantle affirmative-action policies in Academia. Savage reported that the job posting “suggests” that the project would be conducted on behalf of white applicants and … [Read more...]

Oof: Transcripts of Trump’s calls with presidents of Mexico and Australia leak to WaPo

A bad leak in many ways. Confidentiality breeds candor, and you want the president to be candid when talking to foreign leaders. If he has to worry about his conversations leaking, he won’t be. Conceivably there’s a pressing national security concern that might override that concern — if, say, the worst suspicions of hardcore anti-Trumpers were true and he were colluding with the … [Read more...]

A gay wedding photographer case goes in a new direction

How long have we been wrestling with this question now? The debate is still not entirely settled as to whether or not the government can compel someone to take part in a wedding ceremony which violates their religious beliefs as part of their professional services or punish them for refusing to do so. And more cases involving bakers of cakes, caterers and of course, wedding photographers, continue … [Read more...]

Debt ceiling fight: Seems like old times

Some stories offer readers a wave of nostalgia for, er … the bad old times. Remember when budget fights between House Republicans and a Democratic president led to brinksmanship over the debt ceiling? Recall how we all laughed as our credit rating got lowered when neither side reached a compromise in time? Good times, good times. Well, now we can all relive it with a Republican Congress and … [Read more...]

Cisgenders beware. Transgender DNA testing project underway

In some ways I suppose this was inevitable, but a big old Pandora’s Box could be cracked open in the near future in terms of the ongoing debate over “transgender issues” in America and elsewhere. Medical research facilities in both the United States and Europe have begun an extensive project to determine if there’s some sort of genetic clue which determines a person’s … [Read more...]

Trump: Blame Congress for “all-time & very dangerous low” Russia relations

It didn’t take long for Donald Trump to react to Dmitry Medvedev’s trolling on Facebook last night. As Allahpundit predicted, Trump responded — by attacking Congress for the sanctions bill that Trump signed yesterday. Trump blamed Capitol Hill for pushing relations with Russia to “an all-time & very dangerous low,” which seems more than a little ahistorical, if … [Read more...]

Construction of the border wall, er… “barrier” set to begin

But wait… I thought that the money for the border wall was tied up in the general omnibus package and wouldn’t be decided on until the fall? Well, that’s still true, but there’s some construction about to get underway in San Diego anyway. The factor which makes this possible is that the first section to be built is a prototype. But since there’s no sense building a … [Read more...]

Of course: McCain’s favorable rating now 35 points higher among Democrats than Republicans

I mean, he is a Democrat. How many senators are underwater among their own party (-10) and way, waaaaay above water in the other one (+56)? Maybe ol’ Maverick should consider the big switch after all. All things considered, having just cast the vote that probably sank ObamaCare repeal for good, 39/49 among Republicans isn’t half bad. Either there are a surprisingly large number of … [Read more...]

ACLU sues GOP governors over troll blocking on social media

Does the First Amendment require elected officials to give access to everyone on social media? The ACLU thinks so, and it will take two Republican governors to court over their decisions to block abusive Twitter and Facebook users. Branches in Kentucky and Maryland filed lawsuits this week on behalf of the blocked, arguing that they have a First Amendment right to petition their … [Read more...]

It’s happening! Mark Zuckerberg hires Clinton pollster

Mark Zuckerberg keeps saying he’s not running for president but he also keeps hiring the sorts of people you might want around if you were running. Politico reports Zuckerberg has hired Democratic pollster Joel Benenson to work for his philanthropy: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have hired Democratic pollster Joel Benenson, a former top adviser to President … [Read more...]