Actress: I was sexually assaulted by Bush 41 during a photo op

The photo op happened in 2014, when Bush was 90 and already frail enough to require a wheelchair. Former US President George H.W. Bush Apologises After Actress Heather Lind Claims He… — akpodeebright (@akpodee_b) October 25, 2017 By “sexual assault,” I assume she means he pinched her butt. That would qualify as harassment … [Read more...]

CBO: Say, this Alexander-Murray bill certainly maintains the status quo

Nothing says “reform” like having hardly anything change at all, right? The CBO returned a preliminary score on the latest Senate attempt to address the ObamaCare crisis, proposed by Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray to “stabilize” ObamaCare. The CBO found that it saves less than $4 billion over ten years, does nothing for premiums, nothing for coverage, and, well … … [Read more...]

FEC complaint filed against Clinton campaign, DNC over dossier funding

Lawnews reports a group called the Campaign Legal Center has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) claiming the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) violated the law by not accurately reporting their campaign expenditures. The complaint states that by not disclosing the purpose of large disbursements of money the campaign and DNC effectively hid the … [Read more...]

Scientists finally admit the universe shouldn’t exist

I’ve been saying it since the first time the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Most of the Democrats I know have been saying it since November 8th of last year. And now some of the world’s leading scientists are finally admitting it. The universe shouldn’t even exist. The latest Crazytown theory coming from the world of particle physics is that the Big Bang should have produced the … [Read more...]

China’s Xi Jinping assumes the mantle of Chairman Mao

Just in time for President Trump’s visit next month, China’s President Xi Jinping has had himself elevated to a level of political deification unseen in the Middle Kingdom since Mao Zedong. At the end of a week-long Communist Party Congress Tuesday, the party’s new leadership, the Politburo’s Standing Committee, was unveiled in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The … [Read more...]

Amazon wants the key to your front door

To cleanse the palate, let’s not be coy. You’re going to give it to them. Not all of you, but enough of you. If you’re willing to get in some random dude’s car because Uber says it’s safe, you’re willing to let the same random dude into your home when you’re not there because Amazon says it’s safe. “The new service could represent a shift in … [Read more...]

Rep. Goodlatte: ‘Smoking gun’ emails prove settlement money was progressive slush fund

“It is not every day in congressional investigations that we find a smoking gun,” Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte said Tuesday on the House floor. Goodlatte revealed emails which he says prove the Obama Department of Justice used settlement money as a slush fund for progressive groups. From Fox News: While Eric Holder was U.S. attorney general, the Justice … [Read more...]

Another move against vaping hurts smokers trying to kick the habit

The New York Times reports that Governor Andrew Cuomo is signing yet another bill into law which seeks to save people from themselves, this time based on some rather dodgy science. (Or a lack of scientific rigor entirely.) Electronic cigarettes and all other products associated with “vaping” will soon be, “banned from public indoor spaces in New York State.” In other words, … [Read more...]

House chair: 401(k) changes still on the table, folks

Ever see a shot-down trial balloon fly again? House Ways and Means chair Kevin Brady has attempted to refill the one floated at the end of last week on the revenue enhancer that the GOP’s big tax-reform requires to qualify under reconciliation. Even though Donald Trump took to Twitter to reassure voters that their 401(k) plans would not get touched — calling it a “popular middle … [Read more...]

Miss me yet? Majority of Democrats now hold favorable view of … George W. Bush

Two months after he left office, in March 2009, Gallup had Bush at 10 percent favorability among Democrats. Ten percent. And now? Now, the Bush era seems like a lost golden age by comparison. On the day this blog launched in 2006, in the doldrums of the Iraq war, it was hard to overstate how despised Bush was by the left. There were Bush/Hitler comparisons, sure, but focusing on the most extreme … [Read more...]

The left-wing effort to drag the Russia dossier before the public

Over at the Federalist, Mollie Hemingway has a primer of sorts on the Steele Dossier which is aimed at clarifying some of the facts around the document. I was particularly struck by point #8 which is a bit more speculative than the rest: As confirmed by the Washington Post, the Russia-Trump collusion narrative was a Clinton campaign political operation. The dossier itself was shopped around by … [Read more...]

Pew: Among conservatives and liberals, which side thinks they’re “winning” today?

So you’ve had roughly nine months since the new sheriff rode into the Oval Office, with the balance of power in both the House and the Senate remaining the same. Despite the constant hangdog outlook of most cable news hosts, surely somebody must feel like they’re coming out on top, right? Either conservatives or liberals have to be either doing better today or, at a minimum, feeling … [Read more...]

Here we go: First lawsuit targeting Weinstein Company for “enabling” Harvey

The board at The Weinstein Company suggested it wants to reorganize under another name. Perhaps they could adopt the name Respondent Film Company. The first of what will likely be many lawsuits dropped on TWC yesterday for its role in enabling Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior, filed by actress Dominique Huett: Dominique Huett launched a $5 million (£3.8 million) civil suit in Los … [Read more...]

Report: Trump data chief reached out to Wikileaks about releasing Hillary’s emails

I’m not sure “Trump data chief” is the right term but then I’m not sure the Daily Beast’s term, “Trump data guru,” is right either. Alexander Nix, the subject of the story, is really the Mercer family’s data chief. He’s the head of Cambridge Analytica, the firm owned by Trump patrons Robert and Rebekah Mercer which once counted Steve Bannon as … [Read more...]

Top House Republicans open to legislation regulating ‘bump stocks’ – Washington Post

Washington PostTop House Republicans open to legislation regulating 'bump stocks'Washington PostTop House Republicans said they will consider restricting “bump stocks,” the firearm accessory used to accelerate gunfire in the Las Vegas massacre, opening the door to heightened regulation in response to the tragedy. ... A House Republican with close ...Senior Republicans weigh bump stock ban … [Read more...]

Republicans And Democrats Don’t Agree, Don’t Like Each Other And It’s Worse Than Ever – NPR

PoliticoRepublicans And Democrats Don't Agree, Don't Like Each Other And It's Worse Than EverNPRThe partisan split in America is the highest it's been in two decades, with Republicans and Democrats holding vastly disparate views on race, immigration and the role of government, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center. Pew has been ...Angry GOP donors close their … [Read more...]

The GOP’s tax reform push is already a huge mess – Vox

VoxThe GOP's tax reform push is already a huge messVoxWhen congressional Republicans tried to repeal Obamacare, Mitch McConnell compared the challenge to solving a Rubik's cube — and he ended up stumped. Now, GOP leaders have taken up the cube yet again as they try to solve the fiendishly difficult ...GOP eyes limits on carried interest tax breakThe HillTrump's tax reform is … [Read more...]

These jobs will benefit the most from the GOP tax plan – CNBC

CNBCThese jobs will benefit the most from the GOP tax planCNBCPostal workers, reporters and exercise physiologists are a few of the careers that will see a significant reduction in taxes under the GOP's proposed tax plan. Those who benefit the least have the lowest incomes, according to career services site Zippia. … [Read more...]