Hannity backs off Roy Moore ultimatum: Alabama voters will make the right decision for their state

No one thought he’d arrive at any other conclusion, did they? The first rule of populist talk radio is don’t cross your audience. Where they go, you follow, and there’s no reason to think they’re abandoning Moore. The prospect of Hannity urging him to quit was farcical from the start for exactly that reason. On the other hand, he can’t go all-in for Moore because no … [Read more...]

Franken disputes Tweeden allegations, says groping pic “clearly intended to be funny but wasn’t”; McConnell calls for ethics probe

Call this Al Franken’s modified limited hangout. Accused of sexual misconduct in a private moment and caught by a photographer at least posing for another sexual assault in another, Franken has chosen to admit to the latter and deny the former. Minnesota’s two-term Democratic senator issued a statement calling the picture a joke that went awry, but passively denies Leann … [Read more...]

Twitter’s blue checkmark purge leads to more questions about… Twitter

Last night I was perusing my Twitter feed when I saw someone had retweeted white supremacist Richard Spencer, who was protesting the fact that he had lost his blue checkmark. Verified no more! Is it not okay to be proudly White? 🤷‍♂️ — Richard 🦃 Spencer (@RichardBSpencer) November 15, 2017 Turns out it wasn’t a mistake, and Spencer wasn’t the only one. Twitter had hastily … [Read more...]

News anchor: Al Franken kissed and groped me without my consent; Update: It was a bad joke, says Franken

For the first time, amid the many, many, many allegations of misconduct made against powerful men over the past month, there’s photographic evidence of the bad behavior. Click and scroll down and you’ll see Franken grabbing, or pretending to grab, a sleeping Leeann Tweeden’s breasts on the trip home from a USO tour of the Middle East in 2006. Not a good look, senator … [Read more...]

Surprise! Guess which GOP Senator threw a wrench into tax reform this time

Round up the usual suspects! This time, however, it’s not one of the usual suspects that threatens to extend the Republicans’ record of legislative futility. Rather than running afoul of John McCain, Rand Paul, or Susan Collins, this time it’s Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson who’s declaring opposition to both the House and Senate version of the GOP’s major … [Read more...]

Giffords group solves gun violence problem by going after… muzzleloaders

Never let a good tragedy go to waste. With a couple of mass shootings unfolding this autumn, the anti-gun rights group founded by Gabby Giffords and her husband has just released a new set of targets for federal regulation. You’ll recognize some of them as old chestnuts which are regularly opposed by those who object to the Second Amendment, as well as some new bits of technology we’re … [Read more...]

Britain’s Old Vic: We now have 20 allegations against Spacey

It’s amazing what one can find when one actually starts to look, eh? After actor Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of attempted sexual assault when Rapp was just 14 years old and other allegations emerged from the set of House of Cards, Britain’s famed Old Vic Theater started asking its staff about any issues from Spacey’s 11-year run as artistic director. The BBC reports that … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz vs the Iowans. The battle continues

A couple of weeks ago we learned that opponents of ethanol mandates weren’t going to quietly slink off the stage just because President Trump and Scott Pruitt were backing up the Renewable Fuel Standard. While this subject isn’t sexy enough to be making headlines on cable news these days, the fight is continuing unabated. The previous incident arose from Senator Joni Ernst blocking the … [Read more...]

Oh my: Joe Biden 46, Trump 35?

Glancing at the headline, you would think this was a dynamite poll for good ol’ Uncle Joe. Is it? A twice-elected VP famous for his alleged common touch should be doing better than a generic Democratic candidate, you would think. And yet. What this poll tells you is (a) Biden has no serious baggage (yet) that makes him appreciably worse off than a random Democrat, quite in contrast to … [Read more...]

NRSC poll shows Moore trailing by 12 as Sabato switches Alabama race to “lean Democrat”

Oh please. The NRSC is so desperate to distance its crop of Republican Senate nominees from Moore that Cory Gardner, the chairman of the committee, has said the Senate should expel him if he wins. They want him out of the race ASAP before any more allegations emerge and make the party’s task next fall even harder. Now, coincidentally, as the Alabama Republican Party’s trying to figure … [Read more...]

Class-action lawsuit filed against Weinstein Company

Harvey Weinstein is already being investigated for possible criminal charges in New York, Los Angeles and London. Now the LA Times reports a class-action lawsuit has been filed against his former company for at least $5 million: The 59-page complaint alleges that a network of people who worked for Weinstein, including attorney David Boies, enabled his mistreatment of women and participated in what … [Read more...]

Oh my: Northern California shooter was out on $160K bail

Who could have known that Kevin Janson Neal would turn violent and go on a shooting rampage? One clue might have been the fact that he’d been in jail in January after allegedly stabbing a neighbor with whom he’d been feuding. His mother claims that the neighbor had gotten “slightly cut” in the altercation, but she had to put up $160,000 to bail him out. Neal thought his … [Read more...]

Kim Jong-un’s assessment of Trump’s Asian trip was… less than glowing

So what did you think of President Trump’s lengthy Asian trip this month? Some critics found it to be tremendously successful. (To be fair, Trump was the critic in that instance.) Others offered up critiques of a less favorable sort, particularly for not calling out certain foreign leaders on their shoddy human rights records. But all of those paled in comparison to the evaluation offered by … [Read more...]

Roy Moore’s attorney: Release the yearbook so we can have it analyzed

This is not the same attorney that Allahpundit wrote about earlier today, i.e. the “Don Lemon squeezy keep it easy” guy. His name is Trenton Garmon. This is another attorney representing Roy Moore whose name is Phillip L. Jauregui. Jauregui gave a press conference today during which he denied the accusations made by Beverly Young Nelson and asked that she and her attorney Gloria Allred … [Read more...]

New accuser claims she was groped by Roy Moore during legal meeting in 1991

Reasons to question her credibility: In the past she was convicted of writing bad checks and third-degree theft. Reasons not to question it: Her sister recalls the accuser, Tina Johnson, telling her about the incident years ago. The Alabama paper Johnson spoke to found proof that Moore did represent Johnson’s mother in a custody proceeding in 1991, just as she claims. And … what reason … [Read more...]

NBC’s “Thought Experiment”: Having kids is immoral

How old am I? Old enough not to have to personally take the advice handed out by NBC’s Think portal today, surely, but also old enough to recognize it as yet another bout of neo-Malthusianism. If having kids if bad for the Late Great Planet Earth (oops, a spoiler!), then our morality should dictate that we stop having them, Travis Rieder argues: A startling and honestly distressing view is … [Read more...]

Pat Leahy grills Trump judicial nominee: Do you think gay marriage is like marrying bacon?

This is so pitifully stupid. Either Democrats are desperate for attack lines against Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett, Trump’s nominee for the Fifth Circuit, or Leahy is so out of touch after 42 years in the Senate that he can’t recognize goofball humor when he sees it. Here’s the genesis of Willett’s “controversial” bacon analogy: I could support … [Read more...]

Bad guy with a gun stopped by a good guy with a…car?

You probably heard about the mass shooting in California yesterday but there was another attempted mass shooting Tuesday in Cheektowaga, New York near Buffalo. A man, later identified as 29-year-old Travis Green, went to the local Dollar Store dressed in camo and body armor and started firing an AR-15 at the front door from a position in the parking lot. Only one person inside was hit, and he is … [Read more...]