Glenn Beck Mocks Obama for Geography Gaffe

If you watched President Obama on The Tonight Show Tuesday night, you may have missed a moment when the president bungled his geography, but Glenn Beck picked up on it and highlighted it on his show today. He and his co-hosts cried that if this had been George W. Bush making such an egregious error, everyone would have been jumping over themselves to laugh at him, but Obama got a pass from the … [Read more...]

Fox’s Laura Ingraham, Kirsten Powers Muse on Hillary 2016

On Wednesday night’s O’Reilly Factor, Laura Ingraham suggested President Obama‘s comments about Hillary Clinton during a Tonight Show appearance may mean a Hillary 2016 candidacy could get a big boost from the White House. Kirsten Powers and Kate Obenshain agreed that Clinton will be the likely Democratic nominee, should she run, with Powers remarking, “I don’t know … [Read more...]

New York Times’ Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. Responds To Rumors About Potential Sale…

Following the purchases of the Boston Globe by Red Sox owner John Henry and the Washington Post by CEO Jeff Bezos, media watchers have been wondering: Is The New York Times next? In a statement today, chairman Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. said emphatically, “The Times is not for sale.” “Will our family seek to sell The Times? The answer to that is no,” Sulzberger said in … [Read more...]

Ebony And I Don’t Care: 10 Other Conservative Boycotts No One Will Notice

The uproar surrounding Ebony Magazine‘s four September Trayvon Martin tribute covers has produced talk of a conservative boycott of the magazine, to which Ebony quickly responded with an aloe-vera-worthy burn. The magazine mocked the idea that conservatives would boycott a magazine that they already don’t buy, but I think Ebony’s conservative critics are on to something, and as a … [Read more...]

Tuesday Ratings: MSNBC’s O’Donnell Beats Fox’s Van Susteren In Demo

Tuesday night, MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell beat Fox’s On The Record with Greta Van Susteren in the 25-54 demo at 10pm. Lawrence O’Donnell’s show had 213K in the demo while Greta Van Susteren’s had 201K. Erin Burnett’s CNN special on Benghazi came in fourth place, behind HLN’s After Dark, with 104K viewers in the demo. In total … [Read more...]

Sharpton And Guests Tear Into Fox News, Limbaugh For ‘Vitriolic’ Attacks Against Michelle Obama

First Ladies are generally less politically scorned than their husbands, but Al Sharpton noticed tonight the kind of vitriol being thrown Michelle Obama‘s way for her healthy eating initiative Let’s Move! He took Fox News and Rush Limbaugh to task for their surprising level of derision aimed at Michelle Obama, including the occasional personal attack. Sharpton wondered exactly when it … [Read more...]

Defending While Intoxicated? DWI Attorney Shows Up To Court Drunk

What if you showed up for your drunk driving hearing and your lawyer was drunk? That was what one New Mexico defendant experienced this past week when 69-year-old DWI attorney showed up in court with a blood alcohol level of 0.11, over the legal limit to drive, let alone try a case in court. According to a report from Albuquerque’s KOAT-TV, attorney John Higgins was “disruptive” … [Read more...]

Phoenix Man Hilariously Fights Back Against Amazon Package Thief: ‘I Will Find You, And I Will Convict You’

If you had a package that was stolen right from your front door, what would you do? Think about your answer, because Phoenix resident Tim Lake has already claimed the mantle of best response ever! His security camera picked up a woman grabbing an Amazon package from right outside his house and scampering away. But rather than just filing a police report, Lake took matters into his own hands with … [Read more...]

The Five Rips Obama On Leno: Looks Like He’s ‘Auditioning To Play Commander-In-Chief In Hollywood’

Eric Bolling returned to The Five Wednesday and opened the show with a scathing critique of President Obama‘s appearance last night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Bolling and his co-hosts battled over whether the president’s late night appearance displayed the proper “leadership” qualities for a Commander-in-chief and mocked his stories about playing basketball and … [Read more...]

Austin Showers In Uncomfortable-Member: Rick Santorum Says Liberals Ruining Texas YMCA Shower

Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), who also hung surprisingly tough in the 2012 Republican presidential primary race, says he is “open to” another bid in 2016, and if his comments at a recent awards ceremony/patio party are any indication, the media is rooting for him. In accepting an award from an anti-abortion-rights group recently, Sen. Santorum told the assembled Students For … [Read more...]

He ‘Doesn’t Care About’ GOP’s Future: Abby Huntsman Hits Erick Erickson For Calling Wendy Davis ‘Abortion Barbie’

Co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle and daughter of former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, Abby Huntsman, savaged Fox News Channel contributor and co-founder Erick Erickson on Wednesday. Speaking with MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, Huntsman said that when Erickson called Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) “abortion Barbie,” he demonstrated that he “doesn’t care about the … [Read more...]

Limbaugh Takes On ‘Myths’ About Fox: ‘They Have One Really, Full-Fledged Conservative Show’

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh dove into what CEO Jeff Bezos purchase of The Washington Post means for the future of journalism on Wednesday. He said that Bezos, a customer service specialist, would change a culture in the media which dislikes much of its audience, e.g. middle America. Turning to how people feel about Fox News Channel, Limbaugh said that it is a myth that … [Read more...]

Weiner Gets Testy With GOP Rival In Hot Mic Moment: Deal With Your Anger Issues, ‘Grandpa’!

Word of advice to any politician attending an event sponsored by the AARP: don’t insult your opponent for their old age. But Anthony Weiner did just that last night, when he got heated with Republican rival George McDonald in an open mic moment picked up by NY1. McDonald got annoyed when Weiner touched him, and the two candidates got testy with each other right in front of a microphone, … [Read more...]

Paula Deen More Popular Than Martin Luther King Among Georgia Republicans, Poll Finds

Paula Deen may have lost support from her sponsors, the Food Network, and much of the public but, according to a recent poll, there’s one area in which she’s still going strong: among Georgia Republicans. According to Public Policy Polling, the embattled Southern cooking mogul has a whopping 73% favorability rating with Georgia Republicans, even following her recent and well-publicized … [Read more...]

Priebus: RNC Open To 2016 ‘Talk Radio Debate’

On Wednesday, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus joined Fox News Channel host and conservative talker Andrea Tantaros to expand on his threat to exclude CNN and NBC News from hosting 2016 GOP presidential debates if they move forward with their planned films about Hillary Clinton. Priebus told Tantaros that he thought her suggestion of having a “talk radio debate,” hosted by … [Read more...]

Fox Guest Lars Larson Rails Against Dem. Strategist Bernard Whitman Over ‘Pathetic’ Benghazi Indictments

A contentious exchange broke out on Fox News Wednesday afternoon between conservative radio host Lars Larson and Democratic Strategist Bernard Whitman over new indictments in the Benghazi consulate attacks, with Larson alleging that the Obama administration was using the indictments as political cover, and had only caught “a bunch of bystanders” rather than the perpetrators of the … [Read more...]