Twitter Goes Nuts Over Kellyanne Conway-Chris Cuomo Clash: ‘The Definition of Insanity’

In what was only Chris Cuomo’s 2nd episode of Cuomo Primetime, the anchor faced off with White House official Kellyanne Conway and things went about as expected. Whether it was Conway saying “Be an apple, don’t be a banana” or her claim that “nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton,” things definitely weren’t boring. Here are the best Twitter reactions to the … [Read more...]

Anderson Cooper Ridicules Trump’s Anchor ‘Letters’ Claim: ‘Highly Believable, Totally Normal Thing’

Anderson Cooper ended his show tonight by lampooning President Trump‘s weird claim about positive media coverage. Trump heralded the mainstream media praise for his public, bipartisan immigration meeting today and strangely claimed that he’s received “letters” from anchors about it. “Major kudos to the United States Postal Service for delivering those letters so … [Read more...]

Roy Moore Still Hasn’t Conceded and Now He’s Calling Out Doug Jones’ Son For Being Gay

On the day in which it was revealed that it was mathematically impossible for Roy Moore to win a recount in his never-ending quest to unseat Doug Jones, the Alabama Senate candidate decided to take the high ground and attack Jones’ gay son. Everyone’s favorite suspected child molester, and confirmed horse whisperer, took to Facebook to inform Alabama voters of the shocking news that, … [Read more...]

Sean Hannity Dunks on Himself With Slam Against ‘Conspiracy TV’ NBC News

Fox News’ Sean Hannity completely shot himself in the foot on Thursday as he once again tried going on the attack against the media. Earlier this morning, NBC released a report stating that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is mobilizing the Justice Department to re-examine Hillary Clinton‘s level of connection to the 2010 Uranium One deal. Hannity has devoted a ton of coverage to this … [Read more...]

Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Know How Taxes (Or Laws) Work

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SLIDESHOW: Mediaite ‘Most Influential in News Media’ Party Draws Biggest Names in News

Last night was Mediaite’s big bash to honor the Most Influential in News Media and look back on a wild year. Held at Freds at Barneys, the party gathered the top news reporters, anchors, producers, publicists, and staffers, all of whom had a blast celebrating the holidays, the conclusion of a very intense election, and a much-debated list. The attendees represented every network and site from Fox … [Read more...]

Sarah Sanders: Russia Investigation a ‘Hoax,’ But We Have ‘No Intention’ to Fire Mueller

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took some new shots at the Russia special counsel today, even as she insisted the Trump Administration doesn’t plan on firing Robert Mueller. In an interview for America’s Newsroom, Sanders was asked by Bill Hemmer about recent questions surrounding Mueller’s probe. Sanders proceeded to dismiss the investigation as a “hoax” which … [Read more...]

Twitter Shreds Ben Rhodes for ‘Obituary’ Comment About GOP Leaders: ‘Sick’

Former Obama national security spokesman Ben Rhodes is getting ripped to pieces online over a very unsettling remark he tweeted about the GOP leadership last night. After Congressional Republicans assembled at the White House on Wednesday to celebrate their new tax bill, former Obama communications adviser Dan Pfeiffer said he’s anticipating President Trump’s imminent impeachment: I … [Read more...]

Bob Corker Expresses ‘Newfound Empathy’ For Trump’s Crusade Against ‘Fake News’

After passing that tax bill, Sen. Bob Corker and President Donald Trump have become improbable besties, putting dismissive nicknames, like “liddle Bob Corker,” and insults about potential electability behind them. What brought them together, exactly? Accusations hurled at Corker that he only flipped on the tax bill due to the so-called “Corker Kickback,” a provision added … [Read more...]

For the GOP, Trump is A Lot like Santa, But What Should We Be Teaching Our Kids about Him?

Back when I was young, single, never thought I would get married or have children, and still had hope for how my life would turn out, I strongly believed that teaching kids that Santa Claus was real was a big mistake. In short, my thinking went that whatever short-term benefits that this big lie may bring, they weren’t worth the long-term damage that would likely be caused by the charade. Now that … [Read more...]

Student Gets in Trouble With University After Posting Pro-Kate Steinle Posters

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Tom Brokaw: Fox News is ‘On a Jihad’ to Protect Trump

Legendary anchorman Tom Brokaw took a hard swing against Fox News this morning, during an appearance on a Morning Joe panel led by Mika Brzezinski. Brokaw said President Donald Trump watches Fox News because it “reinforces what he believes,” citing how they’ve handled the Russia probe as an example. “Fox News, after Shepard Smith, in the late afternoon, is on a jihad right … [Read more...]

Morning Joe Rips GOP Apart for Sucking Up to Trump: Most Autocrats ‘Would be Embarrassed’

Morning Joe had massive disdain for the congressional GOP Thursday as they reviewed yesterday’s White House event in which Republican leaders were tripping over themselves to flatter President Trump over the success of their tax reform bill. Joe Scarborough started things off by slamming the congressmen who swooned over the president, and he also hit VP Mike Pence’s “gross” … [Read more...]

WSJ Spiked Editorial on Trump’s Mob Ties, Reportedly Prompting Exodus of Opinion Staffers

The exodus of staffers from the Wall Street Journal’s editorial pages was likely caused by the paper’s embrace of Donald Trump during the 2016 election, in particular the spiking of an editorial on the then-candidate’s ties to the mob, according to an Esquire report. Sam Tanenhaus’ extensive piece on Never-Trumpers spent some time examining the “the rupture within the … [Read more...]

Kellyanne Conway Praises Fox & Friends for Topping Mediaite‘s Influential Media List

During an appearance on Fox & Friends today, Kellyanne Conway congratulated Brian Kilmeade, Ainsley Earhardt and Steve Doocy for taking the #1 slot on Mediaite‘s list of most influential figures in the news media. Mediaite gave the trio the honor because of their unique relationship with President Trump, specifically the fact that their show often determines what he tweets about and what … [Read more...]

Jeff Sessions Reportedly Asking FBI to Review Hillary’s Connection to Uranium One Deal

It seems that the Justice Department is taking steps to re-examine Hillary Clinton‘s role in the Obama administration’s Uranium One deal with Russia. Months ago, the Senate Judiciary Committee opened an inquiry into several corrupt actions that Russian nuclear officials allegedly made in connection with the 2010 deal. These illegalities reportedly involved financial exchanges that connected to the … [Read more...]

Trump Congratulates Fox & Friends for Being Mediaite’s Most Influential in Media

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday morning to congratulate Fox & Friends for being number one on Mediaite’s most influential in media list. “You deserve it,” Trump wrote of his favorite morning show, “three great people!” Was @foxandfriends just named the most influential show in news? You deserve it – three great people! The many Fake News … [Read more...]

‘My God, Is That SNL?’ Don Lemon Scoffs at Trump’s White House ‘Festival of Flattery’

CNN’s Don Lemon brought on a pair of presidential historians Wednesday night to analyze the “festival of flattery” that he mockingly said went down on the White House lawn in celebration of the passage of the GOP tax bill. After passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Republican party leaders — from Paul Ryan to Mike Pence — took to a podium set up on the White House lawn to issue … [Read more...]