Rahm Emanuel Warns Democrats From Running on Trump Impeachment: Not a ‘Political Issue’

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said during an Axios talk on Monday that Democrats should tamp down talk about impeaching President Donald Trump. “Is impeachment a good issue for Democrats?” Axios’ Mike Allen asked the mayor and former White House chief of staff for Obama. “I lived through the Clinton White House,” Emanuel explained. “This is a serious legal and … [Read more...]

Jake Tapper on Ronny Jackson Confirmation Problems: ‘The Messy Result of… Governing by Gut’

Jake Tapper weighed in on the very strange remarks made by President Donald Trump today on his nomination of Dr. Ronny Jackson to head the VA. The comments were made in light of new allegations against Jackson related to his workplace conduct on Capitol Hill. “It is the messy result of President Trump governing by gut, picking someone he likes, someone with insufficient experience and … [Read more...]

Ryan Seacrest Accuser Suzie Hardy Says She’s Filed a Police Report: ‘I’m Not Going Away’

Suzie Hardy, a personal stylist whose accused Ryan Seacrest of sexual assault that occurred while working for him from 2007 to 2012, published a personal essay in The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday revealing she’s filed a police report against the Hollywood media personality. An investigation was conducted into the allegations against Seacrest at E! network earlier this year by an outside law … [Read more...]

Trump’s Friends Are Advising Him That He Doesn’t Need Advisers

President Donald Trump’s top-level appointees are leaving the White House in exodus, either through their own volition or with brute force. But fear not: the voices in the president’s telephone are telling him he doesn’t need those officials anyway. The commander in chief is reportedly being told by the friends he frequently speaks with on phone calls that there’s no need … [Read more...]

Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Pulls Ads From Ingraham’s Show After Host’s Mocking David Hogg

Following Laura Ingraham‘s attacks against a survivor of the Parkland school shooting, Nutrish has decided to cut their advertisements from her program. Earlier this week, the Fox opinion host went after student gun control activist David Hogg by mocking him for not getting accepted by some of the colleges to which he applied. Ingraham’s Twitter snipe drew significant outrage from … [Read more...]

LEGAL ANALYSIS: Trump’s Power to Pardon Flynn and Manafort is More or Less Absolute

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Megyn Kelly Grills Michael Cohen’s Lawyer on Trump Not Knowing About Payment: ‘No One Believes That’

We already noted one interesting moment today on NBC when David Schwartz insisted that Michael Cohen never ordered Stormy Daniels to be threatened. However, there was another fascinating portion of Schwartz’s coversation with Megyn Kelly, in which Kelly drilled the lawyer about his insistance Donald Trump knew nothing about the $130,000 his lawyer was paying to have the porn star keep … [Read more...]

Roseanne Dishes on Her Call With Trump: Just ‘A Friendly Conversation About Television and Ratings’

Roseanne Barr held for the President of the United States yesterday as he called to congratulate her on her show reboot’s success, the comedy star told Good Morning America Thursday by phone as she was headed to the airport. In what she called a “private conversation” between her and longtime friend President Donald Trump, the two chatted about “working and television and … [Read more...]

Megyn Kelly Confronts Lawyer Over Michael Cohen’s Violent Tweets: ‘I Received Death Threats’

Megyn Kelly treated lawyer David Schwartz to a brutal grilling on her NBC morning show Thursday, questioning Michael Cohen‘s attorney over his claims that his client definitely didn’t order someone to threaten Stormy Daniels. Earlier in the interview, Kelly noted that Cohen has a track record for leveling threatening and vulgar remarks at people on behalf of his client, President … [Read more...]

AG Jeff Sessions Defends Russia Probe Recusal in Time Cover Story: ‘I Did the Right Thing’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whose time leading the Justice Department has been plagued by a rocky relationship with President Donald Trump, graced the cover of Time in an exclusive interview for the magazine — during which he defended recusing himself from the Russia investigation. TIME's new cover: The trials of Jeff Sessions, featuring an exclusive interview … [Read more...]

Hope Hicks’ Replacement Could Reportedly Be Mercy Schlapp or Tony Sayegh, Who Have Been Gutting Each Other

White House Communications Director Hope Hicks is departing the White House today, and according to New York Magazine‘s Olivia Nuzzi, “The race to fill the Hicks void is a clandestine parade of all the worst human impulses.” Nuzzi reports that two early frontrunners for the job are director of strategic communications Mercy Schlapp and Treasury Department spokesperson Tony … [Read more...]

Megyn Kelly Clashes With Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Over Stormy Daniels Threat: ‘You’re Dodging’

“Of course he didn’t order it.” Michael Cohen’s attorney, David Schwartz, says in response to question asking if Cohen ordered alleged threat against Stormy Daniels in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011 — TODAY (@TODAYshow) March 29, 2018 Lawyer David Schwartz spoke to Megyn Kelly today and the prosecutorial NBC host grilled him on whether his client Michael Cohen, … [Read more...]

NRA Spox Dana Loesch on Calls to Repeal 2nd Amendment: We Finally See Honesty From the Anti-Gun Left

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch appeared on Fox & Friends today in order to chew out former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, and all of the recent anti-gun demonstrators who think the Second Amendment ought to be repealed. Stevens recently made waves with his anti-gun op-ed in The New York Times. Loesch accused the former Supreme Court justice of restricting speech because … [Read more...]

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Trashes Stormy Daniels: ‘She Was Desperate For The Money’

Michael Cohen’s lawyer David Schwartz appeared on CBS This Morning to face a grilling over the $130,000 payment made to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election to keep quiet about an alleged affair with Trump — and the lawyer lashed out at the porn star. Gayle King first asked Schwartz why Cohen paid Daniels $130k to keep quiet about an affair that the White House claims did not happen — … [Read more...]

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Just Made It Way, Way Worse for His Client on Live TV

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Cuomo Battles Lewandowski in Tense Gun Debate: You’re Using Calls to Repeal 2A as a ‘Bogeyman’

Outgoing New Day anchor Chris Cuomo and former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski slugged it out Thursday on the issue of guns. And things got a bit tense. Much of the discussion focused on the New York Times op-ed penned by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens earlier this week in which he called for a repeal of the second amendment. Both men asserted such a move is … [Read more...]

Don Jr. and Eric Fire Back at Jeb Bush For Suggesting Trump’s Kids Don’t Love Him: He’s Everything ‘You’re Not’

In response to Jeb Bush’s joke suggesting President Donald Trump’s children do not “love” him yesterday, sons Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. called-out the former GOP presidential candidate by voicing their affection for their father on Twitter. Bush, who made the comment while speaking at Yale yesterday, said that he sees children “who actually love me,” … [Read more...]

Cuomo Spars With Lewandowski Over Trump’s Pick of WH Physician to Serve as VA Secretary: ‘That’s Silly’

Chris Cuomo had Corey Lewandowski on CNN today for a discussion on David Shulkin‘s ouster, and the CNN host grilled the former Trump aide on the president’s pick for the next Veterans Affairs Secretary. Lewandowski approved of President Trump‘s choice to nominate Ronny Jackson, saying the White House physician’s career is an ideal blend of the health care and the military — … [Read more...]