Kellyanne Conway Spars With Chris Cuomo Over Harvey: ‘I’m Not Defensive at All’

With CNN anchor Chris Cuomo getting some prime time action this week, I guess we shouldn’t be too shocked that he brought on one of his favorite sparring partners — White House counselor Kellyanne Conway. In a typically lengthy segment featuring these two, Cuomo and Conway began their battle by talking about Hurricane Harvey and the Trump administration’s response to the storm. … [Read more...]

Missouri GOP Rep. Wants Confederate Monument Vandal to be ‘Hung From a Tall Tree’

What is it about Missouri state legislators on social media? Weeks after a state senator got into hot water for openly wishing on Facebook for President Donald Trump‘s assassination, State Rep. Warren Love (R-Osceola) seemed to call for a vandal of a Confederate monument to be lynched. Sharing an article about a Confederate statue being vandalized in Springfield National Cemetery, Love … [Read more...]

Eric Trump Touts U.S. Economic Progress: ‘Look at the Lines in Home Depot’

Eric Trump joined Fox & Friends this morning to go to bat for his dad. When F&F host Brian Kilmeade said the political left and media were suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and make the President look bad, the younger Trump couldn’t help but back his father up. “If you look at the amount of coverage that has been directed to that story and to all this … [Read more...]

President Trump Reportedly Couldn’t Find a Hotel Room in Hamburg for G20 Summit

Well, this is inconvenient. A German news source says President Trump waited so long to reserve a room in Hamburg that he couldn’t book lodgings in any of the city’s hotels while he attends the G20 Summit in Germany. Hamburger Abendblatt reports that the U.S. government originally made plans for Trump to stay at the Four Seasons. However, it turns out there wasn’t any space for … [Read more...]

Handshake Fail: Watch Poland’s First Lady Totally Snub Trump in Warsaw

There’s no getting around this one. This was a snub, pure and simple. Thursday in Warsaw, President Donald Trump went in for a handshake with Poland’s First Lady, Agata Kornhauser-Duda. And Kornhauser-Duda was having absolutely none of it. The Polish First Lady just completely snubbed Trump, bypassing his outstretched hand as if it weren’t even there. She instead made a beeline … [Read more...]

Chuck Todd on Trump’s Bashing American Press: ‘Could Putin Have Asked for Anything More?’

It seems NBC’s Chuck Todd was far from impressed by President Trump‘s press conference from Warsaw this morning. A trashing of the American press corps and Intel community in Eastern Europe of all places. Could Putin have asked for anything more? — Chuck Todd (@chucktodd) July 6, 2017 Trump appeared next to Polish President Andrzej Duda on Thursday, and Trump got a lot of attention … [Read more...]

‘Talk a Little Bit of Sh*t’: Protestor Rips Trump, Drops On-Air Expletive in MSNBC Rant

Meet Marcus — a Hamburg, Germany local who was on the ground to protest President Donald Trump‘s arrival prior to the G-20 summit. Marcus was stopped by MSNBC’s Keir Simmons and asked to share his thoughts on Trump. Marcus could hardly contain his laughter. “I think he’s jelly,” Marcus said, laughing. “And in his head is only a vacuum. That’s … [Read more...]

Ethics Group Slaps Kushner with Complaint over Real Estate Investment

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Jeff Zucker: CNN Will Not be ‘Intimidated’ by Trump’s Bullying

As the war continues between Donald Trump and CNN, Jeff Zucker says the network will not be cowed by the president’s intimidation. CNN has taken a lot of fire recently, both for their retracted story about one of Trump’s advisers, and for the controversial debate about whether the network is blackmailing the Redditor who created the CNN-wrestling GIF tweeted by the president. Zucker … [Read more...]

ABC News’ Phillip Mena Heading to MSNBC for Anchor Gig

ABC News correspondent Phillip Mena is heading to NBC and MSNBC to serve as an anchor and host for the networks’ morning and weekend shows. The Emmy-award winning journalist, who joined ABC in April 2015 after a stint as an anchor and reporter at Houston’s KPRC, will co-anchor NBC’s Early Today with Frances Rivera, as well as fill-in host for MSNBC weekend shows. Mena started his … [Read more...]

‘F–k White People’ Not Hate Speech, Court Says

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‘This is Just Wrong’: Morning Joe Chastises Trump for Attacking Media on Foreign Soil

Morning Joe went after President Donald Trump for attacking the press as “fake news” during a press conference in Warsaw with Polish President Andrzej Duda. Responding to a question about his tweet of a video showing him body-slamming a CNN logo, Trump said that the network has “been fake news for a long time,” and has “been covering me in a very dishonest way,” … [Read more...]

Poland Is the Fox & Friends of Europe and President Trump Only Goes to ‘Safe Spaces’

President Trump opened the second foreign trip of his administration by visiting Poland, the Eastern European ally to the United States that just so happens to have a right-of-center and nationalistic President that employs a similar provincial approach that got Trump elected last year. In doing so, Trump continues a worrying trend of only appearing in “safe spaces” far away from any … [Read more...]

Scarborough Blasts Trump For Slamming U.S. Intel in Poland: ‘Nothing Short of Disgusting’

Barely a day after arriving in Poland, Donald Trump is already raising hackles among his domestic critics. Chief among them Thursday was MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. On the set of Morning Joe, Scarborough blasted Trump for disparaging American intelligence agencies on foreign soil. In response to a question from MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson, Trump cast aspersions on U.S. intelligence agencies … [Read more...]

John Avlon on Trump: ‘Tough To Be Leader of the Free World and King of the Trolls At the Same Time’

.@JohnAvlon: “It’s tough to be leader of the free world and king of the trolls at the same time” — New Day (@NewDay) July 6, 2017 John Avlon had a colorful way to describe his pessimism about whether President Trump can handle international complications like a sensible diplomat. The Daily Beast editor-in-chief and CNN contributor joined New Day on … [Read more...]

Trump Criticizes Russia, Calls for Country to ‘Cease its Destabilizing Activities’

President Donald Trump delivered a speech before a large crowd in Poland on Thursday, lauding the NATO alliance and badgering Russia for its interference in other countries and “support for hostile regimes.” Trump first noted that Poland’s “victory over communism” was supported by a “strong alliance in the West that defied tyranny.” “Now among the … [Read more...]

In Stark Reversal, Donald Trump Reaffirms Commitment to NATO: ‘We Stand Firmly Behind Article 5’

On Thursday Donald Trump eased a lot of jangled nerves by declaring in Warsaw that the United States stood firmly behind NATO and a united Europe. Trump specifically cited Article 5 of the NATO treaty guaranteeing mutual defense in his words. “I would point out that the United States has demonstrated not merely with words but with its actions that we stand firmly behind Article 5, the mutual … [Read more...]

Jim Acosta: Trump Held ‘Fake News Conference’ By Attacking CNN During Warsaw Presser

CNN’s Jim Acosta ridiculed President Trump on Thursday for essentially holding a “fake news conference” by pursuing easy questions at his latest press event. As CNN New Day addressed Trump’s conference from Poland, they noted how the president slid around questions about Russia as he attacked the “fake news” media once again. Chris Cuomo asked Acosta for his … [Read more...]