The View Breaks Down ‘Painful’ WH Briefing on Stormy Daniels: Sarah Sanders is an ‘Amateur Liar’

The View discussed Stormy Daniels this morning and started with the fact that Sarah Huckabee Sanders had essentially confirmed the existence of an NDA by saying that the “case has already been won in arbitration.” “It’s been reported that trump was very, very upset with Sarah Sanders for basically confirming the fact that an arbitration happened and that this NDA does … [Read more...]

Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo Opens Up About Harassment and Gender Discrimination on the NYSE Floor

In honor of National Women’s Day, Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo talked about the difficult process of gaining respect as a female finance reporter. She credited Barbara Walters as a guiding light in being the first woman on morning television and nightly news, and said that she knew it must have been difficult for her to earn her seat at the table because she faced similar … [Read more...]

Watch Trump’s Awkward Goodbye to Gary Cohn: ‘He May Be a Globalist, But I Still Like Him’

During President Donald Trump‘s cabinet on Thursday morning, he ribbed Gary Cohn in advance of the economic adviser’s imminent departure from the White House. Trump began by previewing what he has in mind regarding his proposed tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum. “We’re going to be very fair. We’re going to be very flexible,” Trump said — though he also left things … [Read more...]

Trump’s Going All Out to Silence Stormy Daniels Because He Knows if You Believe Her Claim, You’ll Believe Them All

The way President Donald Trump apparently celebrates today’s International Women’s Day is by trying to bully and silence a woman. That woman is former adult film star Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, and who alleges she had an affair with Trump. Or maybe the efforts by Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen to “intimidate” Clifford and “shut her up,” as … [Read more...]

John Roberts Contests Jim Acosta Report of Trump Being Angry With Sarah Sanders: Sources Say ‘Patently False’

It seems that John Roberts‘s anonymous sources are telling him a different story from the one Jim Acosta‘s sources told him. Last night, Acosta received word from White House officials who said President Donald Trump is not happy with how Sarah Huckabee Sanders handled questions about the ongoing Stormy Daniels scandal. The CNN White House correspondent was told that Trump thinks the … [Read more...]

Joe Scarborough Defends NYT’s Bari Weiss After Erroneous Piece: You’re ‘A Free Speech Champion’

Following Bari Weiss’ rough day yesterday, in which she penned an erroneous opinion piece on the campus left that received a wave of online hate, fellow Iraq War-supporting New York City pundit Joe Scarborough defended the New York Times writer by suggesting she is “a free speech champion.” The Weiss piece, titled “We’re All Fascists Now,” makes the claim that the … [Read more...]

CNN Panel Plays ‘What If Obama Did This’ Game With Trump Porn Star Story: ‘He’d Be in Guantanamo’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Alisyn Camerota and Van Jones speculated on Thursday what things would’ve been like for Barack Obama if his presidency was a magnet for controversy like Donald Trump‘s is. After New Day reviewed how political comedians are dealing with the ongoing Stormy Daniels scandal, Camerota asked Jones whether the “tawdry” matter is of actual … [Read more...]

Steve Bannon Reportedly Sending Globe Emojis to Friends to Brag About Exit of ‘Globalist Gary’ Cohn

Steve Bannon and Gary Cohn never saw eye-to-eye at the White House, and now Bannon is reportedly gleeful over Cohn’s departure. According to sources for The Daily Beast, Bannon texted his associates pictures of the globe emoji after Cohn’s exit. The emoji signifies Bannon’s epithet “Globalist” to describe Cohn’s policies and beliefs. “Couldn’t have happened to a … [Read more...]

A Media Quick to Demand Denouncements Remains Quiet on Democrats With Ties to Farrakhan

We are in an age where denouncing is the new norm. A person or group said or did something awful and is followed by anyone associated with said individuals to reject whatever was said or done. Numerous businesses were pressured by gun control activists to drop their discounts for NRA members in the wake of the Parkland shooting. Republicans were pressured to distance themselves from Alabama Senate … [Read more...]

Lawmaker Pushes Bill to Ban Hated Bachelor Star From State

Read the rest of this entry » … [Read more...]

Awkward Silence Ensues After Bill Hemmer Asks Kellyanne If She’ll Face Punishment For Hatch Act Violation

Kellyanne Conway gave a broad-range interview on Fox News today in which she faced questions about the Office of Special Counsel’s determination that she violated the Hatch Act with her tacit endorsement of failed senate candidate/alleged child molester Roy Moore. When Bill Hemmer brought up Conway’s transgression, he softened things up for her by bringing up Hatch Act violations that … [Read more...]

Trump Reportedly Angry With Sarah Sanders: She ‘Gave the Stormy Daniels Storyline Steroids’

President Donald Trump is reportedly somewhat less than thrilled with his press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, for her comments during Wednesday’s briefing addressing the Stormy Daniels story. According to CNN’s Abby Phillip (citing reporting from Jim Acosta), Trump believes that Sanders essentially breathed life into the Stormy Daniels controversy with her Wednesday … [Read more...]

Chris Cuomo Grills Sen. Ron Johnson on FBI Conspiracy: ‘You Know’ There’s No Secret Society

CNN host Chris Cuomo pushed Senator Ron Johnson over his conspiratorial claims that a “secret society” within the FBI was involved in an anti-Donald Trump effort, forcing the Wisconsin Republican to further distance himself from the claims. In January, amid the infamous FBI-lovers’ texting scandal, Johnson focused on texts exchanged between the two agents alluding to a … [Read more...]

Lara Trump Slams NBC For Grilling Ivanka About Dad’s Accusers: ‘Incredibly Inappropriate’

Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo had Lara Trump join her to talk about the fact that Ivanka Trump was asked about her father’s alleged sexual misconduct in a recent NBC interview, while in a recent appearance on Today, Chelsea Clinton was asked no such question. (Maybe because Chelsea’s father isn’t currently president — Ivanka’s is, and she also happens to be … [Read more...]

‘This is Fine’: Twitter Reacts to White House Saying Trump’s Tariff Declaration is ‘Symbolic’

The Twitterverse did a collective double-take on Thursday over the possibility that President Trump‘s tariff proposals — expected to be affirmed in a proclamation on Thursday — might not be anything more than a token gesture. The White House was expected to confirm sometime this week whether they will move ahead on Trump’s call to levy taxes on imported steel and aluminum. The proposal … [Read more...]

S.E. Cupp Bashes ESPN Over Ex-Employee’s Harassment Suit: ‘Toxic Frat-Boy Environment’

On Monday, Adrienne Lawrence — former on-air talent at ESPN — sued the network, alleging sexual misconduct against a number of its employees. She claims the company is “rife with misogyny.” S.E. Cupp agrees. And Wednesday on Unfiltered, she blasted the cable sports behemoth over what she called a “toxic frat-boy environment” which has lasted decades. “It’s … [Read more...]

Brian Kilmeade Challenges Dana Loesch: ‘You’re Not Against Universal Background Checks, Right?’

During an appearance this morning on Fox & Friends, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch waffled an answer to Brian Kilmeade‘s question about where she stands on background checks for gun owners. Loesch began by taking shots at ongoing calls for gun control, as well as the FBI for their failure to act against the shooter who killed more than a dozen high school students in Florida last month. She … [Read more...]

Russian Embassy Twitter Account Snarks About Alleged Poisoning of MI6 Double Agent

The Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom has long had a fairly lit Twitter account, but I can’t remember the last time it decided to snark about an attempted extrajudicial killing potentially carried out by the Russian government. That’s right folks — on Thursday, amid an investigation into the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, the Russian Embassy, … [Read more...]