Joe Scarborough Trashes ‘Entire Mainstream Media” for ‘Being Anti-Trump on All Things’

Joe Scarborough, has — in recent months — taken a flamethrower to President Donald Trump‘s agenda and mercilessly criticized the man himself over his mental fitness for the office and a bevy of other issues. But apparently even he thinks that the president is not getting a fair shake from the press. Scarborough, along with Morning Joe co-host, Mika Brzezinski, appeared on Katie … [Read more...]

Bret Baier on Trump’s Conflicting Tweets on FISA Debate: ‘It’s Kind of a Mess’

Donald Trump contradicted himself when he tweeted about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) today, and Bret Baier says this could create a bit of a complication for the midday vote on the policy’s reauthorization. Trump went against the GOP and his administration’s talking points today when he bashed FISA and suggested that it allowed investigators to “badly surveil … [Read more...]

WATCH: Man Just Confessed To Cold Case Murder From 1993 — During Local T.V. Interview

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Kellyanne Conway Takes Apparent Shot at CNN by Hailing Fox & Friends Ratings

Kellyanne Conway’s feud with Chris Cuomo is apparently one she is not keen to let go of. After appearing on Fox & Friends Thursday morning to slam the media for its fixation on the Trump-Russia investigation, Conway took to Twitter to praise the Fox News program as “by far the highest-rated cable news morning show,” adding “#facts”: My full interview this morning … [Read more...]

After Contradicting Own WH on FISA Act, Trump Reverses: ‘We Need It! Get Smart!’

President Donald Trump appears to have accidentally opposed the official White House position in support of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act after he followed the lead of a Fox & Friends segment that was critical of the law. Trump sent out this tweet Thursday morning: “House votes on controversial FISA ACT today.” This is the act that may have been used, with the help of the … [Read more...]

Five Women Accuse James Franco of ‘Sexually Inappropriate’ Behavior

Five women have come forward to accuse actor James Franco of all manner of sexual indiscretions, according to a recent report by the Los Angeles Times. These women stated that Franco engaged in “sexually inappropriate or exploitative behavior,” allegations that have been brewing ever since last week’s Golden Globes, in which the actor wore a pin that supported efforts to stop sexual … [Read more...]

Fox News Meteorologist Janice Dean Claps Back at Troll For Insulting Her Legs

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean hit back after an internet troll went after her with a derogatory comment about her legs. Dean penned an op-ed in which she acknowledged an insulting comment she sometimes gets: “Dear Janice please stop allowing fox to dress you in those short skirts. They are not flattering on you. Your an attractive lady, love the 80’s hair, but your legs are … [Read more...]

Tonya Harding Threatens to End Insane Piers Morgan Interview: ‘Suits You to Play the Victim’

Do you remember Tonya Harding? Back in the halcyon days of the 1990s, she was known as the “bad girl” of winter sports, having been allegedly involved in a scandal that left one of her counterparts, Nancy Kerrigan, injured. Now, in light of the new biopic I, Tonya, she’s back and ready to tussle… with Piers Morgan. Harding appeared on Good Morning Britain yesterday and … [Read more...]

Even Fox Panel Laughs Off Trump Suggestion that Feinstein Broke Law with Fusion Transcript (WATCH)

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John Avlon: Trump Has ‘Built a Big Beautiful Metaphor, That’s All the Wall Was’

Daily Beast EIC John Avlon commended President Donald Trump on building a “big beautiful metaphor” instead of a physical wall on the southern border while appearing on CNN Thursday morning. CNN’s Chris Cuomo kicked off a Thursday morning segment of New Day on fresh word from the White House that apparently the wall Trump has promised since he descended the gilded escalators might … [Read more...]

Conway Claims ‘Loser’ Clinton ‘Lost Miserably,’ Bashes Media ‘Still Stuck in Election’

Kellyanne Conway says she’s tired of talking about Hillary Clinton, and yet, she spent most of her morning talking about Hillary Clinton. The White House special counsel appeared on Fox & Friends today, where she was asked about to President Trump’s tweet about Clinton, the FBI, and the 2016 election. (Side note: Trump’s tweet was apparently inspired by an earlier Fox & … [Read more...]

Arizona Senate Candidate Awkwardly Distances Herself From Bannon Endorsement

The spectacular flare-out of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has not come without consequences for the bevy of outsider political candidates he endorsed for office. Arizona Senate candidate Kelli Ward, who Bannon endorsed wholeheartedly as one of the soldiers in his anti-GOP-establishment revolt, appeared on CNN’s New Day Thursday morning to talk about the race. The … [Read more...]

Morning Joe on Why Trump is ‘So Obsessed’ With Clinton: ‘She Crushed Him’

Morning Joe mocked President Trump today as “so pathetic and sad” for his apparent inability to quit talking about Hillary Clinton. It’s been over a year since the 2016 election ended, yet Trump repeatedly invoked his vanquished opponent yesterday during his press conference with the Norwegian prime minister. Joe Scarborough wanted to know if Trump is so preoccupied with Clinton … [Read more...]

CNN Laughs at Kellyanne Conway’s Explanation for ‘Nobody’ Talks About Clinton Remark

Chris Cuomo and New Day mocked Kellyanne Conway for her comment Wednesday night on CNN that President Donald Trump’s administration is not concerned with former opponent Hillary Clinton. Conway, engaged in a pretty bitter spat with Cuomo, derided CNN for obsessing over the 2016 election as the anchor grilled her about the Trump-Russia investigation. When Cuomo accused the White House of … [Read more...]

Trump Goes After FBI and Clinton After Watching Fox & Friends: ‘What a Mess!’

President Donald Trump suggested the FBI used the Russia dossier to “spy on the Trump campaign” and “influence the Election” in an early morning tweet sent out Thursday. He also threw out some speculation in his tweet, asking whether the “Dems or Clinton” paid Russians, of the location of “hidden and smashed DNC servers” and “Crooked Hillary … [Read more...]

Seal Hits Oprah For Her Cozy Relationship With Weinstein: You’re ‘Part of the Problem’

There’s been a bit of mud-slinging in Hollywood since the Golden Globes last Sunday. Singer Seal took to Instagram on Wednesday and called out Oprah Winfrey for her cozy relationship with disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein, whose downfall thanks to countless sexual misconduct allegations sparked the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. The Grammy-winning artist posted a meme featuring Winfrey … [Read more...]

Watch Kimmel’s ‘Mini-Documentary’ Commemorating Trump’s 2,000 Lies In Office

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel took a moment to acknowledge a “milestone” President Trump recently reached. “Happy Lie 2K everybody!” Kimmel told his audience. The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that Trump had told his 2,000th lie since taking office last year. “He’s averaging 5.6 false claims a day, which is impressive considering the fact he’s … [Read more...]

Ingraham Warns Trump: If You Break Immigration Promises, ‘Expect a Political Revolt From the Base’

On Wednesday night, Laura Ingraham opened her show by giving President Trump a dire warning as his administration pursues immigration reform. The Fox News host criticized the president for “adopting the language” of the left at his televised bipartisan meeting at the White House. She even compared Trump’s “bill of love” reference to when Jeb Bush called illegal … [Read more...]