WATCH: Texas Hero ‘Mattress Mack’ Gives Harvey Evacuee Special Gift For Her 84th Birthday

Mattress chain owner offers up his stores for #Harvey evacuees and his trucks for rescue operations. “We said to hell with profits.” — ABC News (@ABC) August 31, 2017 Despite all the horribleness caused by Hurricane Harvey, the storm has also given the world a chance to watch local heroes show off the best in humanity. One example can be seen in the … [Read more...]

Petition to Declare George Soros a Terrorist is One of Most Popular on

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Snopes Botches Fact-Check by Misrepresenting a Trump-Supporter’s Claim

The fact-checking website Snopes seems to have forgotten that the state of Louisiana has experienced other flooding incidents besides Hurricane Katrina. In a botched myth-busting endeavor, Snopes attempted to clear-up the internet claim that Barack Obama was president when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Obviously, this claim is ludicrous, as Obama did not become president until 2009 and the … [Read more...]

Watch The Emotional Moment a Texas Family Returns to Flooded Home

WATCH: This is the moment the Garcia family returned home after #Harvey. They could only get there on their neighbor’s boat. — CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) August 31, 2017 The devastation of Hurricane Harvey really hit home for one Texas family on Thursday when they had a chance to see how much damage the floods really did. CBS joined the Garcia family today after … [Read more...]

‘Grand Canyon of Idiocy’: Twitter Reacts to Joe Walsh Claiming Charlie Hebdo Doesn’t Make Fun of Muslims

Joe Walsh, the former congressman turned worst Twitter pundit in America, was back at it again on Thursday, serving up the most widely mocked response to Charlie Hebdo’s…let’s say ‘insensitive’ front page on the Harvey storm. The front page of the always-controversial French satirical magazine depicted Nazis drowning along with the headline “God Exists! He … [Read more...]

‘God Exists!’ Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Depicts Harvey Victims as Drowning Neo-Nazis

Charlie Hebdo is turning a few heads again, this time for their cartoon about the flood victims of Hurricane Harvey. The latest issue of the satirical — and very often controversial — French magazine has a cover where submerged Texans are sticking their hands out of the water for a Nazi salute to a bunch of swastika flags. The headline’s translation is “God Exists! He drowned all the … [Read more...]

WH Photo Claiming Trump Witnessed Harvey ‘First Hand’ Shows the President Staring at a Screen

This is the best photo they could find for “witnessing first hand” — Ashley Feinberg (@ashleyfeinberg) August 31, 2017 After Donald Trump claimed he witnessed the “horror and devastation” of Harvey “first hand” in Texas, a photo was posted to his Instagram account that shows the president staring at a screen with a map — an exact … [Read more...]

‘We Only Kill Black People’: Cop Has Twisted Way of Reassuring Nervous Driver (WATCH)

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A Common Enemy in President Trump Somehow Unites Al Sharpton and Jews

If you’re familiar with Rev. Al Sharpton’s comments about the 1991 Crown Heights riot in Brooklyn, you’ll know that his history with the Jewish community is…complicated to say the very least. However, there’s the old adage about how “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and it seems Sharpton has identified a common foe for Jews and African-Americans to … [Read more...]

CEO of Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette Apparently Keeps Making Sexually Suggestive Comments

The CEO of LifeZette, Laura Ingraham’s obscure conservative blog, has frequently made inappropriate and sexually suggestive comments about female colleagues, according to a new report in the Daily Beast. The Daily Beast spoke to a number of employees at the syndicated radio host’s website, who painted the picture of an organization that “has become a deeply uncomfortable place … [Read more...]

Focus Group With Trump Voters Savages President on MSNBC: ‘We All Knew He Was a Nut’

“Contemptible,” “crazy,” and “we all knew he was a nut” are the words a Pittsburg, Pennsylvania focus group used to describe President Donald Trump — including a few of his voters. A room of Americans who supported Trump, Hillary Clinton, and a third-party candidate in the election tore into the president’s performance during his over eight months in … [Read more...]

Two Explosions Reported at Flooded Texas Chemical Plant; Officers Hospitalized (UPDATED)

WATCH: Photo appears to show the sky glowing over the chemical plant outside of Houston were two explosions were reported: — CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) August 31, 2017 The CEO of Arkema Inc., Richard Rowe, recently warned the community that an explosion was imminent at his chemical plant because of flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Multiple news reports are now … [Read more...]

Here’s How Prosecutors Can Beat Trump’s Potential Pardons in Russiagate

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Hannity Complains About Media Criticizing Trump Over Harvey Response, Forgets He Called Sandy ‘Obama’s Katrina’

At the start of Wednesday night’s broadcast of Fox News’ Hannity, host Sean Hannity went after the “Destroy Trump Media” for criticizing President Trump over his trip to Texas earlier this week in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The Fox News host was particularly offended over numerous reporters and pundits stating that Trump appeared to lack empathy for the victims of … [Read more...]

Hannity Urges Tomi Lahren to ‘Go After’ Geraldo Rivera on Clinton’s Emails: ‘Take Him On!’

Sean Hannity and newly-hired Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren tag-teamed Geraldo Rivera on the FBI’s decision to reject a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to release files from their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails  due to the lack of public interest. “When you use a private email on a private server, your privacy rights are out the window when you’re … [Read more...]

Tucker Carlson Devotes Show’s Only Hurricane-Focused Segment to Looting

Hurricane Harvey has absolutely devastated southeast Texas, with unprecedented floods causing untold damage, thousands of people still needing to be rescued, and the death toll climbing to at least 38 at the time of publication. So how did Fox News’ Tucker Carlson cover the storm that has will impact the region for years to come? He focused on looting…and how liberals cheer it … [Read more...]

Eric Trump on Negative Media Coverage: ‘You’d Probably End Up Killing Yourself Out of Depression’

Eric Trump is expressing his frustrations with what he deems to be overly-negative media coverage of his father as well as his family. During an interview with WOAI in San Antonio (via The Hill), Trump said his father is “repeatedly attacked” by the media and suggested that the president should “tune it out sometimes.” “If they weren’t talking about you, you wouldn’t be … [Read more...]

Jesse Watters Slams Trump For Not Proposing ‘Reaganesque’ Tax Cuts: It’s ‘Not The Government’s Money!’

Fox News’s Jesse Watters was very critical of President Trump‘s tax reform proposal. Watters, The Five‘s most vocal supporter of the president, told his co-hosts he was “very disappointed” in Trump’s proposal. “When I interviewed him, he said it was going to be a historic tax cut and that it was going to be Reaganesque, Watters explained, “but now … [Read more...]