Christie Vetoes The Ban On Military Sniper Rifle He Proposed

The Barrett M82 sniper rifle, and its newer cousin the M107, fire immense six inch bullets and are capable of killing a man standing nearly a mile and a half from the shooter. It was designed to take out military jets and helicopters — and can be just as effective against police helicopters. And, thanks to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), it is … [Read more...]

New York City Police Commissioner: ‘No Question’ More People Will Die Without Stop And Frisk

NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly CREDIT: NBC News New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly enthusiastically defended the New York Police Department’s use of the controversial “stop and frisk” program during an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday morning. Kelly went so far as to claim that more New Yorkers would die without the procedure in place. Stop and frisk … [Read more...]

Legal & Consulting Bills For Detroit Bankruptcy Could Top $100 Million

At a time when Detroit’s $11.5 billion debt threatens its ability to continue meeting its obligations to retirees dependent upon their pensions, law firms and other consultants could add another $100 million in costs to the struggling city, according to one estimate offered by the Detroit Free Press. Moreover, the costs of the bankruptcy filing are already outstripping previous estimates. … [Read more...]

New Jersey Governor Sends Medical Marijuana For Kids Bill Back To Legislature

Earlier this week, a father whose two-year-old daughter suffers from a debilitating and potentially fatal form of epilepsy held New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) feet to the fire on a medical marijuana bill that would enable his daughter to access medical marijuana. “Please don’t let my daughter die,” he told Christie during a public meet-and-greet, urging him to stop … [Read more...]

10 Ways Republicans Have Blown Their Own Minority Outreach Strategy

The Republican National Committee had what seemed like easy advice for the rest of the GOP after the 2012 election: Stop inflaming racism and expand the voter base beyond male, white America. After a disastrous few months since the RNC autopsy report, they tried again Thursday, with an event celebrating the “rising stars” in the Republican Party. But Republican leaders worry its … [Read more...]

Arizona Legislator Posts Stream Of Racist Tweets

Arizona State Rep. Bob Thorpe (R) Arizona State Rep. Bob Thorpe recently tweeted his outrage that “blacks” beat up a white teenager without notice by the “liberal press,” endorsed the “crowd pleasing” antics of a Missouri State Fair clown who wore a Barack Obama mask while running from a bull, and accused the attorney general of being soft on crime because of … [Read more...]

How A Little-Known Agency Is Taking Crucial Steps To Reduce Drug Sentences

Continuing the burst of momentum for reforming draconian drug sentences, the U.S. Sentencing Commission voted unanimously on Thursday to consider its own major reform to its guidelines. In his remarks Monday announcing a change in law enforcement policy, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder focused primarily on mandatory minimum sentences, which impose certain required minimum prison terms for … [Read more...]

How A Single Spoon Can Save A Young Woman From Being Forced To Marry Against Her Will

CREDIT: (AP/Charles Krupa Forced marriages are becoming so common in Britain that the government has put the country’s teachers, airport workers and doctors on watch for signs of the problem among young women and men. But a charity for victims of abuse and forced marriage has found a creative way for victims to escape, one that takes advantage of the fact that the forced marriages rarely … [Read more...]

Police To Hand Out Doritos Instead Of Arrests At Pot Party

CREDIT: Flickr user theimpulsivebuy On Craigslist, “420 friendly” means a potential housemate welcomes marijuana use in their place. Nowadays, Seattle could use the label to describe the whole city: at an annual hemp and marijuana festival, the Seattle PD will be handing out Doritos to revelers. Washington State’s voters decriminalized marijuana use by ballot referendum last … [Read more...]