Securing the vote: How ‘paper’ can protect US elections from foreign invaders – Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science MonitorSecuring the vote: How 'paper' can protect US elections from foreign invadersChristian Science MonitorNovember 7, 2017 Washington—When Logan Lamb visited the website of Georgia's Center for Election Systems in Aug. 2016, what he found left him speechless. Although the cybersecurity researcher had no password or special authorization, he was able ...and … [Read more...]

5 things you need to know Tuesday – USA TODAY

USA TODAY5 things you need to know TuesdayUSA TODAYElection Day is here again, and while it may not have anywhere near the buzz as last year's presidential election, there is plenty at stake. Cities and states around the country will vote on local officials and issues Tuesday, while New Jersey and ...and more » … [Read more...]

Trump forces high-wire act for Republican in Virginia governor’s race – Reuters

ReutersTrump forces high-wire act for Republican in Virginia governor's raceReutersThe Virginia governor's race, one of only two in the country this year, is being watched nationally by political observers looking for clues about next year's midterm elections, in which Democrats are seeking to seize one or both houses of Congress.and more » … [Read more...]

Democratic PAC Priorities USA budgeting $50 million for digital ads in 2018 – Washington Post

Washington PostDemocratic PAC Priorities USA budgeting $50 million for digital ads in 2018Washington PostSince the 2016 elections, Priorities USA has sought to remake itself into a permanent center of opposition to the Trump administration in hopes of helping the Democratic Party win back support it lost last year. The group merged with a nonprofit voting ...and more » … [Read more...]

Georgia Attorney General Won’t Defend Election Officials in Lawsuit Over Wiped Electoral Server – Gizmodo

GizmodoGeorgia Attorney General Won't Defend Election Officials in Lawsuit Over Wiped Electoral ServerGizmodoOn July 2, one day before the lawsuit was filed, Kemp wrote an editorial in USA Today calling the allegations the server had security holes “misinformation from the media or disgruntled partisans” and “fake news.” Per Slate, Kemp later blamed the ...and more » … [Read more...]

Senators threaten new rules if social media firms can’t stop Russian manipulation themselves – USA TODAY

USA TODAYSenators threaten new rules if social media firms can't stop Russian manipulation themselvesUSA TODAY"I must say, I don't think you get it," Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., told the attorneys at a hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee focused on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. "What we're talking about is a ...US lawmakers … [Read more...]

Despite Congressional testimony, Facebook still isn’t fully cooperating – USA TODAY

ReutersDespite Congressional testimony, Facebook still isn't fully cooperatingUSA TODAYThis week a Facebook executive testified before Congressional committees investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. The evidence is now overwhelming that Facebook, along with Google, Twitter, and other social media platforms, was central ...US senators hammer Facebook for power over … [Read more...]

Allegations of Russian meddling in US, Europe elections ‘fantasies’: Ifax cites foreign minister – Reuters

ReutersAllegations of Russian meddling in US, Europe elections 'fantasies': Ifax cites foreign ministerReuters“Without a single piece of proof, we are as you know being accused of meddling not only in the U.S. election, but also in those in European states,” the agency quoted Lavrov as telling a briefing at the Association of European Businesses in Russia ...Russia's Lavrov says … [Read more...]

Twitter bans Russia-backed outlets RT and Sputnik from advertising over election meddling – USA TODAY

USA TODAYTwitter bans Russia-backed outlets RT and Sputnik from advertising over election meddlingUSA TODAYSAN FRANCISCO — After facing criticism for not taking Russian meddling in the U.S. election seriously enough, Twitter took one of the most aggressive moves yet, banning the Kremlin-backed Russia Today and Sputnik news outlets from advertising on the ...New Transparency For Ads on Twitter … [Read more...]

Indonesian fireworks factory explosion kills dozens

An explosion and inferno at a fireworks factory near the Indonesian capital on Thursday killed dozens people, most of them female workers, and injured dozens, police said. … [Read more...]

Ashley Judd Breaks Down In Tears During First TV Interview Since Weinstein Allegations

Ashley Judd spoke out Thursday in her first TV appearance since publicly accusing film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment earlier this month. … [Read more...]

Iraq rejects Kurds' offer to suspend independence drive as it launches new push for territory

An offer by Kurdistan’s leaders to “freeze” their plans for independence have been rejected outright by Iraq’s prime minister, who ordered his forces to push yet further into territory held by the Kurds.  Iraq's central government "will accept only the cancelling of the referendum," Haider al-Abadi said in a statement on Thursday, warning he would protect the unity of Iraq with … [Read more...]

Kellogg’s Is Redesigning Corn Pops Boxes So They're Not Racist

Kellogg Co. is reworking the artwork on Corn Pops cereal boxes following an allegation of racism. … [Read more...]

Iraqi leader visits Iran as Tehran seeks to drive wedge with Washington

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told Iraq's U.S.-backed prime minister on Thursday that he should not rely on the United States in the fight against Islamic State, seeking to drive a wedge between Washington and one of its close allies. "Unity was the most important factor in your gains against terrorists and their supporters," Khamenei told the visiting Prime Minister Haidar … [Read more...]

Worried Trump Will Strike North Korea, Democrats Pitch Bill To Slow Him Down

President Donald Trump’s increasingly tense relationship with Pyongyang has rattled members of Congress to such a degree that three Democratic senators announced a bill on Wednesday that would prohibit Trump from striking North Korea ― with nuclear or conventional weapons ― without obtaining congressional approval first. … [Read more...]

Cholesterol Levels Are Dropping In the U.S. Here's What That Means

There’s good news when it comes to the nation’s cholesterol levels, according to the most recent survey on lipids from the U.S. government … [Read more...]

Scandal-hit Japan automakers eye return to 'golden age'

Repeated quality scandals, stiff foreign competition and lagging technology have knocked Japan's auto giants off pole position but analysts say the once world-beating sector could yet steer itself to a comeback. Toyota, Nissan and small-car maker Suzuki were all showing off their next-generation wares at the Tokyo Motor Show this week, but the exhibition comes at a bad time for the industry. … [Read more...]

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Was Evacuated From a South Sudan Displacement Camp

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, was evacuated from a U.N. camp for displaced people in South Sudan on Wednesday because of a demonstration against President Salva Kiir, witnesses said. … [Read more...]