Candy Crowley on CNN’s Hillary Clinton doc: ‘politically, it makes it very difficult for me’

By Saram Morrison LOS ANGELES ( - Candy Crowley's not ready to pull a Chuck Todd on her network - yet. While Todd blasted NBC for its plans to air a mini-series about Hillary Clinton close to her possible 2016 presidential run, calling it a "total nightmare" on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Crowley couched her words. She told Politico that while a branch of CNN producing a … [Read more...]

Nate Silver dumps on the New York Times’ business model

"Maybe your sales staff isn't that good."Nate Silver, the statistics whiz and former New York Times star blogger who correctly called every state in the 2012 election, hit back at his old employer this week, saying he jumped ship for ESPN in part because the Times is somewhat incompetent when it comes to making money.Silver left the Times last month to bring his hugely popular FiveThirtyEight … [Read more...]

Florida is already making it harder to vote, thanks to the Supreme Court

Florida and other states are moving ahead with voting laws that critics say target minoritiesIn June, the Supreme Court struck down a central piece of the Voting Rights Act, a move that Democrats warned would lead to a resurgence of restrictive, state-level voting laws.And indeed, since that ruling, a handful of Republican-led states have already renewed such efforts. ... … [Read more...]