Donald Trump targets globalization and free trade as job-killers – USA TODAY

USA TODAYDonald Trump targets globalization and free trade as job-killersUSA TODAYMONESSEN, Pa. — While attacking Hillary Clinton and other career politicians, Donald Trump took aim Tuesday at two other prominent election targets: globalization and free trade. "Globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicians ...Can Donald Trump win Ohio with slightly tweaked … [Read more...]

Analysis: Thousands of Republican donors avoid Donald Trump – USA TODAY

USA TODAYAnalysis: Thousands of Republican donors avoid Donald TrumpUSA TODAYWASHINGTON — Thousands of wealthy donors who helped fuel Republicans' presidential ambitions in the last two election cycles have not donated to Donald Trump's campaign or to other committees supporting his bid, underscoring the challenge the ... had ...Trump Hit With FEC Complaint For Illegal Fundraising From … [Read more...]

Trump seeks to make Orlando an election issue – USA TODAY

USA TODAYTrump seeks to make Orlando an election issueUSA TODAYSeeking to make the Orlando shooting a major election issue, Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton and President Obama on Monday for an "incompetent" and "politically correct" approach to terrorism, while Clinton and other Democrats said the ...and more » … [Read more...]

Voters head to polls in Louisiana Senate race – Reuters

ReutersVoters head to polls in Louisiana Senate raceReutersNEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Louisiana voters voted on Saturday in a runoff election that opinion polls indicate will expand Republicans' majority in the U.S. Senate at the expense of one of the chamber's last remaining southern Democrats. Republican U.S. ...Mary Landrieu defeat widens party, racial divide in the South … [Read more...]

Louisiana Senate candidates appeal to core voters ahead of runoff – USA TODAY

USA TODAYLouisiana Senate candidates appeal to core voters ahead of runoffUSA TODAYBATON ROUGE, La. — Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu and Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy spent Friday working to secure support from their core constituencies as they prepared to face off one last time in Saturday's hotly contested Senate runoff election.and more » … [Read more...]

Democrats name task force to conduct post-election review – USA TODAY

USA TODAYDemocrats name task force to conduct post-election reviewUSA TODAYAfter getting clobbered in the 2010 and 2014 elections, Democrats want to figure out what went wrong and how they can match the success they've had in presidential years. Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz ...and more » … [Read more...]

Moldova’s Parliamentary Elections – US Department of State (press release)

Moldova's Parliamentary ElectionsUS Department of State (press release)The United States congratulates the people of Moldova on the November 30 parliamentary elections, another milestone in their nation's democratic development. The OSCE's Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) found that the ...and more » … [Read more...]

Campaign setbacks have Landrieu scrambling for support – USA TODAY

USA TODAYCampaign setbacks have Landrieu scrambling for supportUSA TODAYMary Landrieu has turned to churches, community leaders and her Democratic colleagues in the Senate in a last-ditch rush to rally her base and raise money as she fights for her political life ahead of a Dec. 6 runoff election in Louisiana. The scramble ...and more » … [Read more...]

Portman on 2016: ‘Let’s not talk about the next election’ – USA TODAY

USA TODAYPortman on 2016: 'Let's not talk about the next election'USA TODAYWASHINGTON — With the 2014 election over, the media have rushed to report the breaking news that Sen. Rob Portman is thinking about maybe, possibly running for president … in two years. Take, for example, a few headlines that appeared days after the ...and more » … [Read more...]

‘Dark money’ goes way beyond elections: Column – USA TODAY

USA TODAY'Dark money' goes way beyond elections: ColumnUSA TODAYWhat do the words "dark money" mean to you? Unless you slept through the entire 2014 midterm election, you've heard the phrase again and again, almost always referring to undisclosed donors swaying political elections. But the insidious reach of dark ... … [Read more...]

Obama meets Suu Kyi, prods Burma on elections – USA TODAY

USA TODAYObama meets Suu Kyi, prods Burma on electionsUSA TODAYRANGOON, Burma — President Obama and Burma's democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi called Friday for further moves toward democracy ahead of the country's presidential elections next year. The two leaders criticized the army-dictated constitution that ...and more » … [Read more...]

GOP votes McConnell to lead Senate; Dems elevate Warren – USA TODAY

USA TODAYGOP votes McConnell to lead Senate; Dems elevate WarrenUSA TODAYAcross the Capitol on Thursday, House Republicans re-elected House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who will need to be approved by the full U.S. House on the first day of the new Congress, as required by the Constitution. Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, ...and more » … [Read more...]

Voices: Hispanics quiet in ’14 elections, not in ’16 – USA TODAY

USA TODAYVoices: Hispanics quiet in '14 elections, not in '16USA TODAY... percentage of the voting population in only one close race: Colorado. Even there, the pro-immigration incumbent, Sen. Mark Udall, lost to Republican Cory Gardner, a U.S. representative who has spoken out against "amnesty" for undocumented immigrants.HUFFPOLLSTER: What Last Week's Election Tells Us About … [Read more...]

Pivotal campaign finance case on U.S. high court docket

By Lawrence Hurley and Gabriel Debenedetti WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court will this week step into the politically charged debate over campaign finance for the first time since its controversial ruling three years ago paved the way for corporations and unions to spend more on political candidates and causes. The case has the potential to weaken a key element of the federal campaign … [Read more...]

First a shutdown, then a debt limit fight. Could that ruin the economy?

Picture the following chain of events that could play out as part of the fiscal showdown now engulfing Congress. … [Read more...]

Parties race to use shutdown for 2014 leverage

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans and Democrats have wasted little time trying to use the first federal government shutdown in a generation for political advantage ahead of next year's midterm elections, seizing on the plight of furloughed workers and shuttered government services to cast blame on each other. … [Read more...]

Analysis: Shutdown strategy has wide U.S. Republican support

By Caren Bohan and Fred Barbash WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Eager to exploit divisions among Republicans, Democrats have hammered the message that the U.S. government shutdown is the work of a small segment of House of Representatives Republicans on the far right. In fact, support for the tactic that led to the shutdown - now in its fourth day - has proven to be far more solid and widespread among … [Read more...]

Can immigration reform survive the shutdown?

Advocates of immigration reform just can’t catch a break. First it was Syria. Now the entire federal government is shut down. And an all but inevitable fight over the debt ceiling in two weeks is likely to push reforms even further out of the spotlight. … [Read more...]