“Remember Senator, today you’re pro-choice”

A new episode of our UnPresidented podcast is out. On today’s show, Hurricane Harvey ravages Texas, so Donald Trump’s first impulse was to pardon a racist “for the ratings.” Then Trump flies to Texas, interfering with disaster relief, but getting a great photo opp of Melania mingling with the little people in stiletto heels (seriously). Cliff and I also discuss the Texas … [Read more...]

Trump to obstruct disaster relief in Texas tomorrow

Donald Trump, himself an ever-growing disaster, is preparing to parachute into Texas tomorrow to interfere with relief efforts during the ongoing natural disaster unfolding in that state (it’s not over yet, the storm is now heading back to the gulf, and may regroup into a hurricane then head north!). The scenes on TV are horrific — from Texas neighborhoods completely underwater, to … [Read more...]

Welcome to our new Resistance podcast

I have joined with my longtime friend and progressive colleague Cliff Schecter in launching a new podcast dedicated to empowering the Resistance, called “UnPresidented.” We do a minimum of two episodes per week. Half are open to everyone, and half are subscriber-only. We’re asking for a minimum subscription of $5/month, which is standard for most podcasts. You can check out the … [Read more...]

As nation braces for devastating hurricane, Trump helps racists by pardoning Arpaio

Donald Trump just had his Hurricane Katrina moment. Trump, who just last week embraced actual Nazis, used his first presidential pardon moments ago on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was convicted of refusing to comply with a court order to stop violating the Civil Rights Act by racially profiling Latinos. Arpaio was also a lead birther, promoting the racist myth that President Obama was born in Africa. … [Read more...]

It’s official: Every Obamacare marketplace in the country has at least one insurer

The Ohio Department of Insurance announced Thursday that CareSource will sell Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans in Paulding County, officially marking the end of the health law’s empty counties problem. Every person looking to buy coverage on the ACA marketplace in Ohio and nationwide will have at least one health insurance option. The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) has been tracking the state … [Read more...]

Florida set to execute a man using an untested drug cocktail

Florida is scheduled to end its 19-month execution hiatus on Thursday when it will kill a man using an untested drug that experts say is likely to cause pain. Mark James Asay, 53, will be the first person killed in Florida, a state with one of the highest uses of capital punishment, since the U.S. Supreme Court put the state’s death penalty on hold in January 2016. The anesthesia the … [Read more...]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is shocked to learn he isn’t above the law

A day after President Trump suggested during a rally in Arizona that he will pardon him, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio joined Trump’s favorite evening television show for an interview. During it, Arpaio unwittingly described how the rule is supposed to work while complaining about how he thinks he’s being treated unfairly for violating it. Arpaio, a staunch Trump supporter who was recently … [Read more...]

Trump’s tweets ignore a very real threat facing Texas

The first major natural disaster of the Trump presidency could be making its way to Texas, with Tropical Storm Harvey threatening to bring winds up to 73 miles per hour and drop as much as 40 inches of rain in some parts of the Gulf. Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has already declared a state of disaster for 30 Texas counties and ordered extra emergency preparedness throughout the rest of the state. Looking … [Read more...]

Proud Boys founder disavows violence at Charlottesville but one of its members organized the event

The founder of the far-right “Proud Boys” has gone on the record disavowing the so-called “alt-right” – but the condemnation doesn’t mean much, since one of its own members was a main organizer for the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. Gavin McInnes, who founded the “pro-Western fraternal organization,” said that the “Alt-Right wants to start infiltrating our … [Read more...]

Trump retweets bigoted conspiracy theorist

Donald Trump retweeted a meme from an account Thursday morning that has pushed conspiracy theories, advocated violence against protesters, and seems to believe white Americans are under attack for being white. The retweet came in the midst of a tweetstorm ridden with basic grammar mistakes in which Trump attacked both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Speaker Paul Ryan … [Read more...]

Conway wants you to forget Trump’s promise that American taxpayers wouldn’t pay for a border wall

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Thursday morning, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway affirmed that President Trump is prepared to shut down the federal government unless Congress funds a border wall. Asked by host Ainsley Earhardt if comments Trump made at his rally in Arizona on Tuesday night were meant to indicate he views funding the wall as a necessary condition of him signing any budget … [Read more...]

Obamacare state officials are being left in the dark this open enrollment period

It’s late August, and state officials who work in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace in Nevada and Oregon say they still have not been contacted by their federal partners about open enrollment, which is slated to begin November 1. This is the latest testimony in a string of recent reports that suggest the president meant what he said when ACA repeal efforts in Congress failed last … [Read more...]

Draft policy on military trans ban looks as bad as Trump’s tweets

The White House is finalizing a two-and-a-half page memo this week that will outline implementation of a ban on transgender military service, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal Wednesday evening. Here are the aspects of the proposed plan: Transgender people will continue to be denied admittance to the military. The military will stop spending on medical treatment regiments for … [Read more...]

ICE detains immigrant mom protected from deportation

Federal immigration officials have detained an undocumented immigrant protected from deportation in the country under an Obama-era program, the Cincinnati Enquirer first reported Wednesday, after she went inside a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field office in Louisville, Kentucky to post bail for another immigrant. Riccy Enriquez Perdomo, a 22-year-old beneficiary of the Deferred … [Read more...]

Saudi Bombing Kills Dozens, and US Complicit, as ‘Man-Made Crisis’ in Yemen Worsens

Andrea Germanos, staff writerAn airstrike by the U.S.-backed Saudi-led coalition on a hotel near the Yemeni capital Sanaa killed dozens of people on Wednesday, multiple news agencies have reported, as a "man made" humanitarian crisis extends its grip on the impoverished nation. … [Read more...]

IMPEACH: Nothing Subtle About Latest Trump Administration Resignation Letter

Jake Johnson, staff writerState Department science envoy Daniel Kammen resigned Wednesday, citing President Donald Trump's "failure to condemn white supremacists and neo-Nazis." … [Read more...]

‘Corporate Mercenaries’: Trump-Allied Firm Slammed for $1 Billion Suit Against Water Protectors

Jessica Corbett, staff writerIn what environmental justice groups are characterizing as legal harassment by "corporate mercenaries," the company that owns the contested Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has filed a lawsuit against those who protested the pipeline. … [Read more...]

Loser! In 2020 Trump vs. Sanders Match-Up, Bernie Beats Donald Bigly

Andrea Germanos, staff writerDonald Trump is already laying the groundwork for a second bid for the White House, but a new survey shows the deeply unpopular president losing big time in hypothetical match-ups against a number of other potential 2020 presidential hopefuls. … [Read more...]