Has Your Local Lawmaker Pledged to Support Medicare for All? Have You?

Jake Johnson, staff writerAs support for single payer continues to surge following the GOP's failed attempt to strip healthcare from millions, Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress, and other groups launched a week of action on Monday imploring the public and lawmakers to pledge their support for Medicare for All. … [Read more...]

Largest NFL Racial Justice Protest Yet as Cleveland Players Kneel During National Anthem

Jessica Corbett, staff writerAbout a dozen players from the Cleveland Browns team are receiving applause for taking a knee on Monday night, to pray about racial and social injustice, during the national anthem before their pre-season game against the New York Giants Monday night. … [Read more...]

Massive Protests Planned in Phoenix to Condemn Trump Agenda and Racist Rhetoric

Julia Conley, staff writerAt least ten anti-Trump resistance groups are expected to greet President Donald Trump Tuesday when he arrives in Phoenix, Arizona for a rally with his supporters there. A variety of groups concerned with Trump's response to this month's white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, his immigration policies, and the broader White House agenda will hold marches and … [Read more...]

Treasury Secretary’s Wife Provokes Outrage With Classist Tirade on Instagram

Jessica Corbett, staff writerActress Louise Linton, the wife of President Donald Trump's Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, came under fire Tuesday for bragging about her designer clothing, then posting classist remarks in response to criticism she received on the photo-sharing social network Instagram. … [Read more...]

Bowing to Endless War Advocates, Trump Vows More Bloodshed in Afghanistan

Jake Johnson, staff writerWhile President Donald Trump's primetime speech Monday night offered few concrete details on his long-awaited "strategy" for America's 16-year war in Afghanistan, analysts were quick to point out that the address made several things "absolutely clear": the war—already the longest in American history—will continue indefinitely, many more civilians will die, and what little … [Read more...]

Moms’ Group Sounds Alarm Over Worst GOP Bill “You’ve Never Heard Of”

Julia Conley, staff writerThe environmental group Clean Air Moms Action released a new ad campaign Monday urging voters to fight back against two pending  Republican anti-regulation laws. … [Read more...]

Calling Trump an “Embarrassment,” Sanders Says Organized Labor Key to Nation’s Future

Common Dreams staff"We're not going to rebuild the shrinking middle class unless we rebuild the trade union movement," declares Sen. Bernie Sanders at Indiana rall … [Read more...]

Giving Middle Finger to Appalachian Communities, Trump Kills Study of Mountaintop Removal Health Impacts

Andrea Germanos, staff writerOutrage has followed the Trump administration's decision late last week to put the brakes on a study into the health impacts of mountaintop removal coal mining in Central Appalachia. … [Read more...]

With Trump, Warns Scahill, “Unelected National Security Apparatus” Now Unleashed

Jessica Corbett, staff writer … [Read more...]

Total Solar Eclipse Awes Onlookers Across United States

Common Dreams staffPeople across the United States are looking toward the sky on Monday afternoon as a rare total solar eclipses occurs from coast to coast. Those gathered in Oregon were the first to get a view of the full eclipse: … [Read more...]

Trump nominee says being gay is a “choice,” and gay marriage will lead to pedophilia

Donald Trump’s nominee to be the chief scientist at the Department of Agriculture thinks being gay is a choice, and that legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to legalize pedophilia. His name is Sam Clovis, and these revelations come from CNN’s KFile, who uncovered that Clovis made these comments between 2012 and 2014, so they’re hardly ancient history. Adding to the fun, Clovis … [Read more...]

Will Trump Pardon Notorious Sheriff Arpaio? Trump Rally Raises Tensions in Phoenix

Andrea Germanos, staff writerThe people of Phoenix, Arizona are mobilizing ahead of President Donald Trump's visit to the city on Tuesday—a week after he defended white supremacists—amid speculation over whether he will announce at the rally a presidential pardon for Joe Arpaio, the notorious former sheriff of Maricopa County. … [Read more...]

Replicating Obama Failure, Trump Expected to Bolster Endless Afghan War With Troop Surge

Julia Conley, staff writerAfter months of delay and an apparently "tortured search" to come up with a "winning" strategy for Afghanistan, what President Donald Trump will announce Monday evening looks like it will be nothing more than an extension of the failed strategy that has kept U.S. forces in the country for 16 years with no end in sight. … [Read more...]

Demanding Ban on Killer Robots, Tech Experts Warn of Opening “This Pandora’s Box”

Jessica Corbett, staff writerMore than 100 robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) experts published on Monday an open letter urging the United Nations to ban the development and use of killer robots. "Lethal autonomous weapons threaten to become the third revolution in warfare"—letter from tech experts … [Read more...]

Progressive Armies Mobilize Against GOP Tax Cuts for Corporations and Wealthy

Jon Queally, staff writerThe August recess isn't over yet, but progressive organizations are using the time to mobilize against looming Republican plans—spearheaded by the Trump administration in the White House and by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) in Congress—to give corporations and the nation's wealthiest individuals massive tax cuts while putting services and social programs on the … [Read more...]

Trump’s non-stop vacations have bankrupted the Secret Service

Donald Trump’s non-stop vacations to his various golf courses have bankrupted the Secret Service, USA Today reports. The problem is the size of Trump’s extended family, plus the necessity of keeping agents full-time at Trump’s various golf courses up and down the east coast. As a result, the Secret Service has already spent its entire budget allotted for the year, and it’s … [Read more...]

Comedian and Civil Rights Icon Dick Gregory Dies at 84

Jake Johnson, staff writerThe legendary comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory died Saturday at the age of 84. Gregory's son Christian announced the news on social media Saturday night. … [Read more...]

‘He’s Not Slowing Down’: Sanders to Rip Trump, Push for Single Payer on Midwest Tour

Jake Johnson, staff writer"What we want to do is hold some of the politicians accountable for some of the campaign promises made and bring attention to the fact that something needs to change." … [Read more...]