Almost 200 arrested at Capitol Hill as advocates urge Congress to protect immigrants

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nearly 200 immigrant advocates were arrested in a civil disobedience protest Wednesday after demonstrators descended on the nation’s capitol to urge Congress to pass legislation providing permanent protections for immigrants at imminent risk of deportation. Sparked by federal inaction on a legislative solution to legalize some undocumented immigrants, the … [Read more...]

Trump administration exceeding the energy industry’s wildest dreams

Throughout Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and after his election victory, lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry felt confident the new president would be on their side. Given his penchant for unpredictability, though, industry officials still needed to see the new president in action before they gave him their official seal of approval. So far, Trump is passing with flying colors. The … [Read more...]

Moore spokesperson leaves CNN anchor stunned after alleging massive bipartisan conspiracy

During an interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN on Thursday evening, a spokeswoman for Roy Moore confirms that she believes the nine sexual misconduct allegations against Moore are the result of a massive conspiracy involving a comically diverse array of people and institutions. During the interview, Cooper pointed out to spokeswoman Janet Porter that Moore’s campaign has “blamed an … [Read more...]

Trump’s speech suddenly slurs during major Jerusalem statement

During his statement today about his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Donald Trump’s speech suddenly slurred in the last minute of his address. I’ve compiled a video comparing the first 30 seconds of Trump’s Jerusalem statement with the final 30 seconds or so. You’ll note that in the first few minutes, Trump is articulate and pronounces the letter … [Read more...]

The Alt Right is trying to destroy Sam Seder

UPDATE: We won! MSNBC has rehired Sam Seder! _________________________ ​Progressive icon and Majority Report host Sam Seder is under attack from the so-called “Alt Right.” Sam needs our help now. Sign the petition at the bottom of this page, or via this link. Far-right Republican “men’s rights activist” Mike Cernovich, with the help of Seb Gorka and Donald Trump Jr., … [Read more...]

We need 53 more ThinkProgress members

A few weeks ago, ThinkProgress launched a membership drive and our goal was to sign up 1,000 founding members. We are currently at 947. Can you help us get over the top? It’s just $5. One of the big reasons we’re doing this is because advertising, which we’ve used to support a portion of our work for years, is no longer a reliable source of revenue. This is especially true for a … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: I am a Cherokee woman. Elizabeth Warren is not.

For 72 hours this week, news headlines focused on President Donald Trump’s offensive usage of the name “Pocahontas” when he referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) at an event to honor Navajo Code Talkers on Monday. As a young Cherokee woman, one would assume that I would take Warren’s side in standing up against Trump’s racist remark. Following the incident, Warren lambasted the president, … [Read more...]

Faith leaders arrested as major religious groups rally against the GOP tax reform bill

Faith groups are rallying against the new GOP-led tax reform proposal currently making its way through the U.S. Senate, with some enduring arrest as they urge lawmakers to abandon a bill they say will primarily benefit the wealthy at the expense of vulnerable and low-income families. On Wednesday, a group of more than 2,400 faith leaders hailing from Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist, and … [Read more...]

Trump rejects child tax credit fix over 2 percent adjustment in corporate tax cuts

Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced an amendment to the Senate tax bill on Wednesday that would help provide a bit more relief for middle class families in a tax bill that currently doesn’t do much to help them. President Trump, however, reportedly opposes it. Under the current proposed Senate tax bill, the child tax credit is expanded to $2,000, but isn’t … [Read more...]

In 2008 audio, Roy Moore compares marriage equality to Nazism and pines for sodomy laws

Embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has a long history of condemning homosexuality, but new audio discovered by ThinkProgress reveals Moore opining at length that the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning laws criminalizing homosexuality was “terrible” and “devastating.” He also compared judges ruling in favor of same-sex marriage to Nazis. Moore delivered the … [Read more...]

Fox News refuses to run ad explaining how Trump personally benefits from his tax plan

Fox News is refusing to run an ad from a progressive group that highlights how President Trump will benefit from his tax cut plan. The ad — part of a six-figure buy by Not One Penny, a group devoted to working toward ensuring that millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations don’t receive “even one penny in tax cuts”  — notes that while Trump claims to … [Read more...]

This is what happens when James O’Keefe succeeds

WASHINGTON, D.C. — James O’Keefe failed to salvage the reputation of Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore earlier this week, putting the right-wing hack back in the spotlight. That light mostly casts O’Keefe as a fool, an incompetent jester at the margin of King Donald’s court. His hamfisted attempt to “sting” the Washington Post by feeding them salacious, fake accusations against … [Read more...]

Trump’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment

After major losses in Syria and Iraq, the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) is seen as a diminishing threat — and President Donald Trump has declared the armed group defeated. But while it’s true that the group has lost a lot of territory in the Levant and has seen its “caliphate” crumble as they get pushed out of cities in and villages after often months-long bloody … [Read more...]

Textbook co-authored by Roy Moore in 2011 says women shouldn’t run for office

Alabama Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore co-authored a study course, published in 2011 and recently obtained by ThinkProgress, that instructs students that women should not be permitted to run for elected office. If women do run for office, the course argues, people have a moral obligation not to vote for them. The course is also critical of the women’s suffrage movement, which in 1920 … [Read more...]

Senators question whether family of Trump’s NOAA nominee would profit off his new position

If confirmed, President Donald Trump’s nominee to head the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Barry Lee Myers, pledged to separate himself from AccuWeather, a company where Myers has worked as chief executive since 2007. At his Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday, Myers said he will sell his ownership interests in AccuWeather and any related companies. He even pledged … [Read more...]

Trump’s latest tweet might get him banned from UK as an extremist

Donald Trump may have just gotten himself banned from entering the United Kingdom under the country’s strict anti-extremism policies. Add your name to the petition calling on the British government to endorse British law, and ban Trump from entering the UK. Trump today retweeted a series of hateful anti-Muslim videos — at least one of which is a known fake, according to the Dutch … [Read more...]

Gorka get your gun

Trump embarrasses the nation once again by using a racist slur about Native Americans in front of a group of Native American heroes at the White House; there’s growing evidence that former Trump aide, and far-right troll, Seb Gorka thinks he’s James Bond; and Trump, Roy Moore and their buddies at Project Veritas make a failed effort at tearing down the media. That and more of the … [Read more...]

“Treason’s Greetings” – Resistance Xmas gifts

We’ve got some last-minute stocking stuffer t-shirts that will only be available over the next week until Sunday, December 3 (so folks can get them in time for Christmas), and which help fund our Resistance work. Here are the two new designs: NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED TREASON’S GREETINGS The first is our very-popular “Nevertheless, she persisted” design — … [Read more...]