Draft policy on military trans ban looks as bad as Trump’s tweets

The White House is finalizing a two-and-a-half page memo this week that will outline implementation of a ban on transgender military service, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal Wednesday evening. Here are the aspects of the proposed plan: Transgender people will continue to be denied admittance to the military. The military will stop spending on medical treatment regiments for … [Read more...]

ICE detains immigrant mom protected from deportation

Federal immigration officials have detained an undocumented immigrant protected from deportation in the country under an Obama-era program, the Cincinnati Enquirer first reported Wednesday, after she went inside a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field office in Louisville, Kentucky to post bail for another immigrant. Riccy Enriquez Perdomo, a 22-year-old beneficiary of the Deferred … [Read more...]

Saudi Bombing Kills Dozens, and US Complicit, as ‘Man-Made Crisis’ in Yemen Worsens

Andrea Germanos, staff writerAn airstrike by the U.S.-backed Saudi-led coalition on a hotel near the Yemeni capital Sanaa killed dozens of people on Wednesday, multiple news agencies have reported, as a "man made" humanitarian crisis extends its grip on the impoverished nation. … [Read more...]

IMPEACH: Nothing Subtle About Latest Trump Administration Resignation Letter

Jake Johnson, staff writerState Department science envoy Daniel Kammen resigned Wednesday, citing President Donald Trump's "failure to condemn white supremacists and neo-Nazis." … [Read more...]

‘Corporate Mercenaries’: Trump-Allied Firm Slammed for $1 Billion Suit Against Water Protectors

Jessica Corbett, staff writerIn what environmental justice groups are characterizing as legal harassment by "corporate mercenaries," the company that owns the contested Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has filed a lawsuit against those who protested the pipeline. … [Read more...]

Loser! In 2020 Trump vs. Sanders Match-Up, Bernie Beats Donald Bigly

Andrea Germanos, staff writerDonald Trump is already laying the groundwork for a second bid for the White House, but a new survey shows the deeply unpopular president losing big time in hypothetical match-ups against a number of other potential 2020 presidential hopefuls. … [Read more...]

‘Shades of 1933 Germany’: Trump’s Hostile Rally Prompts Third Reich Comparisons

Julia Conley, staff writerIn the wake of President Donald Trump's "unhinged" address at a campaign-style rally in Phoenix, Arizona, former British ambassador Peter Westmacott joined many Americans in expressing shock at the president's rhetoric on Wednesday—comparing the rally to one that might have been seen during the rise of the Nazi state in 1930s Germany. … [Read more...]

Educators Celebrate as Arizona’s Racist Ethnic Studies Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

Andrea Germanos, staff writerIn a development one observer calls a "win for what is right," a federal court ruled Tuesday that Arizona's ban on ethnic studies classes was enacted with discriminatory intent and is unconstitutional—violating students' First and Fourteenth Amendment rights. "Both enactment and enforcement were motivated by racial animus," wrote federal appeals court Judge A. Wallace … [Read more...]

Harvard Study Confirms: #ExxonKnew and Misled Public About Climate Threat for Decades

Jessica Corbett, staff writerA peer-reviewed study published on Wednesday confirmed "a discrepancy between what ExxonMobil's scientists and executives discussed about climate change privately and in academic circles, and what it presented to the general public." … [Read more...]

Police Tear-Gas Demonstrators at Huge Anti-Trump Protest in Phoenix

Julia Conley, staff writerTensions soared and police ultimately dispersed crowds with tear gas at the huge anti-Trump protest outside the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday night, where Trump was inside raging about the news media's coverage of his administration and dog-whistling his defense of white supremacy at a campaign-style rally. … [Read more...]

As Trump Raged in Phoenix, Sanders and Conyers Offered Vision for a Better Nation

Jake Johnson, staff writer"On major issue after major issue, the American people are united in wanting a government that represents all of us and not the one percent." … [Read more...]

‘An Official Endorsement of Racism’: Trump Hints at Pardon for Sheriff Joe

Jessica Corbett, staff writerHuman rights groups and advocates were outraged when President Donald Trump, from his controversial rally in Arizona Tuesday night, strongly implied he would pardon Joe Arpaio, the notorious former sheriff of Maricopa County who has been convicted of violating a federal court order to stop discriminating against Latinos in his county … [Read more...]

Trump Goes ‘Full Delusion Mode’ With Unhinged Performance at Arizona Rally

Jake Johnson, staff writerRolling Stone's Matt Taibbi has witnessed many of Donald Trump's rallies and speeches, but the president's performance Tuesday night in Phoenix, Arizona—delivered as hundreds of protestors crowded the streets demanding "Mr. Hate" to leave their state—was the "craziest" yet. … [Read more...]

This Pipeline Victory Could Have Major Implications for Climate Fights Ahead

Julia Conley, staff writerEnvironmental groups on Tuesday were applauding a decision that could have an impact on future rulings on oil and gas industry projects. An appeals court in Washington, D.C. sided with the Sierra Club when it rejected federal approval of the Southeast Market Pipelines Project, which would carry gas through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida—noting that an environmental … [Read more...]

UK’s Jeremy Corbyn Admits What Most in US Won’t: “War in Afghanistan Has Failed”

Jon Queally, staff writerThe sitting generals like it. The retired generals who dominate corporate news shows appear to like it. The Beltway Establishment is impressed. Democrats like Sen. … [Read more...]

As Trump Ramps Up War on Terror, US Bombings Kill 170+ Civilians This Week

Jessica Corbett, staff writerIf Syria and Iraq are the model of "success," Trump's war expansion should terrify Afghan civilians … [Read more...]

Only Solution, Says McKibben, 100% Renewables ‘As Fast as Humanly Possible’

Jake Johnson, staff writer"What Medicare for All is to the healthcare debate, or Fight for $15 is to the battle against inequality, 100 percent renewable is to the struggle for the planet's future." … [Read more...]

1,000 Lies in 200 Days: A Detailed Look at Trump’s Catalog of Falsehoods

Julia Conley, staff writerA new video produced by the Washington Post asserts that President Donald Trump has mislead or blatantly lied to the public more than 1,000 times since taking office in January. The newspaper counted a total of 1,057 lies, with the president averaging nearly five falsehoods per day since his inauguration. … [Read more...]