Here’s why Americans should care about the Egyptian elections

Egyptian expats will be able to vote this weekend, but the choices on the ballots are essentially between current president, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, or his supporter, Mousa Mostafa Mousa, who submitted his candidacy papers 15 minutes prior to the deadline and hasn’t bothered to campaign in a major poll in the region’s most populous country. In fact, Mousa’s El Ghad party … [Read more...]

Trump’s nominee for CIA director could help bury key torture documents

President Donald Trump’s nomination of Gina Haspel to lead the Central Intelligence Agency and Mike Pompeo to lead the State Department on Tuesday has raised new concerns about the fate of key documents about the country’s torture program. In 2002, Haspel ran the CIA’s first black site in Thailand, where she oversaw “aggressive” interrogation techniques like wall … [Read more...]

Dan Savage on sex & politics (podcast)

Advice columnist and LGBT advocate Dan Savage joins us for a wide-ranging conversation about politics, sex, and everything in between. This episode is definitely not-safe-for-work. We talk to Dan about conservative dating advice, Donald Trump, Dan’s fear of the Titanic, the gun debate, the Mueller Trump-Russia probe, chariot racing (don’t ask), Oscar pervertibles (don’t ask), … [Read more...]

Conor Lamb

In 6 days, on March 13, there will be a special US House of Representatives election in Pennsylvania, at which the next US congressman from Pennsylvania will be chosen. And Republicans are freaking. Axios reported on Monday that top Republicans in Washington have already given up on the seat, which Democrat Conor Lamb should NEVER be able to win — the district is THAT Republican. And CNN … [Read more...]

Sexism at the Oscars, and bigotry in the Women’s March

Women are a big topic of today’s podcast, with a discussion of sexism in Hollywood; and then a look at the controversy swirling around the Women’s March and its odd affinity for racist anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. In the second half of the show, Cliff and I have a good laugh over the news that former Trump campaign staffer Sam Nunberg says he’s going to refuse to respond to FBI … [Read more...]

#55Strong: Rejecting Flimsy Deal, Teachers Back on the Picket Line in West Virginia

Julia Conley, staff writerPublic schools in West Virginia did not open as expected on Thursday, after school employees refused to accept a deal that Republican Governor Jim Justice proposed in hopes of ending the state-wide teachers' strike that began a week ago. … [Read more...]

With All Eyes on Trump White House Dysfunction, the Real Meltdown Is in the Arctic

Jon Queally, staff writer'This is the biggest story of our lifetimes.' No, not the drama inside Trump's impossible-to-ignore White House. … [Read more...]

Kushner’s Company Got Hundreds of Millions in Loans After White House Meetings With Top Execs: Report

Jessica Corbett, staff writerJared Kushner's rough week got a little worse on Wednesday, when the New York Times reported that the family real estate company of President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser received millions of dollars in loans from two financial firms after Kushner met with their top executives at the White House. … [Read more...]

After Being Told He’s ‘Full of Sh*t’ at School Event, Mnuchin Demands UCLA Suppress Video

Jake Johnson, staff writerTrump Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin isn't accustomed to facing direct challenges to his wild economic claims or protests over the GOP tax plan he helped craft, and after experiencing both during an event at UCLA's Burkle Center on Monday, Mnuchin demanded that video of his appearance be suppressed. … [Read more...]

Boosting Hopes for Total Ban, EU Regulator’s New Assessment Confirms Neonics’ Harm to Bees

Andrea Germanos, staff writerSupporting calls and hopes for a strict EU-wide ban on the pesticides, a new report by the European Union's food safety watchdog confirms that neonicotinoids, also known as neonics, pose a threat to bees. … [Read more...]

Student After Teacher Fires Gun: ‘I Dare You to Tell Me Arming Teachers Will Make Us Safe’

Julia Conley, staff writerAs Florida lawmakers advanced legislation this week to allow the state's teachers to carry concealed weapons as a way of stopping shootings, a teacher in neighboring Georgia reportedly fired a gun at a high school, forcing authorities to evacuate the school. … [Read more...]

Sanders-Led Group Introduces Bill Calling for Removal of US Forces From Yemen

Jake Johnson, staff writerAs the Trump administration continues to expand the U.S. military's role in fueling Saudi Arabia's deadly assault on Yemen—which has killed at least 10,000 civilians and sparked "the world's biggest humanitarian crisis"—a coalition of senators led by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will introduce a bipartisan joint resolution on Friday in an effort to remove all American … [Read more...]

Oakland Mayor Applauded for Warning Community About ICE Raids

Jessica Corbett, staff writerIn spite of calls for her arrest by right-wing news outlets and Twitter users, Libby Schaaf, the Democratic mayor of Oakland, California, is standing by her decision last weekend to warn undocumented residents about raids federal immigration agents had planned for the Northern part of the state. … [Read more...]

The Vital Congressional Hearing on the Endless War That Probably Nobody Watched

Andrea Germanos, staff writerTaking "an important step towards a long overdue debate and vote," a bipartisan congressional hearing Tuesday afternoon put a spotlight on what is often dubbed a "blank check for war"—the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF). … [Read more...]

West Virginia Teachers Win Pay Raise After Four-Day Walkout, But Say Fight Far From Over

Julia Conley, staff writerMany of the thousands of West Virginia teachers who participated in a historic strike that kept every public school in the state closed for four days over the past week say that their fight for fair compensation is not over yet—despite a deal that was reached Tuesday evening. … [Read more...]

Despite Major Public Opposition, EU Reportedly Set to Approve Bayer-Monsanto #MergerFromHell

Jessica Corbett, staff writerDespite widespread opposition among the residents of Europe, the European Union is set to grant anti-trust approval of a $62.5 billion merger between German chemical giant Bayer and the U.S-based Monsanto, according to reports on Wednesday. … [Read more...]

Analysis: Major Corporations Have Spent Just 6% of Tax Cut Windfall on Workers. Guess Where the Other 94% Went.

Jake Johnson, staff writerAlmost everyone—nonpartisan commentators, economists, and even President Donald Trump's chief economic adviser—predicted that corporate shareholders and CEOs, not workers, would be the primary beneficiaries of the Republican tax law, and several recent analyses have shown that prediction to be right on the money. … [Read more...]

‘Not On Our Watch’: Women’s Rights Groups Reject Pence Prediction of Ending Abortion ‘In Our Time’

Julia Conley, staff writerReproductive rights groups and pro-choice lawmakers strongly rejected Vice President Mike Pence's prediction that legal abortion would end "in our time," and vowed that his declaration would ensure that the pro-choice movement works even harder to ensure that abortion care remains accessible and safe for women. … [Read more...]