Immigration debate renews debate over border fence

LOS EBANOS, Texas (AP) — If Congress agrees on a comprehensive immigration reform bill, it will probably include a requirement to erect fencing that would wrap more of the nation's nearly 2,000-mile Southwest border in tall steel columns. … [Read more...]

Virginia man pleads guilty in fake sex ad case

A former Library of Congress employee accused of using a work computer to post fake sex ads on Craigslist has pleaded guilty to stalking and identification fraud. U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy says 61-year-old ... … [Read more...]

Waiver Madness

This year, Congress has made more progress on elementary and secondary education legislation than it has since the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act. But lawmakers are still not likely to get the job done. The House has passed its own version of the NCLB rewrite, and the Senate has another version, approved in committee, waiting for a floor vote. That wait could last in perpetuity. Both bills are … [Read more...]

B-61 Updates Divide Congressional Spending Panels

U.S. Senate appropriators moved recently to cut nearly 90 percent of fiscal 2014 funds for developing a new B-61 nuclear gravity bomb "tail kit," adding to a list of funding disputes over controversial updates to the weapon, Inside Defense reported. … [Read more...]