Why You Should Drop Your Current Hero And Pick A New One

Think about a person you truly admire in business, sports, politics… whatever the pursuit. The person you choose as a hero (because it is a choice) says more about you than about the person you pick. We tend to admire certain people because we see something of ourselves in them. We like to think that what they do, and how they do it, reflects what we do… or would do, if given the … [Read more...]

What Your Workspace Says About Your Personality

Got a messy desk? Don't worry. It likely just means you're creative and full of new ideas. A clean desk, by contrast, suggests generosity and conventionality. Either way, there's room for both kinds of desks in most offices, new research shows. New research finds that workers with desks in varying states of organization and cleanliness may have various skills to offer employers and fellow workers … [Read more...]

IRS Manual Details The DEA’s Use Of Tips From Intelligence Agencies

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Details of a … [Read more...]

Why Having A Messy Desk Can Be A Good Thing

Is a cluttered or clean desk better for the workplace? A new … [Read more...]

How My OCD Almost Killed Me

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a misunderstood, debilitating, and sometimes dangerous condition shared by millions around the world. What is OCD? I’ve been living with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) my whole life. Sometimes strange or annoying, other times debilitating, OCD affects millions worldwide, yet remains misunderstood by society in general. It can be helpful in certain … [Read more...]

The NYC Mayoral Race Has Turned Into An Immature Name-Calling Contest

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