The NYPD has been tracking hate crimes for decades, but their count is utterly incomplete

REUTERS/Bria WebbAs of Dec. 18, 2016, there had been 373 hate crimes reported to the New York Police Department. Crimes against Muslims were up 50 percent from the same time last year, rising to 33 from 22. Crimes involving sexual orientation were also up 2014 to 101 from last year's 74. Whites have been victims, too, the source of 16 reported crimes. The numbers reflect a distinctive effort by a … [Read more...]

America’s largest police union wants Trump to give military gear to cops again

Win McNamee/Getty ImagesThe Fraternal Order of Police, the largest police union in the U.S., gave candidate Donald J. Trump one of his highest-profile endorsements in September. Now, the group wants to call in its chits with the president-elect, issuing a list of recommended actions for his first 100 days in office. The organization’s wish list ranges from curtailing police reform … [Read more...]

A big private prison operator may have illegally funded a Trump super PAC

APFew organizations stand to benefit from Donald Trump’s presidency as much as the GEO Group. It’s one of the largest private prison operators in the United States — and it’s accused of breaking the law to help put Trump in the White House. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) received new information on Tuesday from the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan campaign … [Read more...]

Uber caves after DMV gives its self-driving cars the death blow in California

AP Photo/Eric RisbergThe California DMV has revoked the registration of Uber's 16 autonomous vehicles Wednesday, forcing the company to shut down its self-driving pilot program in San Francisco. "It was determined that the registrations were improperly issued for these vehicles because they were not properly marked as test vehicles," the DMV wrote in a letter to Uber on Wednesday. The DMV's … [Read more...]

Delta denies discriminating against ‘known prankster’ Saleh — Saleh to consult with lawyer

Twitter/Adam SalehDelta airlines is denying a claim from a YouTube star alleging he was removed from a flight Wednesday for speaking Arabic.  Adam Saleh, who is notorious for his pranks on YouTube, and a friend were removed from a Delta flight following "disturbance in the cabin," the airline said in a statement. A tweet from Saleh alleging Delta employees … [Read more...]

Activist investors are pushing Shell to act on Climate Change before it’s too late

Thomson Reuters Oil major Royal Dutch Shell is facing rising pressure from shareholders to shield its business from climate change threats and to play a bigger role in lowering global carbon emissions. Activist shareholder group Follow This, representing some of Shell's retail shareholders, will put forward a resolution at next year's annual shareholder meeting requesting Shell to set targets for … [Read more...]

How the assassination of Russia’s Turkish ambassador could derail Turkey’s hopes for Syria

Burhan Ozbilici/AP The latest victim of Turkey’s climate of insecurity is Andrey Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey.  Karlov was assassinated Dec. 19 by a 22-year-old police officer. Disguised as a security guard in a black suit, the gunman stood behind Karlov as the ambassador was speaking in an art gallery just yards from the U.S. embassy.  “Don’t … [Read more...]

Google’s self-driving car fleet may soon include Honda cars

Business Insider/Biz CarsonGoogle's self-driving car unit, Waymo, may work with Honda on self-driving car tech. Waymo is in discussions with Honda about integrating its self-driving car tech into Honda cars, Honda wrote in a press release on Wednesday. As part of the collaboration, Honda may provide Waymo with vehicles for its test fleet. A Google spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider … [Read more...]

A ‘contagious’ quality distinguishes great leaders from the rest

VFS Digital Design/FlickrIn a recent article for The Washington Post, Ashley Merryman highlights the benefits of humility, and especially of humble leadership. One piece of research Merryman cites is especially intriguing. It suggests not only that a leader's humility facilitates better team performance, but also that this happens partly because the leader's humility trickles down to the rest of … [Read more...]

Berlin attack was a blow to the key part of German cultural life

AP Photo/Markus SchreiberI’ve been going to Christmas markets since I was a child in Hannover in the 1970s – I love the stalls, the smells, the twinkly lights and the kitschy music. I own many knitted hats, carved wooden animals and artisanal candles. And now I take my own children to a traditional German Christmas market in Leeds, England. In December 2014, I was invited to Berlin for … [Read more...]

Oil traders are the most bullish they’ve been in over 2 years

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton Investors have become the most bullish on oil prices since the collapse began more than two years ago, betting that the OPEC deal will tighten the oil market, resulting in higher prices in the weeks ahead. "There’s been a full embrace of the OPEC, non-OPEC deal," John Kilduff, a partner at Again Capital LLC, told Bloomberg in an interview. "They are being given the … [Read more...]

16 attractive personality traits that can help you land any job

Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/flickrHiring managers look for different things in job candidates. The traits they're seeking may be determined by the role they are trying to fill, the company they work for, the industry they're in — or just personal preference. But there is a certain set of characteristics that almost all hiring managers find appealing. "Managers can … [Read more...]

Suspect in ‘Vote Trump’ vandalism and burning of black Mississippi church reportedly a member of the congregation

Thomson ReutersMississippi authorities arrested a man Wednesday in the burning of an African-American church that was also spray-painted with the words, "Vote Trump." Andrew McClinton of Leland, Mississippi, was charged with first degree arson of a place of worship, said Warren Strain, spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. McClinton is African-American. McClinton was arrested … [Read more...]

Mark Zuckerberg has flip-flopped on his fake news stance since the election (FB)

FacebookLess than two months after the US presidential election, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's stance on his company's role as a news distributor has evolved quite a bit. On Wednesday, Zuckerberg hosted a Facebook Live video chat with the company's COO Sheryl Sandberg where the two recapped the year and talked about what they were looking forward to in 2017. Zuckerberg also briefly addressed the … [Read more...]

This smart mirror is like a giant iPhone

Designer Rafael Dymek created a mirror that has all the functionalities of a smartphone. He was inspired when he saw his girlfriend struggling to find her phone in the midst of getting ready in front of a mirror. Follow Tech Insider: On Facebook … [Read more...]

I read 15 books this year on happiness, productivity, and success — here are the most meaningful insights I’ve taken away

Peter Macdiarmid / Staff / Getty ImagesThe good thing about getting to read a lot of books for work is that I'm constantly challenged to rethink my conceptions of happiness, productivity, and success. The bad thing is that one time a stack of said books collapsed on my desk neighbor. Without a doubt, the books that moved me most this year focused on psychology and behavioral science — and as … [Read more...]

Tesla’s stock has been rallying, but there’s no clear reason why (TSLA)

Markets InsiderOver the course of 2016, Tesla shares had slid over 15%. They're still down, but since last week, the stock has staged a moderate rally. It was trading up over 6% to $208. Is there an obvious catalyst for this move? Not really. Tesla did recently institute a "idle" fee for its Supercharger network to discourage owners from spending too much time parked after charging. But … [Read more...]

STOCKS DIP: Here’s what you need to know

Wang He/Getty ImagesStocks opened little changed on Wednesday as everyone watched whether it would finally be the day the Dow hits the 20,000 mark. But then all three major indices dropped later in the morning and ultimately finished in the red. First up, the scoreboard: Dow: 19,941.96, -32.66, (-0.16%) S&P500: 2,265.18, -5.58, (-0.25%) Nasdaq: 5,471.43, -12.51, (-0.23%) US 1o-year … [Read more...]