The US is causing a major controversy in the World Trade Organization. Here’s what happening. – Washington Post

Washington PostThe US is causing a major controversy in the World Trade Organization. Here's what happening.Washington PostAlthough AB members issue rulings as a collective three-judge panel, the United States accused Chang of making “wrong” decisions, as well as decisions that went beyond what was needed to settle an individual dispute based on the parties' specific ...and … [Read more...]

Unemployment May Start to Rise – 24/7 Wall St.

24/7 Wall St.Unemployment May Start to Rise24/7 Wall St.After the May jobs report, Jonathan Wright of Johns Hopkins University wrote for the Brookings Institute that the United States may have lost jobs last month. His math is ... If Britain votes to leave the EU on June 23, it could deliver a shock to ... … [Read more...]

Why a Man Like Donald Trump Should Never Control the Nuclear Launch Codes – Huffington Post

Why a Man Like Donald Trump Should Never Control the Nuclear Launch CodesHuffington PostYou hear a lot of commentary about how American Presidents are consistently prone to stretch the bounds of their constitutional power. But we tend to forget that everyday the President of the United States controls the most awesome power ever invested ...and more » … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton: Electing a “Foreign Spy” for President? – Center for Research on Globalization

Hillary Clinton: Electing a “Foreign Spy” for President?Center for Research on GlobalizationDuring her 4 years as Secretary of State of the United States (2009-2014), Hillary Clinton controlled US foreign policy. She had access to the most confidential information and state documents, numbering in the tens of thousands, from all of the major ...and more » … [Read more...]

In a Reversal, Germany’s Military Is Met With Western Relief – New York Times

New York TimesIn a Reversal, Germany's Military Is Met With Western ReliefNew York TimesAs a July NATO summit meeting in Warsaw approaches, Germany, Europe's largest economy, is now key to how the alliance will face the twin perils that have transformed the strategic situation in Europe: a more menacing Russia and the Islamic State's ...and more » … [Read more...]

US presidential candidates shouldn’t put globalization in retreat – Washington Post

Washington PostUS presidential candidates shouldn't put globalization in retreatWashington PostIf there was an organizing principle to U.S. foreign policy after the Cold War, it was globalization. The general idea was that, ... When Immelt joined GE in 1982, 80 percent of the company's sales occurred in the United States. Now, 70 percent ...Trump, Brexit and demand for change: the year of … [Read more...]

Trump is a much worse threat than Brexit – Washington Post

Washington PostTrump is a much worse threat than BrexitWashington PostYet, as great as the risks of Brexit are to the British economy, I believe the risks to the U.S. and global economies of Trump's election as president of the United States are far greater. Indeed, if he were elected, I would expect a protracted ...and more » … [Read more...]

Hissene Habré’s Trial Reveals An Ugly Side Of US Foreign Policy History – ThinkProgress

ThinkProgressHissene Habré's Trial Reveals An Ugly Side Of US Foreign Policy HistoryThinkProgress... of U.S. foreign policy. Habré, who has been accused of killing 40,000 individuals and torturing hundreds of thousands more, also received millions of dollars in military and economic aid from the United States during his rule of Chad from from 1982 ...and more » … [Read more...]

Spain: Southern Europe’s underrated player – European Council on Foreign Relations

Spain: Southern Europe's underrated playerEuropean Council on Foreign RelationsECFR's survey among EU policy actors and experts, conducted in the summer of 2015, points to Spain having a comparatively marginal position among the six largest member states of the EU. Spain is rarely listed as a “like-minded partner” by other EU ... … [Read more...]

The European border guard: New in name only? – European Council on Foreign Relations

The European border guard: New in name only?European Council on Foreign RelationsThe events of the past year have raised fundamental questions about the external borders of the Union and whether the EU and its member states are capable of securing them. The EU has long taken the position that guarding the external borders is a ...and more » … [Read more...]

Maclay alum named Rhodes Scholar –

Tallahassee.comMaclay alum named Rhodes ScholarTallahassee.comThirty-two American men and women were chosen as Rhode Scholars to represent the United States. Darby is currently a senior at Yale University with majors in History and Global Affairs. As Managing Editor of ... and reads and edits all stories. She won ... … [Read more...]

Pakistan-Iran Border Stress – The Diplomat

The DiplomatPakistan-Iran Border StressThe DiplomatThe same goes for all other nuclear states. For an international relations realist, all of these weapons are in the “wrong hands,” at least as far as the adversaries of these nuclear powers go. Pakistan as a Muslim state has firm control over its ...and more » … [Read more...]

Russian President Putin to pay ‘state visit’ to Turkey – Daily Sabah

Daily SabahRussian President Putin to pay 'state visit' to TurkeyDaily SabahPutin will also meet Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and is expected to discuss bilateral relations, natural gas agreements and international relations, mainly the Syrian crisis, the advisor added. The fifth session of the High Level Cooperation ...Remarks by Sergey Lavrov at the Russian Council on Foreign … [Read more...]

David Oualaalou, Board of Contributors: United States risks plenty by pushing … – Waco Tribune-Herald

David Oualaalou, Board of Contributors: United States risks plenty by pushing ...Waco Tribune-HeraldAs relations between the United States and Russia continue to deteriorate, there is growing concern as to whether imposing additional sanctions on Russia for its annexation of Crimea might trigger war between the two nuclear powers. This fear could not ... … [Read more...]

NYT: Leader asserts China’s growing role on global stage – Focus News

Focus NewsNYT: Leader asserts China's growing role on global stageFocus NewsBeijing. Sounding confident after a burst of high-profile diplomacy, President Xi Jinping told Communist Party officials in a major address here over the weekend that China would be nice to its neighbors in Asia but that he would run a proactive foreign policy ...China must improve ties with neighbours, uphold … [Read more...]

In Iraq and Beyond, US Foreign Policy is Based On Complete Fallacies – In These Times

In These TimesIn Iraq and Beyond, US Foreign Policy is Based On Complete FallaciesIn These TimesAs a researcher, his perch provides him with an excellent vantage point for taking stock of the ongoing crisis, now that the Islamic State, or I.S., has made it impossible for Americans to sustain the pretense that the Iraq War ever ended. Few in ...and more » … [Read more...]

How US foreign policy could promote entrepreneurship and innovation abroad – Washington Post

How US foreign policy could promote entrepreneurship and innovation abroadWashington PostIn many cases, the challenges faced by entrepreneurs around the world are the very same ones holding back innovators and potential business owners in the United States: limited access to financing and talent, a dearth of information and resources, and ... … [Read more...]

The Russian Military – Council on Foreign Relations

Council on Foreign RelationsThe Russian MilitaryCouncil on Foreign Relations(By comparison, the United States has ten nuclear carriers and builds several new warships each year.) Russian air power will also be limited, at least in the short term. Aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi is developing several new advanced warplanes ...and more » … [Read more...]