The Redistribution Of Human Flesh, By Ross Douthbag

In today’s edition of The New York Times, Ross Douthat dipped his little toes in the water of a grand thought experiment — that maybe incels, like mass murderer Alek Minassian, kind of have a point and that perhaps we should consider a “redistribution of sex.” Just like how people talk about redistributing the wealth and property of the nation and world, except with … [Read more...]

Mike Pompeo, Trump’s Sec State Nominee, Would Like His Jesus-Times Apocalypse NOW

Dirty. Mike Pompeo loves the Lord. He also wants to be Secretary of State. Generally speaking, this should not be an issue. However, in Pompeo’s case, it’s looking as though his religious views and favored mode of expressing said views may present one. By which we mean that he has a habit of freaking out his co-workers by all his talk about the Rapture. You know, the thing where Kirk … [Read more...]

Rep. Matt Gaetz Swears He Barely Knows Chuck C. Johnson, His Hot & Heavy SOTU Date

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz has been making the rounds the past week or so, going all #ReleaseTheMemo on any news show that will allow him to expound on his various theories of why said memo is going to result in Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton going to jail. Naturally, this included an appearance on Infowars in which he complained that it was unfair that he and Alex Jones were derided as … [Read more...]

Nazis So Scared Of Protests They’re Gonna Hold Their Rallies IN SECRET Now!

When the Nazis marched in Charlottesville, they were met with protesters. And they killed one of them. When the “We totally swear we’re not Nazis but also the Nazis have some good points about stuff” alt-righters tried to hold a rally in Boston, they were met with thousands and thousands of counter-protesters and ended up having to close up shop early. Following this, ACT for … [Read more...]

Eric Bolling Demands $50 Million For … Sending Women Dick Pics, We Guess?

Thinkin’ face. Fox News’s Eric Bolling is very, very mad. He is mad about an article in the Huffington post that came out this weekend detailing his (alleged) habit of sending unsolicited dick pics to women who do not want them. Bolling is suspended from Fox pending an investigation of the claims. Thus, he is suing Yashar Ali, the freelance reporter for the Huffington Post who wrote … [Read more...]

Red Pill Founder Takes The ‘Not Gonna Be A New Hampshire State Rep’ Pill

New Hampshire state Rep. Robert Fisher resigned on Wednesday, a mere few hours after a House committee voted to not hold the fact that he created one of the most infamous misogynistic forums on the internet — The Red Pill subreddit — against him. This was not because he suddenly realized that maybe he is not the kind of person who ought to be in charge of anything, but rather because … [Read more...]

Hope You Weren’t Too Excited About That Overtime Pay, People Making From $24,000 To $47,000 A Year!

This past May, the Department of Labor announced a new rule, meant to go in effect in December, which would make salaried employees making less than $47,476 eligible for overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours a week. Currently, the threshold is only $23,660. This is a really big deal, and would certainly … [Read more...]

Nice Time! Hillary Clinton Is A Nice Person!

Here is some nice time for you, Wonkers! Last week, writer Ella Dawson wrote an essay on Medium about how she’s been targeted rather ferociously by the alt right for having written several articles about the importance of destigmatizing herpes and other STIs, and thanking Hillary Clinton for actually speaking about these asshats and the … [Read more...]

Atrocious Gamergater/Alt-Right Blogger Takes Time Off From Harassing Women To Assault A Cop

Notorious troll Ethan Ralph faces up to five years in prison. … [Read more...]

Trump Advisor Shares Beautiful Dream Of Having Hillary Clinton Shot By Death Squads

Al Baldasaro — a former New Hampshire state rep and retired Marine Sergeant whose job it is to advise Donald Trump on veteran’s affairs — shared some thoughts Tuesday on the Jeff Kuhner Show, the best of local rightwing gab broadcast live from the RNC. Murderous thoughts, actually! You know, like normal people have, all … [Read more...]

Log Cabin Republicans Shocked (Shocked!) At The GOP’s Gay-Hating Platform

Perhaps their log cabins have no windows? … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton Got Some Bernie Sanders In Her ‘Free College For Most’ Proposal

Free college for most! Tiny American flags for others! … [Read more...]