Here’s how the White House trying to stop automation from decimating the the labor market

AP The robots aren’t coming to take our least not all of them. But a new report from the White House warns that unless the U.S. is smart about preparing for a future in which many, many more jobs are automated, the country runs the risk of a severely unequal distribution of the benefits from the increased efficiency that automation brings. To a great degree, automation has already … [Read more...]

Why Hillary Clinton gets to choose a VP she actually likes

REUTERS/Shannon StapletonDonald Trump has given Hillary Clinton a number of small gifts in the early days of their head-to-head battle for the presidency. Taking eminently mockable policy positions, appearing uninterested in the actual work of running and funding a serious campaign, and being bad at it when he decides to try it are just a few. The cumulative effect of these and … [Read more...]