GOP sends operative to Hawaii – Politico

PoliticoGOP sends operative to HawaiiPoliticoA GOP operative traveled to Hawaii this spring in an effort to make the Senate race there competitive. The National Republican Senatorial Committee sent western regional political director Sarah Morgan, who managed Jeff Flake's Senate campaign in … [Read more...]

PostScript: Milbank and the GOP’s claims on MLK – Washington Post (blog)

Washington Post (blog)PostScript: Milbank and the GOP's claims on MLKWashington Post (blog)Not the easiest of tasks, given that three Democratic presidents, and no Republicans, are scheduled to speak tomorrow on the anniversary of the march; and given that the one surviving speaker from the 1963 event has been a Democratic congressman for 25 ... … [Read more...]

Majority oppose GOP plan to defund Obamacare, poll finds – CBS News

Majority oppose GOP plan to defund Obamacare, poll findsCBS NewsThe current effort to defund Obamacare has driven a wedge in the GOP and ultimately would have little impact on the implementation of the health law, but a passionate contingent of Republicans has nevertheless kept the idea alive. Martin Luther King Jr ...Yes, people still dislike 'Obamacare.' But they also dislike GOP plans … [Read more...]

McCain stubbornly believes the House can pass immigration reform – MSNBC

U.S. News & World ReportMcCain stubbornly believes the House can pass immigration reformMSNBCSenator John McCain isn't ready to concede that House Republicans won't pass real immigration reform. But he is watching the clock. “It's very important that we try to act before the end of this year,” McCain said at a town hall in Mesa, Arizona, on ...Flake, McCain strike hopeful note on … [Read more...]

Why Ted Cruz Thinks the Media Gets Conservatism Wrong – TIME (blog)

ABQ JournalWhy Ted Cruz Thinks the Media Gets Conservatism WrongTIME (blog)Perhaps the most combative member of a chamber known for comity, Cruz's withering criticisms of Washington have made him a champion for the conservative base and a potential pot stirrer in the 2016 GOP nominating contest. Cruz, whom I profile in the … [Read more...]

The Myth of an ‘Isolationist’ GOP – National Review Online (blog)

The National Interest OnlineThe Myth of an 'Isolationist' GOPNational Review Online (blog)The isolationist poltergeists that forever haunt the Republican party. ... And, as the Washington Post's Dana Milbank noted, that margin was misleading given that six senators, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) ... Republicans first ...Rasmussen: Christie, Rubio Lead Among Likely … [Read more...]

Republicans revive ‘Penny Plan’ as sequester alternative to balance budget – Fox News

Republicans revive 'Penny Plan' as sequester alternative to balance budgetFox NewsEnzi is joined by fellow GOP Sens. Rand Paul, of Kentucky; John Barrasso, of Wyoming; Jim Risch, of Idaho; David Vitter, of Louisiana; Johnny Isakson, of Georgia; and Marco Rubio, of Florida. Republican Georgia Rep. Austin Scott introduced similar … [Read more...]

Republicans, stick to your principles – CNN

Republicans, stick to your principlesCNN(CNN) -- As Republicans wrestle with how to oppose President Barack Obama, what to do about Obamacare and how to compare the value of fights based on principle versus fights based on clever calculation, there may be some lessons from one of the … [Read more...]

National Push by a Local Immigration Activist: No GOP Retreat – New York Times

New York TimesNational Push by a Local Immigration Activist: No GOP RetreatNew York TimesOf his many adversaries, he says: “The illegal alien lobby never changes. It's the Wall Street wing of the Republican Party joining forces with the Chamber of Commerce, the far left and the Democrats in an effort to expand cheap labor and increase ...Republicans May Be Changing Minds on Immigration … [Read more...]

GOP raising money off of Bush’s heart operation – CBS News

Dallas Morning News (blog)GOP raising money off of Bush's heart operationCBS NewsThe NRCC didn't return calls for comment on what will happen with the additional money, though it's not a stretch to surmise that they'll be used to help elect Republicans to the House of Representatives, which is the NRCC's role.. Democrats have yet ...GOP uses George W. Bush sympathy card to … [Read more...]

Egypt’s ousting of Mohamed Morsi was a coup, says John McCain – The Guardian

The GuardianEgypt's ousting of Mohamed Morsi was a coup, says John McCainThe Guardian"We have said we share the democratic aspirations and criticism of the Morsi government that led millions of Egyptians into the streets," McCain said at the end of a brief visit to Cairo in which he and fellow Republican senator Lindsey Graham met ...News Wrap: McCain and Graham Visit Egypt, Urge Opposition … [Read more...]

McCain, Graham: Leak about al Qaeda intercept tips off the enemy – CBS News

McCain, Graham: Leak about al Qaeda intercept tips off the enemyCBS NewsWhile McCain said it could help the enemy to publicize the fact that their communications were intercepted, he added that the news may "remind some of my colleagues in the Congress that al Qaeda is not dead." Intelligence-gathering efforts at the ...and more … [Read more...]

Republicans open pre-emptive strikes on Clinton, undecided yet formidable in … – Fox News

Town HallRepublicans open pre-emptive strikes on Clinton, undecided yet formidable in ...Fox NewsDemocrats are three years away from picking their 2016 presidential nominee, but Republicans already are launching a salvo of pre-emptive strikes on the potential candidate seen as their biggest threat -- Hillary Clinton. The most recent effort came ...Nouveau Black Republicans Are Killing Minority … [Read more...]

Post-Romney, some in GOP reject advice to moderate – Houston Chronicle

MiamiHerald.comPost-Romney, some in GOP reject advice to moderateHouston ChronicleThey're waging a steady assault on "Obamacare," with some House and Senate Republicans vowing to shut down the government if that's what it takes to choke off the health care law Congress enacted in 2010. These trends worry establishment Republicans ...Romney re-enters GOP frayNBCNews.comIt's the data, … [Read more...]