The best —and worst — habits of Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and more successful people

Drew Angerer / Staff Success doesn't happen by accident. To prove it, look no further than some of the most powerful people in business: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, COO Sheryl Sandberg, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and billionaire investor Mark Cuban. We compiled some of these leaders' best habits — and one bad one, for good measure — to help understand how they got where they are … [Read more...]

‘This was not the deal’: Effort to repeal contentious ‘bathroom law’ in North Carolina falls apart after heated debate

AP Photo/Gerry Broome, PoolAn effort to repeal North Carolina's contentious "bathroom law" failed on Wednesday, ending what was expected to be a day of bipartisan compromise in one of the nation's most bitterly divided states. In a one-day special lawmaking session in Raleigh, legislators convened to undo the law known as House Bill 2, which has cost the state hundreds of millions … [Read more...]

I ‘went about it the wrong way’: Pizzeria gunman explains his motive

APIn his first interview with the media since he fired an assault rifle in a Washington pizzeria, Edgar M. Welch admitted that he went about things "the wrong way" last week and that he regretted how he "handled the situation." Welch, of Salisbury, North Carolina, was arrested on Sunday for assault with a dangerous weapon. He had driven six hours to the restaurant Comet Ping Pong in Washington, … [Read more...]

Bill O’Reilly blasts ‘smear merchants’ who suggested he supports slavery

Screenshot/Fox NewsFox News host Bill O'Reilly blasted what he called "smear merchants" who he said misrepresented his position on slavery. The "O'Reilly Factor" host drew criticism Tuesday night when he argued on his show that the slaves who helped build the White House "were well fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government." The comments came in response to Michelle Obama's … [Read more...]

The Republican convention is $6 million short of its fundraising goal — and Trump may be to blame

Tom Pennington/Getty ImagesOrganizers of the upcoming Republican National Convention are $6 million short of their fundraising goal with just five days before the event kicks off — and Donald Trump may be to blame. The host committee hopes to raise $64 million before the four-day event in Cleveland, but so far it has collected about $51 million in cash and $7 million through in-kind … [Read more...]

This graphic shows just how widespread meth is in the United States

Flickr/Myfuture.comNearly half of all inmates in US federal prisons are serving sentences for drug offenses. But exactly which drugs are getting people locked up? In more than half of the 50 states, it's meth. According to research from the United States Sentencing Commission, methamphetamine produced more offenses than any other drug in 27 states, including much of the West, Midwest and the … [Read more...]

Donald Trump just gave a bizarre response to how he’ll court female voters

Donald Trump is struggling to connect with female voters, and his latest comments suggest that he doesn't have any intention of changing course. Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton 51% to 32% among female voters, according to a Fox News poll released on Wednesday. Other recent polls show a similar deficit for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. But when he was asked on "The O'Reilly … [Read more...]

Listen to this Icelandic soccer announcer go berserk as his team pulls off a stunning upset

Shaun Botterill/Getty ImagesIceland continued its unbelievable performance at its first-ever major soccer tournament, beating Austria on Wednesday with a dramatic stoppage-time goal to secure a spot in the European Championship round of 16.  Icelandic soccer announcer Gudmundur Benediktsson was already shrieking as Iceland initiated a three-on-two break with just seconds … [Read more...]

Clinton fires back at Trump for co-opting her campaign slogan

Thomson ReutersHillary Clinton isn't taking kindly to Donald Trump's attempt to co-opt her campaign slogan on Wednesday. Trump had tweeted an image of a T-shirt with his face and the words "I'm with you," a take on Clinton's line that he whipped out during a campaign speech earlier in the day. "Her campaign slogan is, 'I'm with her.' You know what my response to that is? I'm … [Read more...]