Here’s what Trump really needs to do to actually ‘drain the swamp’

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters To the dismay and puzzlement of disgruntled liberals, the Dow Jones Index has soared nearly 9 percent since Donald Trump was elected president on November 8. The Russell 2000 Index of small-cap stocks has jumped 15 percent. That was not expected.  The day before the election – the day FBI Director Comey again cleared Hillary Clinton -- the market turned around … [Read more...]

Trump’s penchant for dealmaking follows in the footsteps of Lyndon B. Johnson

Wikimedia Commons Think Donald Trump is a one-off? Not quite -- in many ways, he appears a successor to LBJ. Following the unprecedented election of Donald J. Trump, many continue to look for precedents. The real estate magnate’s intervention with Carrier reminded columnist Peggy Noonan of JFK’s engagement with the steel industry. Others have likened Trump’s unlikely … [Read more...]

This long-term effect of a Clinton presidency has Republicans terrified

Wikimedia CommonsAny day now the Supreme Court will rule on President Obama’s go-it-alone executive action protecting millions of undocumented persons against deportation. However it comes down, the decision will again inflame this bitterly divided nation; it will also remind moody Republicans why they must absolutely vote for Donald Trump.     Heads-up to Republicans queasy … [Read more...]