Hannity Urges Tomi Lahren to ‘Go After’ Geraldo Rivera on Clinton’s Emails: ‘Take Him On!’

Sean Hannity and newly-hired Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren tag-teamed Geraldo Rivera on the FBI’s decision to reject a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to release files from their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails  due to the lack of public interest. “When you use a private email on a private server, your privacy rights are out the window when you’re … [Read more...]

Eric Trump on Negative Media Coverage: ‘You’d Probably End Up Killing Yourself Out of Depression’

Eric Trump is expressing his frustrations with what he deems to be overly-negative media coverage of his father as well as his family. During an interview with WOAI in San Antonio (via The Hill), Trump said his father is “repeatedly attacked” by the media and suggested that the president should “tune it out sometimes.” “If they weren’t talking about you, you wouldn’t be … [Read more...]

Jesse Watters Slams Trump For Not Proposing ‘Reaganesque’ Tax Cuts: It’s ‘Not The Government’s Money!’

Fox News’s Jesse Watters was very critical of President Trump‘s tax reform proposal. Watters, The Five‘s most vocal supporter of the president, told his co-hosts he was “very disappointed” in Trump’s proposal. “When I interviewed him, he said it was going to be a historic tax cut and that it was going to be Reaganesque, Watters explained, “but now … [Read more...]