To prevent climate catastrophe, Democrats need to learn a ruthless lesson from Senate GOP

Congressional Republicans, especially GOP senators led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have all but destroyed the possibility of bipartisan deal-making on major issues. The widely criticized and wildly unpopular GOP tax bill is the inevitable byproduct of that destruction — but the end of a livable climate for America and the world is also inevitable unless Republicans become less … [Read more...]

Duke Energy nixes nuclear plant, will invest $6 billion in solar and batteries

This week, Duke Energy Florida announced that it will terminate all plans to build its Levy Nuclear Project. And as part of a deal with the Florida Public Service Commission, the company will instead invest $6 billion in solar energy, smart meters, and grid modernization as well as electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and a battery storage pilot program. Duke’s move reflects global trends … [Read more...]

Trump’s reputation as a dealmaker is a sham, walking away from Paris proves it

The arse of the deal: America, Trump voters and Trump himself all lose, bigly.CREDIT: AP/Eric SchultzThe man who wrote The Art of the Deal just put a knife into one of the best deals ever negotiated on behalf of this country. His decision Thursday to abandon the Paris climate agreement proves he is in reality one of the worst dealmakers in history.Of course, with six bankruptcies and an astounding … [Read more...]

Top Trump economic adviser: ‘Coal doesn’t even make that much sense anymore’

But investing in solar and wind can make us “a manufacturing powerhouse,” admits Gary Cohn.National Economic Council Chair Gary Cohn listens as President Donald Trump speaks in the White House, Jan. 23, 2017. CREDIT: AP/Pablo Martinez MonsivaisWhether or not the United States will remain in the historic Paris climate agreement is a major question surrounding President Donald Trump’s trip to Italy … [Read more...]

Big Oil gets huge subsidies from taxpayers, but rejects using U.S.-made steel

Oil and gas companies are speaking out against Trump’s domestic steel mandatesCREDIT: AP Photo/Susan Walsh, FileBig Oil gets huge subsidies, some $38 billion over 10 years, from American taxpayers to support job creation and domestic production. But don’t go asking the industry to buy domestic steel in return, because, hey, unnecessary government interference in their business would … [Read more...]

WATCH: Almost everything you know about clean energy is outdated

“This is a different world from three years ago” — renewables are no longer “alternative energy.”Bloomberg New Energy Finance chair Michael Liebreich giving his keynote talk at the April BNEF Summit in New York City. Credit: J. RommRenewables and efficiency have already won the battle for the future of electricity.At least, that was the message at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) Summit in … [Read more...]

Chevron is first oil major to warn investors of risks from climate change lawsuits

Big Oil’s lies about the existential risk posed by its product are now catching up with the industry and threatening profits.A Chevron gas station in Sacramento, California last July. CREDIT: AP Photo/Rich PedroncelliFor the first time, one of the major publicly owned fossil fuel companies admitted publicly to investors that climate change lawsuits poses a risk to risk to its profits.You’re … [Read more...]

Tillerson’s claims on Exxon’s Russian sanctions lobbying defy logic

The ex-CEO said “I don’t know” in regard to numerous questions about the company he led.Former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson shocks Senate by asserting he doesn’t know whether the company lobbied for or against sanctions that killed a $500 billion deal with Russia he had negotiated. Screenshot of C-SPAN.In his hearing to be confirmed as Secretary of State, Exxon’s Rex Tillerson portrayed himself as a … [Read more...]

9 things you can do right now to fight Trump’s war on climate and democracy

Activism is the sixth stage of grief.Given the result of the presidential election, a lot of people have been asking me: “What can I do?”I have a feeling many of you reading this are still going through the famous five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Maybe all at once.After a lot of listening and reading, here’s my take: Activism is the sixth stage of grief. … [Read more...]

Trump fools the New York Times on climate change

Memo to media: Ignore what Trump says, focus on what he does and who he appoints.Trump waves to crowd as he leaves New York Times Tuesday. CREDIT: AP/Mark LennihanDonald Trump spouted incoherent anti-scientific nonsense on climate change at length with New York Times reporters and editors Tuesday — and they totally fell for it.Ignoring most of what he actually said, the Times ran a story, “Trump, … [Read more...]

Will Trump go down in history as the man who pulled the plug on a livable climate?

The fate of humanity is in the hands of a denier who pledged to kill domestic and global climate action and all clean energy research.CREDIT: AP/Jae C. HongThe shocking election of Donald Trump on Tuesday night is a turning point in the history of climate action, and therefore the history of homo sapiens. That’s because whatever warming, sea level rise, ocean acidification, and Dust-Bowlification … [Read more...]

Can A Once-Respected Science Group Give Up Exxon Funding? It Will Soon Have One More Chance.

Oil money has tainted the American Geophysical Union, leading its board to offer slippery and slick statements to defend the indefensible -- taking money from anti-science ExxonMobil. The post Can A Once-Respected Science Group Give Up Exxon Funding? It Will Soon Have One More Chance. appeared first on ThinkProgress. … [Read more...]

Greenland Hits Record 75°F, Sets Melt Record As Globe Aims At Hottest Year

Greenland has been shockingly warm this spring. That's not good news in a country covered with enough ice to raise sea levels more than 20 feet. The post Greenland Hits Record 75°F, Sets Melt Record As Globe Aims At Hottest Year appeared first on ThinkProgress. … [Read more...]

The Strange Thing About Google’s Decision To Stop Renewable Energy Research

From left, Rick Needham of Google and David Crane of NRG Energy field questions during 2014 dedication of Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, the world’s largest solar thermal plant. CREDIT: AP/NRG Two senior Google engineers have written a confusing article explaining what they learned after Google stopped its advanced research and development effort into renewable energy … [Read more...]

‘A Quarter Of The Energy We Use Is Just In Our Crap’: Black Friday And The Destruction Of Planet Earth

CREDIT: AP Black Friday has become an orgiastic celebration of unbridled consumerism. And earlier this month, Pope Francis wrote a letter to world leaders saying, “There are constant assaults on the natural environment, the result of unbridled consumerism, and this will have serious consequences for the world economy.” Black Friday is a sort of reverse “Hunger Games,” an … [Read more...]