Snopes Botches Fact-Check by Misrepresenting a Trump-Supporter’s Claim

The fact-checking website Snopes seems to have forgotten that the state of Louisiana has experienced other flooding incidents besides Hurricane Katrina. In a botched myth-busting endeavor, Snopes attempted to clear-up the internet claim that Barack Obama was president when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Obviously, this claim is ludicrous, as Obama did not become president until 2009 and the … [Read more...]

WH Photo Claiming Trump Witnessed Harvey ‘First Hand’ Shows the President Staring at a Screen

This is the best photo they could find for “witnessing first hand” — Ashley Feinberg (@ashleyfeinberg) August 31, 2017 After Donald Trump claimed he witnessed the “horror and devastation” of Harvey “first hand” in Texas, a photo was posted to his Instagram account that shows the president staring at a screen with a map — an exact … [Read more...]

Focus Group With Trump Voters Savages President on MSNBC: ‘We All Knew He Was a Nut’

“Contemptible,” “crazy,” and “we all knew he was a nut” are the words a Pittsburg, Pennsylvania focus group used to describe President Donald Trump — including a few of his voters. A room of Americans who supported Trump, Hillary Clinton, and a third-party candidate in the election tore into the president’s performance during his over eight months in … [Read more...]