Joe Scarborough Defends NYT’s Bari Weiss After Erroneous Piece: You’re ‘A Free Speech Champion’

Following Bari Weiss’ rough day yesterday, in which she penned an erroneous opinion piece on the campus left that received a wave of online hate, fellow Iraq War-supporting New York City pundit Joe Scarborough defended the New York Times writer by suggesting she is “a free speech champion.” The Weiss piece, titled “We’re All Fascists Now,” makes the claim that the … [Read more...]

Chris Cuomo Grills Sen. Ron Johnson on FBI Conspiracy: ‘You Know’ There’s No Secret Society

CNN host Chris Cuomo pushed Senator Ron Johnson over his conspiratorial claims that a “secret society” within the FBI was involved in an anti-Donald Trump effort, forcing the Wisconsin Republican to further distance himself from the claims. In January, amid the infamous FBI-lovers’ texting scandal, Johnson focused on texts exchanged between the two agents alluding to a … [Read more...]

John Kelly Jokingly Says He Wanted to Stay at DHS But ‘God Punished Me’

Chief of Staff John Kelly on the DHS: "I wish I had worked harder in the six months I had in the job, to not only better protect the men and women that get beat up so badly every day, but to really advertise in a much more effective way how good you are." — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) March 1, 2018 Beleaguered White House … [Read more...]

Schlapp Blasts Steele: ‘Sub-Par’ Ex-RNC Chair Refusing Apology for Racial Comments Shows ‘Lack of Grace’

During an MSNBC appearance, American Conservative Union head Matt Schlapp was grilled by Hallie Jackson over the racially charged comments made by the CPAC’s spokesman regarding ex-RNC chairman Michael Steele. While speaking in front of attendees of the largest annual conservative gathering last Friday, CPAC flack Ian Walters joked that the RNC tapped Steele as their chair just … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Check Out The $31k Dining Set Ben Carson’s Was Forced to HUD Return After Criticism

Pictures of the insanely expensive, mahogany furniture that had Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson in hot water have emerged online, as CNN gave taxpayers the chance to see how well their $31,000 furnishes an office — just before he opted to return the décor. The custom table and pedestals racked up $4,000, the sideboard cost $13,579, the breakfront was priced … [Read more...]

Kellyanne Spins Trump’s Gun Control Meeting After GOP Criticism: Meeting ‘Not About Gun Control’

After President Donald Trump held a bipartisan meeting pushing for potential gun control solutions, he took heat from his conservative base — with many viewing the discussion as anti-Second Amendment — which resulted in a classic Kellyanne Conway  spin during a Fox & Friends appearance this morning. With conservative outlets, such as far-right Breitbart News, running headlines … [Read more...]

WATCH LIVE: Trump Speaks to the GOP Congressional Retreat

President Donald Trump is set to deliver remarks to Republican members of Congress at The Greenbrier resort in Sulphur Springs, West Virginia starting at 12:30 p.m. EST. The speech is part of a traditional retreat House and Senate lawmakers have with the president and vice president to focus on the party’s agenda for the new year. However, things did not go initially as planned this year as … [Read more...]

Logan Paul Appears on GMA After Laughing at Corpse: ‘I’m Being Told to Commit Suicide Myself’

FULL INTERVIEW: YouTube star @LoganPaul speaks out, one-on-one with @MichaelStrahan. “I am a good guy who made a bad decision…I will think twice in the future about what I post.” — Good Morning America (@GMA) February 1, 2018 Logan Paul, the YouTube megastar who into the consciousness of the mainstream media after filming himself laughing at an … [Read more...]

Pizzagater Jack Posobiec Claims Dating App Framed Him With Fake Profile in Feminist Plot

Jack Posobiec — Pizzagate truther, fringe pro-Trump media figure and newlywed — claims the Bumble dating profile of him that surfaced on Twitter yesterday is a fake account that the app created for free publicity and as part of a conspiracy against him. Screenshots of the Posobiec dating account went viral in a Wednesday tweet after user Lindsey Ledford posted the following: is @bumble_app still … [Read more...]

After Contradicting Own WH on FISA Act, Trump Reverses: ‘We Need It! Get Smart!’

President Donald Trump appears to have accidentally opposed the official White House position in support of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act after he followed the lead of a Fox & Friends segment that was critical of the law. Trump sent out this tweet Thursday morning: “House votes on controversial FISA ACT today.” This is the act that may have been used, with the help of the … [Read more...]

Twitter Nukes The Federalist for Publishing Hot Take Defending Roy Moore: ‘Vote For the Child Molester’

The conservative opinion site The Federalist published one of their all-time hot-takes this morning as a contributor advocated for supporting Roy Moore even if the allegations of child molestation and sexual assault are true. “If elected, Moore would join the ranks of other undignified politicians who have been liars and fornicators. I have a 14-year-old daughter. If I caught him doing what … [Read more...]

Federalist Contributor: Republicans ‘Should’ Vote For Roy Moore Even if Allegations of Molestation True

Conservative opinion website The Federalist published a piece today telling readers they “should” vote for accused child molester Roy Moore — even if Republican voters acknowledge that the allegations against the GOP Senate candidate are true. Tully Borland, the author of the piece, is a professor at Ouachita Baptist University, a self-described “superhero against the dark … [Read more...]

Snopes Botches Fact-Check by Misrepresenting a Trump-Supporter’s Claim

The fact-checking website Snopes seems to have forgotten that the state of Louisiana has experienced other flooding incidents besides Hurricane Katrina. In a botched myth-busting endeavor, Snopes attempted to clear-up the internet claim that Barack Obama was president when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Obviously, this claim is ludicrous, as Obama did not become president until 2009 and the … [Read more...]

WH Photo Claiming Trump Witnessed Harvey ‘First Hand’ Shows the President Staring at a Screen

This is the best photo they could find for “witnessing first hand” — Ashley Feinberg (@ashleyfeinberg) August 31, 2017 After Donald Trump claimed he witnessed the “horror and devastation” of Harvey “first hand” in Texas, a photo was posted to his Instagram account that shows the president staring at a screen with a map — an exact … [Read more...]

Focus Group With Trump Voters Savages President on MSNBC: ‘We All Knew He Was a Nut’

“Contemptible,” “crazy,” and “we all knew he was a nut” are the words a Pittsburg, Pennsylvania focus group used to describe President Donald Trump — including a few of his voters. A room of Americans who supported Trump, Hillary Clinton, and a third-party candidate in the election tore into the president’s performance during his over eight months in … [Read more...]