This is what a for-profit justice system looks like

“We have your son here in handcuffs, and he’s going to jail unless you can bring me the money.”GCREDIT: AP Photo/Kathy WillensRonald Egana was at work the first time the bounty hunters came for him.The hired guns handcuffed Egana and brought him not to jail but to a bail bonds office, where they forced him to call his disabled mother to ask for money in exchange for his release, according to a … [Read more...]

Louisiana takes major step to reduce its prison population

Hundreds of prisoners could be released early, but staying out of prison will be an uphill battle.Re-entry program participants work in the auto repair training shop inside the Louisiana State Penitentiary. CREDIT: AP Photo/Gerald HerbertLouisiana finally has a shot at losing its title of incarceration capital of the world after the legislature approved a wide-ranging criminal justice reform … [Read more...]

Obama Explains Why A Changing America Terrifies Donald Trump

"They tell voters there’s a real America out there that must be restored." The post Obama Explains Why A Changing America Terrifies Donald Trump appeared first on ThinkProgress. … [Read more...]

Protesters Explain Why They Chanted ‘No More War’ At Former CIA Director

The former security official was part of the opening line-up for President Barack Obama, who Panetta has blamed in his memoir for the rise of ISIS and the wars in Syria and Iraq. The post Protesters Explain Why They Chanted ‘No More War’ At Former CIA Director appeared first on ThinkProgress. … [Read more...]

Louisiana’s ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Law Is About To Be Tested

Anger over a new police shooting video is coinciding with a new law to protect police from "hate crimes." The post Louisiana’s ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Law Is About To Be Tested appeared first on ThinkProgress. … [Read more...]

Paul Ryan Is Pretty Sure Welfare Recipients Are Not Working Hard Enough

The end game is to cut trillions of dollars from a safety net that's already borne heavy blows. The post Paul Ryan Is Pretty Sure Welfare Recipients Are Not Working Hard Enough appeared first on ThinkProgress. … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz’s Fake Filibuster: ‘I Intend To Speak In Opposition To Obamacare…Until I Am No Longer Able To Stand’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced Tuesday afternoon that he would launch a “speaking filibuster” in favor of defunding the Affordable Care Act until he is physically unable to stand. Cruz’s speech is not technically a filibuster, as either way the Senate will vote tomorrow on the continuing resolution to keep the government from shutting down. Even though the vote will happen … [Read more...]

Strip Club Illegally Denied Pay To Exotic Dancers By Calling Them ‘Independent Contractors’

Exotic dancers at a Manhattan strip club are protected by labor law and therefore must be paid at least minimum wage, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. Rick’s Cabaret denied more than 1,900 strippers wages and forced them to pay fees under the pretense that the women were “independent contractors.” The “independent contractor” excuse is common among strip clubs looking … [Read more...]

Is This City’s Radical New Plan The Answer To The Housing Crisis?

Richmond, CA may become the first city in the U.S. to take over underwater mortgages after city council members approved an unorthodox plan to protect residents from foreclosure early Wednesday morning. The proposal would allow the city to seize properties through the power of eminent domain if lenders reject Richmond’s offers to buy the loans discounted to their current market value. … [Read more...]

Indiana’s Anti-Labor Law Declared Unconstitutional

CREDIT: AP On Monday, the state Superior Court judge ruled Indiana’s so-called “right-to-work” law is unconstitutional. The controversial law requires unions to represent workers who do not pay dues, stripping them of crucial funds and effectively crippling workers’ ability to negotiate. According to Judge John Sedia, this provision also goes against the Indiana … [Read more...]

Back To School In Philadelphia: Bigger Classes, Smaller Staff

CREDIT: Holly Otterbein via Twitter The new school year has been marred for many students all over the country by severe budget cuts, shuttered schools, and decimated staff. Philadelphia, where students went back to school Monday, is seeing some of the most extreme effects of these budget cuts. Nine thousand students will attend 53 different schools today than they did last fall after 24 were … [Read more...]

Republicans Do Damage Control On Their Party’s Vow To Shut Down The Government

After 40 failed votes to repeal Obamacare, several Republicans are threatening anew to block government funding unless the health reform law gets defunded. This threat is nothing new; Republicans have repeatedly demanded that every appropriations bill include a provision to repeal Obamacare since the law was passed. Tea Party lawmakers in 2011 emphasized how dire the situation was, calling for a … [Read more...]

Prison Attorneys Claim 14-Year-Old Inmate Wanted To Get Raped By Her 40-Year-Old Prison Guard

CREDIT: Shutterstock A Louisiana parish is trying to get out of paying a 14-year-old who was repeatedly raped by her prison guard, with lawyers arguing last week that the girl wanted the sex. The guard, Angelo Vickers, is serving a 7-year sentence after pleading guilty to molestation of a juvenile. The woman, known anonymously as Mary Doe, is now an emotionally traumatized 20-year-old. Mary Doe … [Read more...]