Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Rwandan Hate Radio?

Sometimes, it is amusing to guess whether it was Donald Trump who said a thing, or some other person or entity. The Rwandan genocide was the systematic killing of the minority Tutsi ethnic group, along with political opponents of the Hutu majority, in 1994. Roughly 800,000 were killed over 100 days, an overall rate of extermination more rapid than the Holocaust or any other recorded genocide. … [Read more...]

Here Is How John Boehner Can Save Christmas

John Boehner is correct that this shutdown “isn’t some damn game.”  One difference is that it sucks, while games are fun. And it will suck again in mid-December, which is when Boehner wanted to not play this not a game again with another must-pass funding bill. Merry Christmas, jerks! Give us Obama’s right nut or Prancer’s burger meat. That’s not the reason for … [Read more...]

You Will Definitely Believe How Racist This Daily Caller Article Is

We’ve seen a lot of racist nonsense in our time, but this contribution from the Daily Caller and Major General US Army Jerry Curry Retired Thank Goodness is truly special, a diamond-encrusted nuclear butt plug of are-you-even-serious-dude that makes us wonder if Jerry Curry, who served semi-prominently under Carter, Reagan, and Bush Sr., is feeling okay. Because holy. fucking. shit (emphasis … [Read more...]

San Diego Gets Own Nuclear Debacle As Fukushima Pees Radiation Into The Sea

San Diego’s San Onofre nuclear plant isn’t melting down. It isn’t leaking huge amounts of radiation (that we know of). Heck, it’s not even generating power! That’s because the steam generators Southern California Edison installed at San Onofre broke down just two years into their expected 20 year service life. They can’t be fixed, of course, and now the whole … [Read more...]