Cop who killed Walter Scott to plead guilty on civil rights charge, avoid second murder trial

Michael Slager narrowly avoided a guilty verdict in South Carolina his first time out. Now, there won’t be a second.Fired Officer Michael Slager, right, leaving court in December after a judge declared a mistrial. Slager killed unarmed, fleeing Walter Scott near Charleston in 2015. CREDIT: AP Photo/Mic Smith, FileFormer South Carolina police officer Michael Slager will plead guilty Tuesday … [Read more...]

Oklahoma MAGA-man has a plan to save Trump’s border wall

Or one four-thousandth of it, at least.Oklahoma state Rep. Bobby Cleveland (R). CREDIT: AP Photo/Sue OgrockiPresident Donald Trump is struggling to find the money for the border wall he promised voters. One local lawmaker thinks he can help.Oklahoma state Rep. Bobby Cleveland (R) wants to donate his state’s civil asset forfeiture seizures to chip in for Trump’s wall. Cleveland, who is sometimes … [Read more...]

One month on from purge, Sessions and Trump still have no U.S. Attorneys in place

“You would think the law-and-order president would have his replacement U.S. Attorneys lined up in pretty short order.”Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. CREDIT: AP Photo/Alex BrandonOne month after purging all remaining Obama administration holdovers from federal prosecutors’ offices nationwide, Attorney General Jeff Sessions still has not replaced any of the departed … [Read more...]

Arizona conservatives finalize redundant, disingenuous ‘Blue Lives Matter’ law

Assaulting cops already brings stiff penalties.Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ), right. CREDIT: AP Photo/Bob ChristieArizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) signed a bill toughening already-stringent criminal penalties for attacks on law enforcement personnel on Monday, joining a handful of other states in passing redundant measures deeming police a special class of victim.These so-called “Blue Lives Matter” laws … [Read more...]

‘Another round of whack-a-mole’: Decoding the White House’s tough talk on cartels

Homeland Security chief John Kelly isn’t the man to fix the drug war.Retired Gen. John Kelly (USMC), who is serving as Secretary of Homeland Security, has strong views on how to fight the war on drugs. CREDIT: AP Photo/J. Scott ApplewhiteInternational drug cartels are only able to impose violent chaos on the Western hemisphere because Americans’ demand for narcotics is so high, DHS head John Kelly … [Read more...]

Cop who shot unarmed therapist last summer finally charged

It took almost nine months and some leaked audiotape, but a south Florida prosecutor is going after the cop who shot Charles Kinsey.In 24 years in office, State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle had never charged a police officer in an on-duty shooting — until Wednesday. CREDIT: AP Photo/Wilfredo LeeProsecutors charged a Florida police officer with attempted manslaughter on Wednesday, nine … [Read more...]

Judge rebukes killer Oklahoma cop for going on national TV before her trial

The trial may be delayed after a 60 Minutes interview “of particular concern.”Officer Betty Jo Shelby at an initial court appearance in 2016. CREDIT: AP Photo/Sue OgrockiDays after a lengthy 60 Minutes piece on the death of Terence Crutcher aired nationwide, the judge overseeing Tulsa police officer Betty Jo Shelby’s manslaughter trial in the case has ordered Shelby and her lawyers to tighten up … [Read more...]

The company that brought you Tasers is betting big on cheap police reform

Hey, kid — wanna try a body camera? First one’s free.Police officers in Duluth, MN, wearing body cameras. CREDIT: AP Photo/Jim Mone, FileIn recent years, as public officials scrambled to dispel concerns that cops routinely lie to protect fellow officers in misconduct investigations, one policy idea quickly emerged as a would-be cure-all.Body cameras attached to every police officer could almost … [Read more...]

Putting a cop accused of homicide on ‘60 Minutes’ used to be considered crazy. It might be genius.

Betty Jo Shelby found a way to testify without being cross-examined.Officer Betty Jo Shelby appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes in early April. Her trial for killing unarmed Terence Crutcher doesn’t begin until May. CREDIT: CBS/ScreenshotOn September 16, 2016, Officer Betty Jo Shelby killed 40-year-old Terence Crutcher with a single gunshot to the chest.On September 22, Tulsa District Attorney Steve … [Read more...]

Jeff Sessions moves to freeze Barack Obama’s legacy on police accountability

Accountability for abusive and racist police conduct is now at the whim of Sessions.Attorney General Jeff Sessions CREDIT: AP Photo/Jeff RobersonAfter months of hints, Attorney General Jeff Sessions unveiled the first concrete action to roll back Obama-era oversight of local police forces on Monday.Sessions’ team will review each of the 14 active legal agreements between the federal government and … [Read more...]

Tulsa cop on trial for killing unarmed black man says ‘lynch mob coming after me’

Officer Betty Jo Shelby went on 60 Minutes ahead of her manslaughter trial.A frame from the aerial footage shows Officer Betty Jo Shelby and Terence Crutcher seconds before she shot and killed him last September. CREDIT: Tulsa Police DepartmentThe Tulsa police officer who shot and killed a black motorist who had his hands raised last fall is now turning to prestigious television news programming … [Read more...]

Sam Brownback, author of a fiscal calamity, rejects Medicaid on budget grounds

Tax giveaways to rich Kansans were fine and dandy, but health care for the poor must “have a neutral impact on the state budget.”Gov. Sam Brownback (R-KS). CREDIT: AP Photo/Orlin WagnerDays after Kansas lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to expand Medicaid to 150,000 uninsured low-income residents, Gov. Sam Brownback (R) vetoed the bill on Thursday morning.His lengthy veto statement presents the … [Read more...]

Trump’s meeting with police union leaders masks the harms of his deportation push

Trump pledged to keep money flowing despite his attorney general’s warning to “sanctuary cities.” That misses the point.Fraternal Order of Police leaders meet with the president on Tuesday. CREDIT: AP Photo/Evan VucciWhen President Donald Trump hosted leaders from the nation’s largest police union at the White House on Tuesday, the public surface of the meeting was as placid as you’d expect given … [Read more...]

The 78 programs Trump wants to eliminate don’t even pay for his border wall

Here are the things Donald Trump says the government should stop doing forever.President Trump with House Speaker Paul Ryan. CREDIT: AP Photo/Evan VucciBy Alan Pyke and Bryce CovertIn his initial budget document released on Thursday, President Donald Trump called for huge reductions in government spending. Beyond simply handing some agencies and programs less money to work with, he wants to … [Read more...]

Disgraced former Los Angeles sheriff faces 20 years in prison

Massive abuse scandal culminates in federal convictions.Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, pictured here with Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) in 2010. CREDIT: AP Photo/Reed SaxonOnce the most powerful sheriff in the United States, Lee Baca is now headed to prison.A jury convicted the former Los Angeles County sheriff Wednesday on conspiracy charges stemming from his role in a cover-up of … [Read more...]

Marijuana ‘only slightly less awful’ than getting hooked on heroin, Sessions says

Reefer madness today, reefer madness tomorrow, reefer madness forever.Attorney General Jeff Sessions addresses reporters in Virginia on Wednesday. CREDIT: AP Photo/Steve HelberMarijuana users and heroin addicts are basically the same, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Wednesday in Richmond, Virginia.“I am astonished to hear people suggest that we can solve our heroin crisis by legalizing … [Read more...]

Jeff Sessions might regret firing top Chicago prosecutor after reading his resignation letter

A partial endorsement of Trump’s Chicago crusade.Outgoing U.S. Attorney for Chicago Zach Fardon announces the findings of a federal investigation of the Chicago Police Department in January, alongside Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. CREDIT: AP Photo/Teresa CrawfordOn his way out the door on Monday, the top federal law enforcement officer in Chicago shared a … [Read more...]

Fresh off a disastrous governorship, Sam Brownback reportedly set for a cushy job at the U.N.

Kansas is reeling from Brownback’s policies. Trump wants to send him to Rome to talk about food.Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) waves to lawmakers during his State of the State speech. CREDIT: AP Photo/Orlin WagnerKansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) will soon be given a plum United Nations job by President Donald Trump, multiple news outlets in the state reported last week.Neither the governor’s office … [Read more...]