Politically Incorrect

Politics has been around ever since man created the first government; it had been the root of many events that cause progressions and downfalls of early government systems. At present, the meaning of politics has been altered in many countries; it has become a trend to some while to others it has become a business.

What is politics?

For many people, politics is something left for the rich and the educated. They are the ones wearing tuxedo dresses and driving luxurious cars whenever they assemble “to make laws.” The word politics came from the Greek word “Politika”, which means the science of government.

Politics is the second oldest profession in the world. Before Jesus Christ was born there was already politics and politicians. It all started in the ideology of Aristotle’s book “Affairs of State”, which tackles the ways on governing the government. Fast forward to today, politics is now a basic necessity in order for the government to be stronger by means of proper rules and regulations.

The bad side:

People always perceived politics as dirty, and can never be changed even if the second coming of the God comes to earth. But people must have a clear understanding about politics. So, what makes politics bad? It can only be bad if those who are in power use it to enrich themselves and if corruption is present.

Common connotation on politics is that when there is politics, there is corruption. People can never be blamed for having this wrong perception because corrupt politicians wearing elegant dresses, eating tasty food all the time have always been lurking around manipulating inexperienced good leaders to be part of their scheme. In the Philippines, politics is already perceived to be a business because you can be an instant millionaire by secretly plundering the national budget of the country. To these politicians, politics was never a mission to serve the country, but the easiest way out of poverty. Other third world countries have the same perception as in the Philippines because of graft and corruption.

Essence of politics:

Politics have been misinterpreted by society; the true essence of politics is broad that even the brilliant minds of our ancestors have struggled to find the exact essence of politics. The true meaning of politics can be jotted down in simple words “the process by which a group of people decides.” It doesn’t need to be in the government only, but in private companies, non-profit organizations, groups and others as well.

The wrong misinterpretation of politics will be hard to change, especially now that people use it for their own good. But nonetheless, we must never blame politics; we must look into the ones who are handling politics because they are the reason why politics have been perceived as corrupt and injustice. We must look through our politicians and high ranking officials who make it their job to look good in their arrogant suits and dresses instead of serving the masses.

Somehow we must learn to separate corruption from politics because it is politically incorrect to say “when there is politics, there is corruption.” It may seem a hard thing to achieve, but it’s possible. After all, change is possible, but it must begin in us.