Evolution of political science

Political is that branch of study which deals with the study of political bodies, government and administrative bodies, public policies and systems, policies governing the country and the overall political and administrative structure of a country of the world. The following are the branches of study in the field of political science.

– International relations
– Political philosophy
– Political ideologies and theories
– Political economics and policies

Today political science stands as one of the major fields of study in the world. Political science has its evolution dated back to the times of evolution of kingdoms. But the modern political science started in the 18th and the 19th century with the evolution of administrative bodies. For example the American political science was started in the early 1900’s with the establishment of American Political Science Association (APSA) since then political science has become a discipline of study in which today people are taking up it as a career. The study in political science has gone to an extent that where there are political scientists who are conducting research in political methodologies and policies. Another major change that took place in the field of political science was the period that prevailed after World War 1 but what led this to were the theories that led to such changes like Marx’s theory of communism and Hitler’s dictatorship etc. These theories and events led to the advancement of political science throughout the 20th century. The branches of political science is classified as the follows-
– Institutionalism political science
– Pluralism political science
– Empirical political science
– Normative political science
– Rational choice political science

Institutionalism political science is further divided into historical institutionalism and new institutionalism. Historical institutionalism is a science which deals with the analysis of changes in political behaviors over a period of time whereas new institutional or neo constitutionalism focuses more on the social issues in relation to political issues.

Most experts say that the political science has its root in philosophy which evolved in Greece and this as matter of fact can be justified when the philosophical ideologies match with the way politics should be executed. Politics has come a long way but most of the times it is not practiced the way it is preached or the way it should be. Today politics is become more of personal style of ruling in which the ideals and the whole purpose of politics being neglected. The political systems and bodies that exist today are very contradictory in nature to the way politics should be handled, with increased bureaucracy and corruption the idea behind the science of politics and political system is diminishing. We need to wait and see for how long such unethical methods of politics will prevail – only time can answer that.