A Quick Glance at Political Cartoons

Political cartoons have a great ability to satirize politics, current events leaders’ life and political trends. These types of cartoons rely on political stereotypes and common social symbols offering a peculiar image of this identity. They mix irony, humor with outrage and civil unhappiness.

Many newspapers and magazines have among their pages such cartoons with political allusive context. People usually enjoy reading daily political cartoons in their newspaper especially when there is a big political event involved, like around elections.

They also like reading good political cartoon books. These may be directed in particular toward a certain political character or toward a typical nowadays political system or situation.

Another reason for the existence of these political cartoons is to inform people in a more amusing and educating way and to promote politics among younger generations. Today, newspapers are employing more and more political cartoonists than before. These political cartoonists, a combination of politics with artistic and journalism skills, have shaped public political opinion for centuries. They rely very much on symbolisms and caricature, helping people think in politic terms.

Political cartoons must have good artistry, genuine sentiment, uncomplicated imagery and a lasting nature according to Charles Press. This lasting attitude is very important for the cartoon to be understood by next generations. They also have to convey some truth through their message; otherwise people are not interested in.

It is also known that political cartoons may change political views, because they are attractive and effective enough and they convey a well defined message and mood linked to the social or political event in question.

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