Do Mass Media Influence The Political Behavior Of Citizens

Outside of the academic environment, a harsh and seemingly ever-growing debate has appeared, concerning… [more]

Do Mass Media Influence The Political Behavior Of Citizens Do Mass Media Influence The Political Behavior Of Citizens

The Relationship between Business and Politics

How powerful is politics in business? The connection between the two is often hard to explain, but somehow… [more]

The Relationship between Business and Politics The Relationship between Business and Politics

I’m Gonna Run for Office

I'm gonna run for office...I swear. Next election quarter I'm gonna come out and run for President as… [more]

I’m Gonna Run for Office I'm Gonna Run for Office

A Quick Glance at Political Cartoons

Political cartoons have a great ability to satirize politics, current events leaders' life and political… [more]

A Quick Glance at Political Cartoons A Quick Glance at Political Cartoons

Political Humor — The Legacy of an Open Society

George Bernard Shaw once said, "The problem with political jokes is that they get elected." Well, at least there are a lot of material for political humor. Even if the global economy is practically crashing down around everyone, people can … [Read More...]

Politically Incorrect

Politics has been around ever since man created the first government; it had been the root of many events that cause progressions and downfalls of early government systems. At present, the meaning of politics has been altered in many countries; … [Read More...]

US Politics

President Trump Rails Against Removal Of ‘Beautiful’ Confederate Statues –

NBCNews.comPresident Trump Rails Against Removal Of 'Beautiful' Confederate StatuesNBCNews.comPresident Donald Trump railed against the movement to remove "beautiful" Confederate statues and monuments in cities across the … [Read More...]

Charlottesville car attack was terrorism, say majority of Democrats and Republicans – The Independent

The IndependentCharlottesville car attack was terrorism, say majority of Democrats and RepublicansThe IndependentRepublicans and Democrats in the United States alike have found rare common ground following the violent rally in Charlottesville … [Read More...]

Democrats launch #RiseAndOrganize campaign to build on Charlottesville protests – Washington Post

Washington PostDemocrats launch #RiseAndOrganize campaign to build on Charlottesville protestsWashington PostThe Democratic National Committee is jumping into the ongoing waves of protests that have followed Saturday's events in … [Read More...]



Special Elections

Opposition protesters clash with riot police in Kenya

International observers on Thursday praised the handling of Kenya's presidential election despite opposition complaints and protests in one Nairobi neighborhood where police fired live rounds and tear gas. … [Read More...]

UK police arrest jogger suspected of knocking woman in front of bus

British police on Thursday said they had arrested a 50-year-old jogger on suspicion of knocking a woman into the path of a bus on a busy west London street earlier this year. Closed circuit TV footage showed a male jogger knocking a 33-year-old … [Read More...]

North Korea details plan to fire missiles over Japan, near Guam

By Christine Kim and Martin Petty SEOUL/GUAM (Reuters) - North Korea said on Thursday it was completing plans to fire four intermediate-range missiles over Japan to land near the U.S. Pacific island territory of Guam in an unusually detailed … [Read More...]

Inside the North Korean military: A look at the rogue nation's armed services

Though otherwise poor, North Korea makes a big investment in its armed forces. Here are some of the ways the country flexes its military muscles. … [Read More...]

Foreign Policy

7 central issues Trump campaigned on and how he’s done in 6 months – Virginian-Pilot

Virginian-Pilot7 central issues Trump campaigned on and how he's done in 6 monthsVirginian-PilotThe promise: Stop China from taking advantage of the United States. The reality: Again, depends how you look at this. International relations … [Read More...]

The US Justice Department and Kleptocracy in Nigeria – Council on Foreign Relations (blog)

Council on Foreign Relations (blog)The US Justice Department and Kleptocracy in NigeriaCouncil on Foreign Relations (blog)On July 14, the Justice Department announced that it had filed a civil complaint seeking the forfeiture and recovery of … [Read More...]

Punjabis and Mexican dance together on July 4 and the Internet goes crazy – KTVU San Francisco

KTVU San FranciscoPunjabis and Mexican dance together on July 4 and the Internet goes crazyKTVU San FranciscoSTOCKTON, Calif. - There's a lot of negativity in the country right now, especially as the bad feelings relatest o immigrants and … [Read More...]



Pentagon tried to give $1.2 million in guns and bombs to a fake police department

The military is so eager to put war machines in cops’ hands that it doesn’t bother making sure they’re, you know, actually cops.Police in a U.S. city, or soldiers occupying a foreign one? In Ferguson, MO, in 2014, it was often hard to tell. … [Read More...]

In Trump’s world, Sessions is unfit because of Russia investigation, not his racist past

Sessions’ perceived display of disloyalty was an unforgivable sin.Attorney General Jeff Sessions. CREDIT: AP Photo/John LocherAs the federal probe into possible collusion between Trump campaign officials and the Russian government expands, an … [Read More...]

Department of Justice reduces Harley-Davidson’s pollution fine by $3 million

The fine was part of an Obama-era settlement for selling motorcycle tuners that increased air pollution.CREDIT: Photo by Darren Hauck/Invision for Harley-Davidson/AP ImagesThe Trump administration’s Department of Justice has dropped a $3 million … [Read More...]



Putin wants to strengthen Russia’s military nuclear potential

REUTERS/Kim Kyung-HoonMoscow (AFP) - Russia's President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called for reinforcing the country's military nuclear potential and making sure its missiles can penetrate any missile-defence systems. "We need to strengthen the … [Read More...]

10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, HSY, BA)

Reuters/KCNAHere is what you need to know. Dow 20,000 remains elusive. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dipped 0.16% on Wednesday to finish at 19,941.96. It's set to open Thursday's session near 19,935. Wednesday was the most boring day for … [Read More...]

The evacuation of Aleppo is expected to end today

REUTERS/Ammar AbdullahAleppo (Syria) (AFP) - Evacuations from rebel-held parts of Aleppo continued overnight with dozens of vehicles leaving the city and the operation likely to end on Thursday, aid workers said. The International Committee of … [Read More...]


World News

US Investigating Diplomats’ Hearing Loss in Cuba –

NBCNews.comUS Investigating Diplomats' Hearing Loss in CubaNBCNews.comWASHINGTON — A senior federal law enforcement official tells NBC News that several U.S agencies are investigating allegations that the Cubans directed some kind of … [Read More...]

Chelsea Manning shows off her swimsuit bod for Vogue –

NavyTimes.comChelsea Manning shows off her swimsuit bod for VogueNavyTimes.comChelsea Manning was very recently serving time at Fort Leavenworth after sharing classified information with Wikileaks. So, where is she today? She's posing for … [Read More...]

6 questions about North Korea’s quest for nuclear weapons – Washington Post

NBCNews.com6 questions about North Korea's quest for nuclear weaponsWashington PostIn recent weeks, many Americans have had a rude awakening: North Korea has nuclear weapons. And worse still, it may soon be able to launch a missile … [Read More...]

Web Traffic Evolution

Politics & Media

Eric Trump Touts U.S. Economic Progress: ‘Look at the Lines in Home Depot’

Eric Trump joined Fox & Friends this morning to go to bat for his dad. When F&F host Brian Kilmeade said the political left and media … [Read More...]

President Trump Reportedly Couldn’t Find a Hotel Room in Hamburg for G20 Summit

Well, this is inconvenient. A German news source says President Trump waited so long to reserve a room in Hamburg that he couldn’t book … [Read More...]

Handshake Fail: Watch Poland’s First Lady Totally Snub Trump in Warsaw

There’s no getting around this one. This was a snub, pure and simple. Thursday in Warsaw, President Donald Trump went in for a handshake … [Read More...]

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Newest pot sales numbers show Colorado on track for an even bigger payday in 2017

The green rush won’t last forever. But it looks far from over.State agricultural regulators tour a cannabis growing facility in Colorado in … [Read More...]

The strange origins of the GOP ideology that rejects caring for the poor

No, that’s not what Jesus says.CREDIT: AP/Eric GayThe ongoing Capitol Hill brawl over health care and budget cuts is getting Biblical.In recent … [Read More...]

House votes to dismantle key Dodd-Frank regulations

Experts are worried this could cause the next financial crisis.Trader Daniel Leporin, right, works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, … [Read More...]